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We’re coming for you, Mugabe warns Tsvangirai


President Robert Mugabe yesterday said he was fast running out of patience with MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai and other opposition parties and pressure groups protesting against his government, threatening to deal with them decisively.

by Everson Mushava


Addressing his party’s central committee, Mugabe said Tsvangirai and his supporters were playing a “very dangerous game” and his government would not fold its arms while violence scaled up across the country in the name of electoral reform protests.

Mugabe said MDC-T and the other opposition parties under the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera) should be sternly cautioned of grave consequences, warning them they will not win the war.

“Let the opposition parties and all those angling for chaos and mayhem, and violent demonstrations be warned that our patience has run out,” he boomed.

“Government will take very strong measures against any political party, organisation or individuals that perpetuate violent demonstrations.

“Anybody breaking the law will be punished accordingly. The MDC and its supporters are playing a very dangerous game.

“We also understand that they are planning to terrorise the rural areas in the mistaken belief that they can intimidate and harass our supporters, let them be warned they cannot win the war.”

Mugabe said protesters should not “cry when we go for them”.

“We don’t want those who will cry, saying there is no more democracy when we go for them. Democracy does not mean destroying people’s property, beating people and looting. We are there to defend true democracy, which is peace and non-violence,” he said.

“And if they take actions that are painful, they have only themselves to blame. Most of them have never been in a prison cell, where food will be thrown to them and ordered to eat facing their own waste.”

The country has been rocked by demonstrations in the past few months, with pressure groups such as Tajamuka/Sesijikile and #ThisFlag mobilising through social media to successfully stage a complete shutdown of the country.

Nera also joined in the act, but their protest was violently crushed by the police.

But Mugabe yesterday attacked Nera, accusing opposition political parties of trying to make the country ungovernable in order to invite foreign intervention.

He said the opposition was afraid of losing the 2018 polls, which he said would be held under the same conditions Nera was fighting against.

Mugabe further accused Nera of inviting Western countries to reinforce sanctions against the country and using protests to derail his efforts to resuscitate the economy.

“The demonstrations we have witnessed in the last few weeks were not by accident of history, but were purposefully choreographed and launched in the mistaken belief that time was ripe for a popular uprising against government and Zanu PF,” he said.

“Zanu PF remains alive to, and does not need to be reminded about the continuing everyday economic challenges facing all our people today. What is happening around us with these concocted demonstrations is distracting us from progressing on with our concerted efforts aimed at improving the performance of our national economy and the welfare of the people.”

Mugabe also warned opposition parties against using social media to force regime change, saying political support should not be by force.

Mugabe lashed out at the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission for “peddling falsehoods” that Zanu PF was embarking on partisan distribution of food.

“We are committed that all the people in drought-stricken areas receive food,” he said.

“The information, which some stupid people and stupid spokesperson of Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission; that food is being distributed in a partisan manner is actually false.”

“They just want to make headlines internationally. They don’t have shame. It is because of the little money they are getting as non-governmental organisations.”

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  2. Kikiki the last kicks of a dying horse. Shiri yabvuta rekeni baba. Imi munofamba nepfuti isu tofamba najesu bring it on. Popopopopo.

  3. If courts and laws of the land permit protests then what are you to stop then
    Just call for your State of emergency the we see from there otherwise you should be busy packing before December.

    • Do you actually comprehend the consequence of a state of emergency? Never hope for that by all means in your power.

  4. Too old to forget its Mawarire not Tsvangirai who shut down the country.
    Or the jealous fossiled leader trying to use state forces to stop an inevitable union of opposition parties under the banner of NERA.

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  6. We are exercising our right to demonstrate his stupid Police are the ones initiating violence. Retaliation is what the old man call violence. When we started demonstrations we very well know he was against it. Hitler and Idi Amin was also talking like that but at last he fall. No going back granny this our time don’t worry about Tsvangirai and NERA it is us the people of Zimbabwe saying GO enough is enough. Nhai chembere dzekwaZvimba taurai nehama yenyu taneta nayo.

  7. Someone out there should advice this old man. he is dangerously out off touch zvekuti anogona kuuraya vanhu vese nekuti they are funded by the west. Maybe just maybe if he could have thought just once that the people of Zimbabwe are real capable to know what’s gud or wrong for them and there families pamwe aiona zvirinani.

