Chipawo exports its cultural ambassadors

Chipawo members captured in action

HIGHLY-acclaimed children’s arts group, Chipawo, has established an internship programme, which will see two of its graduate trainees leaving the country for India’s Ryan International School for four months beginning this week.


Chipawo members captured in action
Chipawo members captured in action

Chipawo manager, Chipo Bhasopo said Martha Saidi, a Chipawo graduate and arts educator, will leave on Thursday and would later be joined by Tinashe Daniel Rukweza in November.

“They will be teaching students from Ryan International school Zimbabwean history, songs, dances and stories during that period, moving from one town to another. The cultural exchange programme is an excellent opportunity to work closely with Indian children and to explore Indian culture. In addition, our youths will live with other international interns and learn more about different cultures and traditions,” she said.

“Under this programme, Martha and Tinashe will be provided with an opportunity to explore Indian culture and expose Indian children to their country’s art, culture, history, language, music and dance. The internship will be at Ryan International School, Chandigarh and Delhi.”

Bhasopo said since 2010, Chipawo had been sending youths for the internship programme and festival, which have proven to be a great opportunity for Zimbabwe’s young people.

She said this year’s theme was Brighter Tomorrow, and was part of an on-going series of international cultural exchange programmes organised by Ryan Foundation.

The foundation was founded by Augustine Pinto, who is its current chairman and Grace Pinto, the managing director, who have been working towards improving the standards of education across the globe.

Established in 1989, Chipawo is an arts education for development and employment trust, which works with children and young people in child development. Its members have been involved in many international festivals, raising Zimbabwe’s flag high.


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