Woman gets STI from hubby’s brother

A HARARE man is denying his sister in-in-law access to her child after she allegedly bedded one of her former hubby’s brothers whom she claims infected her with a sexually transmitted disease.


This was revealed at the Civil Court yesterday when Shylet Matoneni made an application for access to her child, who is currently in the custody of her brother-in-law Kenneth Nyaguma.

In her application, Matoneni had indicated that after her husband left for the United States in 2010, her in-laws chased her from her matrimonial home.

“They forced me to sign off my child to them yet they never paid my bride price nor met any of my relatives,” Matoneni said.

She also told the court that from the time her husband left, one of his brothers, who was not identified in court, started proposing love to her.

“I used to resist his advances, but one night he came and managed to manipulate me into having sex with him and infected me with an STI,’’ she said.

Nyaguma opposed the application saying Matoneni was an unfit mother who was not even welcome at their home.

He alleged Matoneni had turned into a prostitute after her husband left the country, adding for the few days that she had lived with the child she exposed him to different types of men.

Nyaguma said Matoneni had initially dumped the baby claiming she had nowhere to stay.

Presiding magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi will pass her judgment today.

Meanwhile, a Harare couple has gone for four months without sex amid allegations that the husband brags about his girlfriend’s privates, the Civil Court has heard.

This came to light yesterday when Yevai Zvichauya applied for her child’s custody against her husband Amon Hukasha.

Zvichauya told the court that her husband had since left their matrimonial home to stay with his girlfriend, taking with him their first child.

She told the court that whenever he decides to come and spend the night with her, he verbally abuses her in front of their last-born child.

“He comes at dawn and makes sexual advances and if I refuse he insults me,” Zvichauya said. “He also boasts that he has a girlfriend who has much better privates than mine and enjoys oral sex with her.’’

Zvichauya went on to say Hukasha was irresponsible and did not maintain her and the children.

“Since we got married he has never bought even panties for me,’’ Zvichauya said.

In his response, Hukasha said if the court were to grant Zvichauya custody, he would wish to be awarded reasonable access to his children. He, however, said the major problem in their marriage was that Zvichauya was denying him sex.

“The only issue is that she has been denying me sex for the past four months and sometimes when I ask for it, she says I should go and bed my mother,’’ Hukasha said.

Hukasha further denied being irresponsible saying he only faced difficulties in paying rentals recently after his contract was terminated at a local beverage company.

Magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi will pass her ruling today.

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