ZDF distances itself from AMH chairman’s ‘visitors’


The Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) yesterday dissociated itself from suspected military officials, who recently visited Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) chairman, Trevor Ncube’s Harare home in a black Mercedes Benz.

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ZDF spokesperson, Brigadier-General John Chris Mupande, in a statement, said the military had no hand in the perceived threats on Ncube’s life.

“The ZDF takes great exception to reference that its personnel were involved in the visits to Trevor Ncube’s house,” he said.

“Such is tantamount to trivialising as well as criminalising the role of the ZDF, especially to the extent that an attempt is made to link this unverified episode to the disappearance of Itai Dzamara.”

Mapande said Dzamara and the nature of activities leading to his supposed disappearance did not constitute any threat warranting the involvement of the ZDF, “much as house searches are not a role of the ZDF”.

“Even the kind of activities that Ncube is involved in, namely publishing, do not constitute the nature of threat that ordinarily or historically warranted the mobilisation of any capabilities of the ZDF,” he said.

“As a national defence institution, we are at all times seized with our primary role of defending Zimbabwe and its interests, as enshrined in our national Constitution, including preparing ourselves for that role. Such interests are not located at private residences of any of our nationals.”

Mupande said part of the ZDF regalia, such as berets, caps and badges were obtainable from many sources and are subject to abuse, and are, “therefore, not by themselves proof that anyone adorning them is a bonafide member”.

Ncube says his Harare home was recently visited by soldiers, who asked who owned the house and asked to take a tour.

Bizarrely, the first docket, after Ncube’s family made a police report, went missing and another had to be opened.


  1. Attention seeking? This dude is not a threat to anyone. His papers are objective. They both criticise and praise all parties accordingly

  2. Can campaigning for Zanu-PF, threatening villagers and shooting some of them constitute “….defending the country’s interests….”

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