AMHVoices: Mugabe must stop criminal starvation of people

Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission chairperson Elasto Mugwadi hit the nail on the head when he reported that Zanu PF was using relief aid, especially food, as a campaign tool by denying it to opposition party members ahead of the crucial 2018 elections. But as usual, President Robert Mugabe sprung into action during the Zanu PF central committee meeting last week in defence of the perpetrators.

By Pardon Maguta,Our Reader

President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

Mugabe must not dismiss this report. He must stop partisan food distribution immediately. The right to food is equal to the right to life. There is no life without food. So Zanu PF officials and public officials reportedly denying people the right to food because they do not support Zanu PF are denying their victims the right to life.

This abuse of relief aid is not new. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) like Zimbabwe Peace Project and Heal Zimbabwe Trust, the independent media, opposition parties etc had always spoken against this food discrimination with Zanu PF ignoring them.

Sometimes people are told to go and get help from Britain as if they are British. Their only crime being members of an opposition party. This has to stop and stop now!

Zanu PF is always against anyone who speaks against its vile practices. It has always tried to hide this deliberate starvation crime it has been committing against hungry poor people throughout the country because they do not support the Mugabe regime.

Mugabe’s attempt to rubbish the Mugwadi report must be condemned. He is interfering with the commission’s work. He must not always expect public officials to write positive reports about Zanu PF when it is committing crimes against humanity.

This a drought year, but Mugabe’s party is going about denying food to children, the old, disabled, women, orphans etc because they do not belong to Zanu PF.

Mugabe, by coming to the defence of the perpetrators, has shown that the relief aid discrimination is State-sponsored. An order to investigate this discrimination was and remains necessary.

With the famine firmly rooted until the next harvest, Zimbabweans remain ever thankful to NGOs which continue dishing out food to people in urgent need due to this severe drought.

The Mugabe regime must stop forthwith its criminal and satanic distribution of relief aid as clearly exposed by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission.

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  1. Facts are stubborn.
    1. President Mugabe is a very old man, like my own Sekuru, he depends on those surrounding him for information.
    2. Some of the people surround and advise President Mugabe are corrupt and unscrupulous liars who have perfected the art of giving our OLD MAN false information so that they can continue to steal and pillage at will..
    3. I am now convinced that President Mugabe was not even given the names of some of those who have pocketed most of the US $ 15 B that is officially known to have disappeared.
    4. If the thieves and the liars surrounding President had left him to continue working with Morgan Tsvangirai, today Zimbabwe would have become one of the richest countries in Africa if not in the World.
    4. Someone should let President Mugabe know the truth that there are several recordings in which many ZanuPF officials have been heard instructing the denial of donated food to non-ZanuPF starving villagers.
    5. Ndinosiririswa kuteerere nekuona President Mugabe achiwerengeswa ma gwaro emanyepo kuramba kuti ZanuPF kwemakore yaisa manikidza kunyima kwe chikafu kune nhengo dze MDC.
    6> Dai President Mugabe aiwa Sekuru wangu chaiye weparudzi, Matsotsi arikuswera achi ndundurudza chembere iyi kuti iwo warambe wachingoba pamadiro, ngekare waizozwiona.

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  2. Naiyoo chembere yacho hainzwe. The people on the ground are seing opposition members discriminated day light simply because they belong to opposition. When you overstay on power without realising you are need to rest and that you are now tired and need to surrender power to a young and energetic man to take over.

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