Teacher jailed for assaulting colleague over bright student

A 42-YEAR-OLD David Livingstone Primary School teacher was yesterday jailed for an effective 10 months by Harare magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti after being convicted of assaulting a colleague over allocation of bright students.


Sandra Hunyenye was not given the option of a fine or a suspended portion of the jail term.

In passing sentence, Muchuchuti said teachers were expected to be exemplary to society and were entrusted by parents to nurture their children in a good manner and attitude.

She further said Hunyenye should have sought clarification from the school head before taking the matter into her own hands and as such a custodial sentence would deter people from disrespecting each other at workplaces.

The court heard the incident occurred on January 25 this year at around 10am when Precious Nyemba, who is a Grade Five teacher, was ordered by the headmaster, Newton Ndhlela, to take two pupils from Hunyenye’s class in exchange for two pupils from her class.

This did not go down well with Hunyenye, who then told Nyemba to return her students if she had offered her dull pupils in exchange for her bright ones.

Hunyenye then insulted Nyemba labelling her a prostitute and following her to her classroom where she assaulted her with fists on the head and hit her head against the wall three times.

Hunyenye further pulled and uprooted Nyemba’s hair, but was restrained from further assaulting her by the headmaster and other teachers.

Nyemba sustained a swollen face.

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  1. And as parents, we are entrusting teachers such as this one with our children? Does the civil service ministry not conduct other checks besides academic qualifications when employing teaching personnel? Or is it the rise of economic hardships that is now causing people to ‘lose it upstairs’?

  2. There is more to the story than this. Why did the Head want to swap the kids, I feel it was the heat of the moment which made this teacher mad and the magistrate should also have taken this into consideration and maybe give her a suspended sentence. Personally this story smacks of some underhand dealings at the school. the Head is not running the school well he has some teachers he favours and this teacher boiled.

    1. Did you read the story when this incident happened. Some parents actually confirmed that this rogue teacher was a problem, busy selling things during school time, forcing children to buy her Zeps, foul mouthed …. etc etc
      She got what she deserved.

  3. I agree with you TheRambo.There is more in this than what meets the eye.The headmaster should have consulted both teachers and agree on the swap of students.The sentence is rather on the harsh side.Magistrate should have considered community service as an alternative.

  4. True Makepekepe

    Madofo akakuwadzisa umwe Teacher then had another going to jail!!!!!!!!kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  5. well said Mr Rambo,, the other teacher is connected to some higher offices because the matter had a lot of interests from these guys who continuously enquired about the developments at the courts

  6. Yes out of emotion,the convicted teacher wrongly over reacted, but its stupid of a headmaster to have made such a decision. The head should be thoroughly be investigated. I honzeri. The megistrate over reacted and should be sentenced too.

  7. yaa verbal warning was appropriate as the headmaster incited all this

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