MDC-T demos move to Masvingo


THE opposition MDC-T party says it will this week take its anti-government protests to Masvingo province, to force the Zanu PF regime to urgently address the problems of unemployment, cash shortages, the missing $15 billion diamonds money and corruption.

By Tatenda Chitagu

MDC-T provincial chairperson James Gumbi yesterday said police had cleared the protests to take place on Saturday.

“All is set for the demo. We have since obtained police clearance and we are urging people to come in their numbers,” he said.

“We need to send a message as Masvingo. We also have a fair share of our problems as a province, like the Chingwizi villagers’ plight, the delay in the completion of Tokwe Mukosi Dam, as well as the killer Masvingo-Beitbidge Road that needs urgent dualisation after claiming thousands of lives of cross-border traders from the province,” Gumbi said.

He said Zimbabweans were sick and tired of being lied to by the Zanu PF government.

The opposition party has in the past weeks rolled out several protests in other cities and towns to pressure President Robert Mugabe’s regime to arrest the country’s deteriorating socio-economic environment.


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  2. Please Dr Chihuri watch out,these MDC-T thugs are planning violence,deal with them,they are destroying our properties and looting.demostrating against what,stupid people.arrest them,they are disturbing our peace.

  3. If the police and whoever comes our way in those demos, they should face it.pamberi nemademonstrations.kana anenge achida kuvhiringa ngatimubate uye ngatimuteverei kumba kwake then tosunga door then topisa afiremo.neWednesday pademonstration yatakaita muHarare ndakafara chaizvo coz at least l managed to hit one police officer with a stone.

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