Macheso still to deliver Tsoka Dzerwendo on cassette

Sungura ace Alick Macheso

SUNGURA maestro, Alick Macheso’s (pictured) pledge to sell his 10th album, Tsoka Dzerwendo, on cassette in the excitement of the moment following its release in March was made without regard to possible complications, NewsDay has established.


Macheso’s manager, Tich Makahamadze, told NewsDay ahead of the album launch in March that some fans had requested the album on cassette and he would honour their request, but he admitted yesterday that it would not be as easy as they had anticipated.

“We had some technical challenges, but we are definitely going to release the cassettes anytime soon,” he said.

Jive Zimbabwe director, Benji Nyandoro — who was part of the organising team of the massive album launch — yesterday said it was possible that the Macheso camp realised later that it would be costlier to produce cassettes than budget CDs.

“Making cassettes is a commitment that was made, however, we reconsidered in terms of guaranteed uptake, mainly because of the logistical nightmare,” he said.

“It is a market share that you would want to service, but the effort should, be motivated by increasing reach not profit,” he said.

Nyandoro also observed that since urban fans predominantly listened to CDs, delivering cassettes to rural outposts would be a herculean task.

“Considering that the majority of cassette consumers might be spread out in rural areas, reaching out to rural areas is expensive, so I understand if they did not fulfil on the promise to do cassettes,” he said.

Nyandoro said while technology has speedily taken over, it must not be ruled out that some fans still wanted cassettes, which are stronger and more durable.

Soon after the launch, Tsoka Dzerwendo CDs were sold around the country for $1 to circumvent piracy, which has bled many musicians dry.


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