Chivayo dumps Warriors

Zifa benefactor, Wicknell Chivayo’s decision to pay only some foreign-based Warriors their 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualification bonuses has left locally-based troops a disgruntled lot.


Chivayo promised the senior men’s football team $250 000 to be shared among players and officials as an incentive for qualifying for the Africa Cup of Nations finals to be hosted by Gabon, but to date he has only paid some of the foreign-based players and no locally-based player has received anything.

Chivayo promised to give the players the money in June after they defeated the Flames of Malawi at home to secure qualification for the first time since 2006.

It is understood that Knowledge Musona, Khama Billiat, and Costa Nhamoinesu are among those that have been paid.

Locally-based players that were involved in the qualification campaign include Hardlife Zvirekwi, goalkeepers, Tatenda Mukuruva, Donovan Bernard, defender Elisha Muroiwa, Tafadzwa Kutinyu and Teenage Hadebe.

During the campaign, Bruce Kangwa, now in Tanzania, and Danny Phiri, who is plying his trade at Golden Arrows in South Africa, formed part of the locally- based contingent.

Some players, who spoke to NewsDay Sport said that they felt their efforts were not being appreciated since they were not benefitting from Chivayo’s handouts.

The controversial businessman had also promised to give the Warriors Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone handsets valued at around $1 000 each, but again only the foreign-based players benefitted.

The players said they were not happy with Chivayo’s selective nature of paying bonuses.

“We were just asked to open accounts after our qualification and were promised that the money would be deposited,” one player said. “But we have not received anything. The same players that have been paid bonuses are the ones that were given mobile phone handsets and we did not get anything. It’s a bit frustrating when such promises are made in public, yet the payments are made in secrecy and selectively.”

Contacted for comment in early August Chivayo promised to pay off the players before their Guinea tie. But yesterday Chivayo threatened to pull the plug on the locally-based players’ bonuses.

“I do not owe any newspaper reporter any explanation about how I pay the players,” he said.

“I remain tirelessly committed to support the national team and Zifa during Philip Chiyangwa’s tenure. I will not give in to any pressure tactics, as I have, to date, wholeheartedly outlaid reasonably big amounts towards football.”

Chivayo said he had done a lot for the team including paying the players after their 1-0 defeat to Guinea in the final match of their Group L qualifier.

“Recently, I was in Guinea with the players. I gave them money after their defeat to Guinea. Ask them. Why would I give them money for a defeat? You and your editor don’t appreciate the role I am playing. But now, tell those players they will not get any cent from me again,” he fumed.

The 25 players and officials who travelled to Guinea were reportedly given $5 000 to share by Chivayo, translating to about $200 per individual if shared equally.


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    1. I could see it coming. How do you have national bodies and institutions being sponsored from an individual’s pocket? Wait until civil servants start getting paid by someone using the “missing” two billion dollars. You think the money is lost – no – it’s somewhere waiting for strategic purposes when we want people to be on our side.

  2. Remember the money for the power station tender is no longer available, so no more money to splash around.

  3. Remember the money from the pOwer station tender is no longer available, no more money to splash around.

  4. Uriduzvi remunhu Chivayo

  5. Where is his money coming from? Madhiri #dirty money!

  6. did The KEPUTENI received his car ..l bet he did coz hatina kuona ma pictures e show off.

  7. What type of sponsorship is that. Its not a team of individuals. How do you achieve cohesion when you divide the players like that? Chete kungoti ndooyaaZimbabwe yacho. Everything has gone to the dogs.

    1. Taura hako Africason. This is amateurism at its best, and I will never blame these guys for selling the games. Populism is the major problem in Zim. We all know people will come out and endorse that they will do such and such, but they will never do it. Cursed land indeed.

  8. The whole setup yaChivayo stinked from the onset.My instincts feared for the setting up of a match fixing platform through drawing the players closer so that they become corruptible,Why pay a certain group of people and contact the players directly instead of going thru ZIFA ?

