US envoy rubbishes Moyo’s claims on demos

Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo

UNITED States ambassador to Zimbabwe, Harry Thomas Jnr, has rubbished recent claims by Zanu PF politburo member and Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo that the current wave of anti-government protests were foreign-funded.

The US envoy said it was “an insult to the intelligence of Zimbabweans” to suggest they could not organise and demand their constitutional rights on their own.
“We continue to encourage economic reform; we want to see good governance and lack of corruption. We are a strong supporter of human rights, non-violent activism and we will continue to support that,” Thomas Jnr said.
Asked if the US was funding or supporting social movements that had led protests in the past weeks, he said: “I would not dignify that. All I can say is that I am here because of non-violent resistance, because of Dr Martin Luther King and others, including my mother, who marched with him to make sure I have full rights in the US.

“Clearly, I am pleased to see people supporting full rights. I wonder we have all these Zimbabweans who are smart, do they need a foreigner to tell them how to act or what to do? Why? I do not think James Manyika, a Rhodes scholar, would need me; or Stanley Fischer, the vice-chairman of the Federal Reserve from Bulawayo, would need a foreigner to tell them what to do. I know Professor Moyo is a graduate of University of Southern California. I think it’s an insult on Zimbabweans’ intelligence to claim they need foreigners to claim their rights,” Thomas Jnr said.

Moyo and Thomas Jnr have on several occasions clashed over the former’s claims that the US government was funding protests against President Robert Mugabe’s administration as part of a regime change agenda. Mugabe has also accused Western envoys accredited to Harare including, Thomas Jnr and French representative Laurent Delahousse, of meddling in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs by funding anti-government protests.


  1. It is true that all demonstrations and civil wars are foreign funded or instigated by foreigners especially the former slave and colonial masters. They have been doing this since the formation of the United Nations in 1945. There is a belief that all Africans don’t read, yes most Africans don’t but now some Africans do read. The UN Charter is the authority and the mask behind these demonstrations and socio-economic destabilization activities in Africa, it uses phases like, “We the people … Human rights for all … Development for all…” These phrases are meant to hoodwink Africans to think that they are part of the UN system on an equal basis. The truth comes out when as an African I say, As a former slave and colonial subject who was exploited and dehumanized I am the best person to champion the human rights cause. The whole UN system says NO, the system says Europe and America are the best to deal with human rights issues, Why? Those Africans who don’t read believe in the UN system and become victims and accomplices of the UN system, a system meant to continue exploiting Africans and their resources.

    • Jonathan Moyo: When Zimbabweans are hungry, the US tells them that they are hungry and should demonstrate against the government.

      Thomas Jnr: I think Zimbabweans are intelligent enough to know when they are hungry and to take the appropriate actions, including telling their government.

      Judge for your self who is a real dunce in this conversation.

    • S.A are currently voting for DA in municipal elections though they only got liberated from apartheid ‘yesterday’. Food for thought!

  2. That’s an insult to our intelligence ADF..kuzasi..kunendove…..Why are you so oblivious to the litany of failures by this regime for over 36 years….You are certainly abating this regime to continue pillaging this economy under the pretext of fighting the imaginary colonial masters..

  3. It only costs about $1 or less for Mawarire to upload a selfie video onto the internet, even a primary school student can use their own pocket money to start a hashtag movement

  4. Zimbabweans it seems, have been pushed to the limit and can longer stomach this Western ploy. They are now disapproving the fact that they are gullible as (probably) insinuated. Besides, what external influence does one require to explain that he/she is (unjustifiably) hungry? Its good to pay attention to their demands and do what is practically possible. Resorting to violence is no cure.

  5. Kkkkk . d u think this Thomas guy cares a hoot about Zimbos…noooo..US interests first. He should not abuse Martin Luther to mask his chicanery.Zimbos will decide their own fate in their own way.

    • But to say that I need the US to sponsor me to voice my concern on the corruption of ZRP at roadblocks, is an insult to our intelligence.

  6. kkkkkk Jonathan if you can manage to read this,kushata pamazha pako mhani.soon we’ll be coming for you..does anyone need to be funded kuti uzive that u’r jobless or u can’t afford a dissent living…

  7. The problem with this gvt is that they lack self introspection. They have the culprits for everything but not themselves. They are always right and everyone else is always wrong. Why? Is it that difficult to deal with corruption once and for all, Is it that difficult to move away from failed policies for better ones. How can telling the father that we are hungry brought baton sticks instead of food. This Party has to change a lot of things otherwise change will consume it completely.

  8. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Honestly do I need a foreigner to tell me that I am hungry? Common sense is not common after all

    • Its not being aware of your situation tht is being questioned BT the action by hungry pple can be fuelled or funded by……

  9. If that supposed money was funding their party dai vakati zii, isu zii vedu, kangoma koririsa aka

  10. It’s a shame zanu is trying to hide behind a finger. Shame on you musorobhangu to think that we are being funded to see that you idiots have looted everything in Zimbabwe. I don’t have to be funded to know that my children are hungry, I don’t have to be funded to know that my wife (teacher ) is now getting paid on the 41st, I don’t have to be funded to query bribes at illegal road blocks, I don’t have to be funded to know that u idiots are forcing us to agree that toilet paper can be used as money, I don’t have to be funded to see all the police brutality , I don’t have to be funded to know that there’s no employment in my country & I certainly will not be funded to realise how poor I & my fellow countryman are. The list is endless Jonso & thanks to you guys who continue to suppress us & think all is well.

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  11. Press on my people. Zanu is now feeling the pressure and they will fall. After all they are just human like the rest of us. They can bleed too, they can die too. This is the age of heroes.. the second independence movement, independence from tyranny and corruption. Fellow brothers and sisters who will join in the demos and shed their blood will be the new heroes of tomorrow because they will have shed blood for their country. JUST A LITTLE MORE MY FELLOW ZIMBABWEANS JOIN US IN THE FIGHT AGAINST THESE LOOTERS PRESS ON__PUSH ON

  12. Excuses excuses! Is it so inconceivable for Zanu PF to believe that we don’t want them anymore? Mr Moyo is a very smart man. So either he is LYING because it serves the interests of the “chefs” in Zanu PF to maintain the status quo – at our expense, OR he has relegated his reasoning capacity to his pancreas while his brain is on shutdown. I mean how else an one explain such madness!

  13. Jonathan Moyo anoita semunhu asina kudzidza, Western, Western for what? Nonsense. Tajamuka isu, enough is enough Mr professor

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