Rape suspect saved by complainant’s religious beliefs


A 26-year old suspected rapist arrested last month on allegations of raping his employer’s three-year-old girl, was freed last Thursday after the complainant’s mother dropped the charges against him on religious grounds.


Kudakwashe Mudede heaved a sigh of relief as provincial magistrate Tendai Mahwe freed him after the complainant’s mother indicated her undisclosed religion forbade her to set foot and testify in a court of law.

Prosecutor Sebastian Mutizirwa told the court that the complainant’s mother had already left for Pakistan to evade being summoned to take to the witness’ stand.

The State had accused Mudede of abusing the trust bestowed on him as the complainant’s family driver and raped the minor on July 2 this year.

The alleged matter came to light after the minor told her mother she had been sexually abused by Mudede, leading to his arrest.

The child was medically examined and it was discovered she had been sexually abused.


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  2. l think the state should proceed and charge this man on the strength of the medical report.once a rapist always a rapist,this man will repeat his act on some other unfortunate kid if he goes scott free.

  3. All children belong to the state. Even if the foolish mother withdrew charges, its of no effect. Magistrate and prosecutor, are yu conversant with the law or not. JSC pliz involve yourselves and severely punish these pseudo law officers who are very very incompetent. SHAME ON YOU IDIOTS.

  4. How does this case be withdrawn by the mother who was not even there when the minor was abused, is the magistrate saying the minor lied? Religioulsy she cannot testify in court but its not a withdrawal of charges.

  5. fellow Zimbabweans, a little girl has been violated here and the perpetrator gets away with it because of some lunatic of a mother’s religious beliefs? I say no to this, the law is the law. If her religion is prepared to let things like this go then it is no religion at all.
    This woman has got to be be subpoenaed to testify

  6. no that is not correct mambo. Leave the mother away and focus on the strength of the medcal report and charge appropritely. uuummm amai ava inzenza. saka kwavo hakuparwe mhosvazve kutoreva kuti hakutorina macourts. Mwari huyai munzwe!

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