Pengaudzoke offloads senior band member

PENGAUDZOKE frontman, Faheem Somanje, has relieved one of the experienced band members, Admire Juao, of his job as a lead guitarist and backing vocalist and relegated him to an advisory role as he seeks to inject young blood into the band.


The 27-year-old son to the late Penga Penga music ace, Daiton, told NewsDay that Juao was no longer with the group on a full-time basis, but they would continue to use him as and when his services were required.

“He was not fired. He is still part of the ensemble. I can say he is no longer with us on a full-time basis. The reason is that we are grooming new blood.

Juao comes in as an advisor, and he will assist us here and there,” he said.

Juao was among the original Pengaudzoke band members who were left stranded following the split between Daiton and Josphat Somanje, leaving him without an option but to go solo.

He, however, re-joined the new-look Pengaudzoke after Daiton’s death and provided the critical expertise and experience that helped stabilise the band in the aftermath of the split.

He has since been replaced by lead guitarist, Isaac Chikwevo, while Never Somanje, who was with Sulumani Chimbetu’s Orchestra Dendera as the backing vocalist joined the gruop.

“Isaac Chikwevo is now with the group. He is not new to Pengaudzoke. He worked with my father during his last days. Chikwevo will be playing the rhythm guitar while Learnmore Tafirenyika, who used to play the rhythm will take over as the lead guitarist,” said Faheem.

Juao, however, told NewsDay that he had been dismissed before being re-called into the band.

“I experienced a terrible misfortune. Something (bad) happened. But I am now on good terms with the guys at Pengaudzoke. Last week, I was called and I was part of the team that performed,” he said.

Juao joined Pengaudzoke in 1999 as a bass guitarist. Together with the Somanjes, they released the hit albums Ndinomuda Chete, Nemhaka Yei?, Usagumbuke and Haisi Nyaya.

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