Mawarire charged for Twitter remarks against Moyo

OPPOSITION Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire, was yesterday charged with contravening the Posts and Telecommunications Act over a tweet insinuating that Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo was a fraudster.


Mawarire was formally charged after he handed himself over to police in the company of his lawyer Dzimbabwe Chimbga.

He was released into the custody of his lawyer.

The State alleges that on June 24 this year, he posted a tweet accusing Moyo of failing to account for $114 000 raised from the sale of a Kingstons building, when he was still Information minister.

The tweet read: “Jonathan Moyo and Tsitsi Mabukucha sold Kingstons building, can’t account for $114000, not arrested.”

Mawarire said police indicated they were not yet ready for trial, as they were still investigating the matter.
Chimbga said his client was released after police recorded a warned-and-cautioned statement from him.

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  1. The only link between “Posts and Telecommunications Act” and “he posted a tweet” is post.

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  2. Is this the same Mawarire, who took it upon himself to force the 2013 election by pretending to sue Mugabe ? Then he was working for Mugabe, trying to fool Zimbabweans. As a result of his concoction with Mugabe, the country was force-marched into ill-prepared elections to Mugabe’s advantage. Now Mawarire has fallen out of favour with Mugabe, are we are supposed to sympathise with Mawarire ? I don’t think so !

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