Zanu PF youths torch ZimPF members’ homes

Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) has claimed that some its supporters in Mashonaland Central had their homes burnt to ashes by suspected Zanu PF thugs.


One of the victims, Passmore Simba (31), told NewsDay yesterday that the assailants were known Zanu PF youths, who had earlier issued threats of violence.

“It was around 2am last Saturday, when I suddenly woke up to a raging fire, which had engulfed our bedroom hut. I went outside the house and spotted two men (names withheld), whom I positively identified, as we live in the same village. I then went back into the hut and rescued my wife and two minor children,” he narrated.

No one was injured, but Simba lost maize, fertiliser, tobacco seed, clothes, household utensils and groceries in the blaze.

The family was now sleeping in a make-shift shelter and surviving on food handouts from well-wishers since the incident.

ZimPF spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire said Simba, who is the ward political commissar in Shamva North, had been a target to instil fear among opposition supporters ahead of party leader Joice Mujuru’s maiden rally in Bindura next month. Ads

“He is not the only one who was attacked, we have seen an increase in the number of our supporters who are being attacked by Zanu PF people. But as ZimPF, we want to make it clear and known to Zanu PF and its thugs that the people of Zimbabwe are more resolute and determined to see this regime out of power. No amount of intimidation will work,” he said.

Mawarire said Simba, before the arson, had been warned of the impending attack by his political adversaries, who were said to have been miffed by his attendance of a leadership meeting recently in Bindura, which was addressed by Mujuru.

“We condemn those callous acts being perpetrated Zanu PF,” Mawarire said.

A report was made at Madziwa Police Station and investigations are reportedly in progress.

“The whole issue is to instil fear in our supporters so that they do not attend our star rally slated for September 3 in Bindura. As ZimPF, our message to our people is that let us intensify recruitment to ensure that by 2018, there will be no Zanu PF to talk about so that we end this barbaric act,” Mawarire said.

But Zanu PF provincial chairperson, Dickson Mafios said he was unaware of the incident, saying “some of these small parties cook up stories just to tarnish the image of Zanu PF”.


  1. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    The unfortunate part of our political scenario is that chefs send the children of the poor to commit all these heinous crimes while their children are living large abroad.These poor and innocent young souls are made to believe that the Zanu pf chefs are the law and that, in their life time they would never account for their criminal behaviour.

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  2. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    This is an undemocratic, unconstitutional and criminal conduct by the Zanu pf youths. Hopefully,the Commander Defence Forces is taking note of this. Zanu pf officials have been making threats of violence not only against opposition party members but also against war veterans within Zanu pf. Chipanga made these threats before.The restraining order sought by war vets which was granted meant nothing to Chipanga as he continues to issue such threats with unrestrained and reckless enthusiasm.

  3. They are not Zanu PF youths,but it is suspected,it could be anyone, even the MDC is capable.

    1. It could be you

      1. paulettejackson

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  6. josphat mugadzaweta

    makore apfuura vana joice mairara hope dzeumambo isu tichipisirwa dzimba. ndozvazvinoita madegree eviolence enyu naanamutasa makadai kusiya madzidzisa maundergraduates agrauduweta aya. do you remember the song zvakatanga nemi by khiama boys? ndizvozvi.

  7. I wonder what Joyce feels and thinks, she trained these people when she was Zanu, I hope She congratulates them for a job well done, She was known for declaring no go areas in Darwin and Bindura.

  8. Janana wa Bikaz

    Mutoriti need to be reminded that ,if an act like this is committed by anyone else who is not Zanu pf,It does not take the whole day for the police to catch the culprits,but if the acts are committed by Zanu pf,It will take them forever or worse still they will just frame the opposition guys.As long as one does not have the Zanu pf tag forget of protection from the zanunised police force and the military.tinochengetwa naMwari.I heard of a king who used to be protected 24/7 under heavy police and military guards.One day early in the morning the soldiers were told to put their weapons down on account the King had died in his sleep though he had a strong battalion of guards.There were protecting him against death from enemies yet he just died peacefully sleeping,and the perceived and real enemies were miles away from him.Mwari Havambosiya vanhu Vawo vari vega

  9. Can everyone stop commenting to mutoriti and leave him alone, by commenting munomupa manyemwe.These are garvenment operatives planted in every paper to try in vain to counter peoples displeasure. They say dont argue with a fool lest all become fools. Come on guys continue to debate we need to brainstorm forget about zvinamira.

  10. If we need to dislodge ZANU PF from power, then we need to be more serious than asking for protection from the perpetrator (ZANU PF police and army). We need to get it straight that we are on our own and the only protection we can get will be from the international community. The oppressor can not protect anyone, so we should learn tactics to move the endgame with precision. Thinking that we will just wish ZANU PF away, is day dreaming. It is important that we size the task ahead correctly so that we can also mobilise the needed progressive forces.

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