Video: Mugabe in another near-fall

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday came close to yet another embarrassing fall when he stumbled while stepping out of his official vehicle on arrival at the Exhibition Centre for the official opening of this year’s Harare Agricultural Show.


mugabe arrives in uganda

Thousands who had gathered at the Glamis Arena did not see the incident as Mugabe was sandwiched by hordes of security details, but the incident was captured live by ZBC cameras.

Video courtesy of ZBC TV

Early last year, Mugabe tumbled in public at Harare International Airport soon after landing from the African Union summit in Ethiopia.

Mugabe in October last year almost fell over backwards as he tried to climb onto a one-step dais, before Indian Premier Narendra Modi and his aides rushed to his rescue during the Africa-India summit in New Delhi.

Meanwhile, visiting Sierra Leonean Vice-President Victor Bockarie Foh has challenged African governments to ensure farmers get access to cheap finance to guarantee food security.

Officially opening the show yesterday, Foh said: “I am confident that through concerted efforts, during the first 24 months of our Ebola recovery period, we will see the doubling of production in rice and other key crops and in the process create an estimated 10 000 jobs for our youths.”


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  2. Did you see the old witch Hilary who along with Obama murdered Ghafafi in cold blood fall many times ?

    1. Tendai Laxton Biti

      Stop stealing my identity you ZANU PF moron.

    2. Dictator, murderer, rapist and kleptomaniac Qaddafi was killed by his own people!

  3. @ Biti who is Ghafafi?

    1. Ask the people who murdered him …they know. We can’t expect you to know Ghafafi when your mother does not know your father , lex

  4. The Case of The Stumbling (and Bungling) President (and his yapping puppies always jumping to his defence)

    Like it or not age is the maestro, can’t hit it with a fist, can’t banish it with slogans, can’t destroy it with batons, tear gas, grenades nor water canons. Age is the maestro!

  5. Patriot(Cry, My Beloved Zimbabwe)

    tik tok mr president.. your time is ticking away

  6. Vakomana munhu kupotsa atarisa kwaarikubva nekushaya balance here??? This is too much. Quite frankly the old man is torturing himself for no good reason whatsoever

  7. Tendai Laxton Biti

    Old Robert must just resign and play with his grandson. He is abusing himself and putting the name of the whole Gushungo clan into disrepute.

  8. I bet it is ‘Dr’ Amai who is saying ‘NO’ to him using a walking stick,zvanzi munotichembedza Ba Bona!

  9. Honestly??? tototi we have a president. ayas, kana ndimiwo akomana

  10. Video courtesy of ZBC TV. lol

  11. And he wants a new five year term in 2018? And his party agrees?

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