Zanu PF thrives on looting: Dabengwa

The late ZAPU leader Dumiso Dabengwa

OPPOSITION Zapu leader, Dumiso Dabengwa (pictured), yesterday accused the ruling Zanu PF party of thriving on the looting of State and people’s private properties to fatten its pockets since independence in 1980.


ZAPU leader Dumiso Dabengwa
ZAPU leader Dumiso Dabengwa

Addressing delegates at the party’s congress in Bulawayo, Dabengwa cited the seizure of Zipra and Zapu properties in the 1980s, recent company and farm grabs and looting of diamonds from Chiadzwa, as confirming Zanu PF’s propensity for “reaping where it did not sow”.

Dabengwa said the current socio-economic crisis was directly linked to Zanu PF leaders’ selfishness and greed.

“The Zapu 2010 congress consolidated the party’s revival as an autonomous entity after it had been swallowed into Zanu PF through the 1987 Unity Accord imposed through the sly use of State power for partisan purposes,” he said.

“You are no doubt aware that this political vendetta was not limited to political repression and killing only, but was accompanied by seizure of properties belonging to Zapu as a party and those belonging collectively to the veterans of Zipra.”

“If you go along Joshua Nkomo Street and 10th Avenue you can see a building called Magnet House, which belonged to Zapu. It was taken and given to the Central Intelligence Organisation. In Harare another place called Snake Park belonged to Zapu and it was taken and another place again in Harare was given to the National Social Security Authority, which has been making a lot of money from the Zapu property.”

Dabengwa said the controversial land reform programme was nothing but a looting spree, which benefited mostly the Zanu PF elite, triggering massive food shortages as most of the seized commercial farms were no longer productive.

“The culture of reaping where one did no sow has been inculcated in Zanu PF. Someone just wants to take everything where he has not invested in. Even the President confirmed it when he said diamonds worth $15 billion were looted in Marange.

When we see the level of greed and selfishness prevailing today it is difficult to comprehend that this is how an independent Zimbabwe has paid back the sacred blood of young people whose bones, in many cases, have yet to receive proper burial.”

“There is no sense of shame or visible remorse in the regime that one of the most promising countries is now worse than a Banana Republic. At least in a Banana Republic, there are bananas to eat and there are viable fields where people have work,” the former Zipra intelligence supremo said.

“In these tragic circumstances I would like to encourage civil society, including the churches to intensify their condemnation of selfish politics that undermines the dignity, human rights and basic survival of Zimbabwean.”

Meanwhile, police in Bulawayo yesterday summoned Zapu regional spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa for questioning in connection with the defacing of council road signs on Tuesday. This was after unknown people defaced road signs on Robert Mugabe Way and renamed it Devolution Way.

“I went to the police station and they were saying I was responsible for the devolution plastering. I told them that I do not know anything about it although we as a party are pushing for devolution,” he said, adding he was not charged for the alleged offence.


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  2. Very bad indeed. Thats a big problem. How is the future generation gonna survive?
    Thats evil.
    In Politics, anything can happen within a New york minute. Those who grabbed farms, properties etc will find themselves with nothing. The current and future generation will demand to know how these politicians managed to have multiple farms, numerous houses, stands, companies etc?
    Dont relax, becoz, the farms you grabbed shall also be grabbed from you, so be afraid becoz the youths are famished and exceedingly tempestuos.

  3. I don’t believe in this constitution. There is a claim that people were consulted upon writing of this constitution, yet it lacks the basic fundamentals of a constitution. Humankind has existed since.kana ukayiverenga , what it means in English is not what it means in our indigenous languages. This constitution is oppressive especially if it is translated from English to our languages. Its very surprising that we are now thinking in English, therefore we can not have our own even economically. Ndesaka tichifarira kugara tirikunze todya zinhu zvekunze torapwa kunze, todzidza kunze,tosevenza kunze,tofira kunze we don’t believe in our own capabilities. Why. We demand to have our constitution well thought and writtenl in our own indigenous languages first then translated.

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  5. Dabengwa should shut,he personally looted money for Zambezi Water project which was meant to supply water to Bulawayo.Heshould bring back that money.

  6. Looting at Nssa is another indication of Zanu corruption – how can Gvnt allow looting of pensioners’s funds in that manner.
    They MUST FALL

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