Pro-Mugabe business community blasts Mujuru, opposition parties

Joice Mujuru

BUSINESS associations aligned to Zanu PF under the banner Business Community of Zimbabwe (BCZ) have blasted Zimbabwe People First leader, Joice Mujuru, for joining hands with opposition parties in protesting against President Robert Mugabe.

BY Everson Mushava

Joice Mujuru
Joice Mujuru

Addressing a Press conference yesterday, BCZ spokesperson, Jimaya Muduuri, said Mujuru had been in government for many years and should be better informed that Mugabe was voted for by the people and would only be removed through the ballot box, not protests.

Muduuri said opposition parties were wasting their energy in protesting against Mugabe, vowing the 92-year-old leader would stay put until the 2018 general elections.

Instead of protesting, Muduuri said, Mujuru and other opposition parties should sit down and come up with viable policies that can entice the voters in 2018.

“Mujuru and company should be united to offer solutions that will make Zimbabwe grow, not this cheap politicking of Mugabe must go mantra,” he said.

“Zimbabwe needs food, industries and we must support agriculture in order to be food-secure instead of the current political bickering. Mujuru was part of government and instead of advising Mugabe, she was busy dining with opposition political parties and the country’s Western detractors.”

Zimbabwe has been witnessing a wave of protests against Mugabe’s alleged misrule.

Mujuru last weekend joined Tsvangirai in a protest against Mugabe’s misrule, with observers saying the ground for a formidable coalition of the parties had been laid.

The show of unity in Gweru last weekend flustered Zanu PF. But Muduuri said by joining hands with other parties in calling for Mugabe to step down, Mujuru was showing that she was greedy for power and was impatient for an elected President to complete his term.

“Mujuru has betrayed the revolution by being in bed with Tsvangirai. She is in the class of Morrison Nyati and Ndabaningi Sithole,” Muduuri said.

He said Mujuru all but showed that she had always been backstabbing Mugabe even when she was still in government, adding Mugabe, “who has brought development to the country”, was going nowhere.

“Since independence, the government led by Mugabe has brought in many positive developments at schools, clinics, universities and the road network. Many people have benefited from Zanu PF policies,” Muduuri said.

“She (Mujuru) even exhibited her true colours way before in 2008 when she vigorously campaigned for bhora musango and, during the inclusive government, when she wanted the inclusive government to stay put in order to protect her white masters.”

He said Zimbabwe could be a better country if all the money being poured into Mujuru’s party by foreign sponsors could be channelled to government to mitigate sanctions.

Muduuri alleged Mujuru was working with “Western detractors” to lobby for Mugabe’s impeachment, despite owing all her political life to the 92-year-old.


  1. Mugabe was not voted into power so that he can be going to work for 30mins a day & falling asleep all the time while people starve, he has betrayed the vote & must there resign asap, no need to wait for 2018

  2. Muduuri or Muduri or whatever why should we wait for 2018 when we will have died of hunger, yes Mugabe was elected by people in order to meet our expectations and if he doesn’t why should we wait for 2018 to tell him that? Be reasonable and at least come to the level of Chinotimba maybe I can grasp what you are trying to say.

  3. Stupid Mduuri the moment Zanu pf melts away from the country’s political landscape your business would be history.

  4. This Muduri is as thick as a 230mm brick wall. He acknowledges that Zimbabwe needs food and better industries, but fails to see that all this is not possible with Gushungo at the helm

  5. Muduuri is right. The opposition parties are offering us nothing except mugabe wachembera as if it’s a crime. Chii chamunacho hatina hedu asi mugabe ngaabve. Manje the fact remains.,mugabe is there because of me and millions others who voted for him. 2018 I will definitely do the same. This is because I hate politics of creating a crisis and pop up later as a messiah sezviri kuitwa nemurwere wengobhani nechirikadzi iyo iri kutsvaka murume. Muchiri kurangarira Morgan Komichi. Tinenge tichiona uye hatikangamwi

  6. zanu pf kana ine solution ngaigadzire nyika tione pane kuswera kupedza nguva kutaura pamusoro pa mujuru na tsvangirai vasiri muhurumende ndimi makahwina. munofunga kuty tichiri vanhu vaya vakapusa vamunoudza kuty zvinhu zvakanaka isu tirisu vamuri kuuraya taneta nenhema dzenyu selfish pple

    • Ko vhotai ka kana makawanda mowhinha. Musatiudza kuti munobirwa because makapiwa mukana wekupikisana nazvo mukakundikana. Zanu PF ine midzi

  7. Is this Mudhuri a business person or Zanu pf supporter pretending to be in business. May the nation know his businesses so that he can see better that his leader’s policies have ruined the economy.

  8. iwe muduvuri money from foreign sponsors to mitigate sanctions…do yu listen to yourself….havadi ka nemari yavo kupa chembere iyoyi…..zvikoro nemigwagwa yakavakwa hatirambe bt we r muving fwd so vanhu varikuti penyu makapedza chisiirai vamwe vavakewo ma subways nezvimwewo zviri munyika dzakabudirira….

  9. Which roads is this mudhuri talking about? The only road I know which was supposed to be dual and leading to Gweru ended up in Kutama and was budgeted for around 1998.

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  11. if you Zimbabwean people think you can remove Bob & this corrupt system he bred by holding peaceful demos petitions etc.u’r wrong think again…..device a new strategy fight fire with fire no matter how u or I don’t like it or do this is the only way a tyranny can fall.seems most of u just study for the sake of studying to know things.history tells u dictatorship only ends with forceful removal..period

  12. My buddy’s step-mother makes $81 an hour on the laptop . She has been fired for 9 months but last month her payment was $14461 just working on the laptop for a few hours. site link….

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  13. That is hogwash from Muduuri. Just singing for his next meal. What can we expect from people like him that have benefited from a system that has impoverished the nation and turned our educated children into beggars.

  14. Vana Muduuri, Macsherp Holdings. Dai madya mari dzenyu munyerere. Madockets enyu ehumbavha hwenyu ariko and mawitness tichiripo.

  15. My buddy’s step-mother makes $81 an hour on the laptop . She has been fired for 9 months but last month her payment was $14461 just working on the laptop for a few hours. site link….

    SEE MORE~~~~~~~~~~~~JOBSITE.TK

  16. Mr Editor!!
    Any chance you could block this @ “alicecox”? whatever?
    Thread is being spoilt by their idiotic posts.

    Anyone doing well in Zim right now and defending the antics of boobo and his ZANU has to have his snout in the trough.

  17. I do not know how many Mugabe’s surrogates and sycophants have come out guns blazing trying to justify that he was elected by people.Which people are they talking about?He was never elected by people of Matabeleland South where he used Nikuv to steal the people’s votes for change.These are Mugabe’s last days and it is interesting that his sidekicks can not read the writing on the wall.Tekere mene mene ufarsin.How many times have Zimbabweans voted Mugabe out and yet he rigs his way back to power.

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