  8. Its now beyond reasonable doubts that President Mugabe is determined to suppress the public will by all means. No wonder he claims beforehand that the Zimbabweans should not expect any electoral reforms before the 2018 election. Simply put, there is no room for reform negotiations whatsoever. After failing to armtwist the Judiciary, now he is not prepared to honour the court’s verdict. He is prepared to take advantage of the constitutional leeway to unleash terror blocking all avenues of approaching reform talks. On a genuine note, in a constitutional democracy, what is wrong in meeting and exchanging notes on sensitive matters of national concern such as elections and the economy? This African democracy, a mere smokescreen; My foot!

  9. changamire kwakuoneka (highlights of the old fool’s departure & tricks). Goodbye, rig the economy & old age bob. You’re doomed booooooooooooomm….kkkkkkkk..tajamuka hoyeeeeee..#ThisFlag, hatichatya, vavawo…Zimbabwe ndeyedu mudhara ( zimbabwe is ours old bob)

  10. Please go for the economy and not for Tsvangirayi. why you want to waste your little energy on crushing citizens. Tackle the ailing economy you old useless ghost

  11. Instead of addressing the problems causing the protests, Mugabe wants to threaten people. Those threats are empty.
    The protestors do not come trying to cause violence but its the police who instigate the violence.

  12. An ever sleeping Mugabe is not expected to know what he is expected to know, as he is now spending much of his time asleep. I will agree with him though that he is very dangerous in such a state as he is permanently and consistently misinformed. He can do anything in that state including running away for his dear life. We will fight him and we are not expecting a red carpet to be rolled out for us by the ZANU PF thugs, we are prepared for the ugliest scenes. The endgame is in full swing. No going back.

    • Ugliest scene unoiziva here wangu kikikiki? Ihollywood movie here dzauno ona kufunga kwaurikuita here? Talk reality not movies. Pray for peace, seek peace, keep peace. Chaos has never built anything, ask history.

      • You should not be worried if it is a movie. You seem to know one type of history. Wait and see what I am talking about, that is if you are not 92 years old. History has a lot of those who thought that they own everything and everyone, but they died in a sorry state. We are prepared for anything, jncludinh the ugliest scene.

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  13. They came to power through arms and still believe any conflict of interest is solved by the use of arms.Get a lesson from soccer,the big team can’t be the small teams all the time.Give others a chance.

  14. Just shows what a brainless idiot this @ Pastor Zvangu Zvaita, is.
    Bob, ZANU, the whole rotten bunch must go, Now!!

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  15. Look at the problem causing protests.Do not threat people,why can’t talk to people and solve problems.Threating is not is an answer of what is happening now.We were promised 2.2 million jobs during campains,in response to that how many jobs were lost? Civil servants suffer to get their salaries after services. Adding salt to their wounds their salaries will be slashed,more tax to that little no bonus. Solutions to service providers is pitching them by threats. Please man,have heart on others,they feel the same pain you feel,we have blood like anyone else

  16. Mugabe haanyari. Unopenga mudhara nharo dzako kunyangwe denga hauripindi. Wakaita zvose zvakaipa wakauraya ukaba now u keep on creating violence. The only thing l have to say is send your family to china maybe they will be safe.
    The country and its pple belongs to god u got no right to keep on abusing ppls rights and killing them. Tsvangirai, mai mujuru, mawarire they are the only ppl who can change Zimbabwe. Its time for u to go mugabe.

  17. I think its a sign of good things to come when the Zanu Pf government call for state of emergency, it has happened in Zimbabwe after independence , remember that Ian Smith called for the state of emergency and he eventually left and succumbed to pressure by the povo , this is exactly what will happen to Mugabe, it is not normal for things to go smooth before change of government, I am happy that he is thinking of that because these are signs that the heat if being felt and days are number

  18. Ndozvinoita benzi mukariti unopenga rinobva rakumura hembe.Baba ava vakajaidzwa zvino nguva yakwana musade kutswaga wekutsamira pa six feet kana tisingakucherei pa fifteen feet .mapillow munawo akawanda endayi nawo .Morgan siyai atungamire nyika yevanhu haiziye mhondi.Pasi ne MHONDI

    • I looked at the bank draft which had said $7437 , I be certain …that…my friend could realie earning money in their spare time on-line. . there neighbor has done this for less than twelve months and resently paid the morgage on their mini mansion and got a great new Lancia . have a peek here….

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  19. Mugabe mustfall I’m living with educated and demoralised Zimbabweans here in Musina also tired of sharing food with them ,Mugabe must be poisoned then Zimbabwe will be saved.

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