Chinese under fire in Hurungwe

HURUNGWE West MP, Keith Guzah (Zanu PF) has expressed concern over alleged unfair labour practices levelled against Chinese miners operating in his constituency.

By Nhau Mangirazi

Guzah told NewsDay last week that he had received numerous complaints from workers at a Zim-China tantalite mine located about 65km from Karoi in Hurungwe West constituency.

“I have called for a stakeholder meeting at the mine to explain to us, Chief Nyamhunga and the councillors in wards 16 and 17, about these allegations. I am deeply disturbed by these events and if substantiated, we will proceed and advise the responsible authorities and appropriate action is taken before we take our own remedial action,” he said.

At least 40 disgruntled workers have approached the Labour Court in Karoi to register their grievances ranging from paltry wages, lack of protective clothing and being forced to work long hours without compensation.

“We work as slaves without proper job description. There is no communication between workers and management,” workers’ committee chairperson, Crosspa Muza said.

A worker, Owen Kahondo said the community was yet to benefit from mining activities in the area.

“Although tantalite is a world market mineral that has added value to the economy, our community is now poorer after the Chinese started operating here. We engaged Chief Nyamhunga to be the mediator over our grievances without success. There is no community share ownership scheme to talk about,” he said.

The mine manager, who was only identified as Tein, could not be reached for comment, as his mobile phone went unanswered.

The mine was established in 2014.



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