  9. Mukadziya moto wembavha matova mbavha. Siyanai nemari dzekuba idzi.

  10. muchitangirei zvamusingagoni, shine yacho iripapi ipapa don’t abuse our warriors thru empty promises zvinongobhowa, matuzvi ako sure. zvichikonzerwawo ne nyika yedu yawora

  11. Chivayo Chivharo. His relationship with Chiyangwa should be scrutinized. I bet, they will set up some anonymous shell companies and benefit from the tender process.

  12. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    The majority of people predicted that Chiyangwa was importing Zanu pf chaos in the country’s soccer structures.Honestly,is there any sane person who could seek sponsorship from the likes of Chivayo?He is not a genuine business individual.The monies he splashes around are from rent seeking activities and through connections with state officials like Udenge Minister of Energy.There are individuals who own multinational corporations,but they don’t go about bragging like Chivayo.Soccer has gone to dogs,the worst is in the making.

  13. Good riddance we were worried of your continued existence in our warriors

  14. Phillip Chiyangwa

    Chivhayo uriduzvi chairo we never begged u to sponsor the warriors but u decided to!Pliz go away with your gey and bloody money !Zvese izvozvo zvichikonzereswa nekamha——————ta kanonzi Mugabe!

  15. its high time we get corporate sponsorship for this team

  16. Chivayo is a good guy he has done the nation no wrong he has pumped his money into football, pliz lets appreciate what the guy has done , now i think his cash is very very low he is waiting for zesa to pay him then you will see the money being thrown around, the guy is probably broke by now all becoz of the warriors (and showing-off) next time he will give the team maybe his shoes at least those with the same size as him, as for chiyangwa that one is concentrating on his medications leave him alone

  17. Willard Tramposo.

    Its his money. He can do whatever he wants with his money. ASINGADE ANENGE ASINGADE. After all he is no ZIFA or the Govt. Those who are criticising never contributed anything to the ‘worry-us’.

    1. hie pple life is very beautyfull

  18. Willard Tramposo.

    Its his money. He can do whatever he wants with his money. ASINGADE ANENGE ASINGADE. After all he is not ZIFA or the Govt. Those who are criticising never contributed anything to the ‘worry-us’.

    1. Willard go to a school and get yourself some education. You seem to have some old ancient mentality. You have no clue about what’s being discussed here. You sound too cheap to make meaningful contribution. Urimhata sabambo wako Chivayo

    2. Willard go to a school and get yourself some education. You seem to have some old ancient mentality. You have no clue about what’s being discussed here. You sound too cheap to make meaningful contribution. Urimhata sabambo wako Chivayo

  19. Last year, state-owned enterprises where forced to pay between US$35 000 and US$120 000 in contributions to Grace Mugabe’s 50th birthday fundraising dinner.
    Is it the sanctions or the west and their regime-change agenda that prohibit us from raising funds for our own beloved Warriors. Come February, the corporate world will suddenly have donations for 21st movement.
    Is it not what Chiyangwa should be always working on or is his role ceremonial?

    Now the Warriors are being abused by opportunistic attention-seekers who prey on the inability of ZIFA to fulfil its obligations. Chiyangwa appears foolish on this one because despite being the ZIFA chairman, it seems he has no say at all…

  20. Pazvakavambwa S. R

    Zvatonho ngaagare nemari yake uyo

  21. Willard Tramposo.

    @AFRICANSON, SON OF A B!TCH! You Idiot! S*tanyoko!

  22. Nathaniel Masikati

    @ Willard Mubvumbi, ko zvaita sei kutuka vamwe so? Ndiye atanga? Ko iwe zvaunombowanzira veDyanmos unombotukwa here.

  23. Willard Tramposo.


    Ukanditsvaga unondiwana zvakanaka naka.

  24. Willard Tramposo.

    PAMBERI NA WICKNELL. He is a hardworking person. Vanoda mari ma ‘worry-us’ acho kuti vageza bhazi here? You are busy excoriating Wicknell while he is busy making a lot of money. Its his money. He can do whatever he wants with his money. ITS HIS MONEY. PERIOD!

  25. Willard Tramposo.

    Wicknel, pple should stop telling you what to do with your money. After all, you are not Father Christmas. So, loafers should stop demonising Wicknel.

  26. He can’t be girl friend to all of you

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