Mujuru takes bond notes fight to SA

Joice Mujuru

OPPOSITION Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) leader Joice Mujuru will next month take her fight for the hearts and minds of Zimbabweans to South Africa with a rally scheduled for that country’s administrative capital Pretoria.


Joice Mujuru
Joice Mujuru

According to the organisers, the rally, to be held in the bustling neighbourhood of Mamelodi, will centre on government’s controversial import ban on certain basic goods as well as the impending introduction of bond notes.

A poster seen by NewsDay read: “Diaspora says no to bond notes . . . no to banning import of basic commodities”.
ZimPF spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire confirmed the rally.

“It is true that she (Mujuru) will speak in Pretoria next month. The speech is known by the president and the speechwriters, not those that created the poster for the rally. I am sure they would want her to speak on those issues, but it does not mean they have her speech,” Mawarire said.

Two months ago, government announced import restrictions on basic commodities through Statutory Instrument 64 as a measure to support local manufacturers, but the move sparked widespread riots and violent protests with the border town of Beitbridge feeling the full force of the anger.

The demonstrations, which saw a Zimbabwe Revenue Authority warehouse torched, resulted in the temporary closure of the border post.

Mujuru has since approached the High Court seeking an order to force government to reverse the decision.

Government recently announced it would introduce bond notes as a measure to alleviate crippling cash shortages that have forced ordinary Zimbabweans to spend hours in queues to withdraw money from banks.

The move has been met with stiff resistance, including protests by anti-government groups such as opposition parties, #ThisFlag and Tajamuka/Sesijikile.

Mujuru has been on a whirlwind tour of the country’s provinces drumming up support for her party and will, before the South African tour, plunge into the Zanu PF stronghold of Mashonaland Central on September 3.


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  2. l hope she will say how the she would. ‘want the cash problems resolved. lt is not enough to say ……”it’s bringing back the Zim $ thru the back door . . . . . .the corrupt chiefs will hasten the hard. currency shortage. . . . . we will go back to 2008……….”……




  3. Mujuru is not our Savior, we the people.. we have the power and ability to save ourselves. Freedom is bought by blood. WE the people must rise

  4. The nature of us mankind is that when we identify an obstacle we put our minds to overcome it. We can destroy the obstacle, go through it like digging a tunnel through the mountain, we can go round it, we can do under it as in digging a road/rail tunnel under the sea or we can go above it as in climbing and flying. No obstacle stops progress. We the people of Zimbabwe have identified Mugabe, Zanu PF and bonds notes as obstacles and our collective mind is working on overcoming them. Therefore nothing will save them. Victory against these obstacles is as certain as the fact that tomorrow the sun will rise.

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  6. mujuru should be viewed with caution she is a bitter politian and the people of zimbabwe should not be used as instruments to revive her political career,this women made Mt Darwin a no go area for opposition politics during her time in Zanu pf .we need leadership which is free from zanu pf pollution and mujuru is not an option.The women is more corrupt than mugabe and she is part of the cancer that destroyed our lovely country.she looted diamonds from chiyadzwa and owns more than fifty companies in Zimbabwe.

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