Grace, youths craft Mnangagwa final push

Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa

ZANU PF’s youth and women’s leagues have stepped up their campaign to push out Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and have him replaced by a female candidate, amid reports the two party structures were planning to hold crunch meetings next week to set the ball rolling for an extraordinary congress.


Party insiders told NewsDay that First Lady Grace Mugabe and Senate President Edna Madzongwe’s names were being mentioned, as potentials to replace Mnangagwa under the guise of seeking gender parity.

Contacted for comment, Zanu PF commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere yesterday said the party would be guided by its constitution.

“We always follow the constitution of the party,” he said, without elaborating further.

Women’s league deputy secretary, Eunice Sandi-Moyo declined to comment on the matter, saying: “If your source told you that, then why are you asking me? You want me to confirm what your sources have told you? Why don’t you ask your sources to clarify?”

Knives have long been out for Mnangagwa, who is accused of leading Team Lacoste, a faction that is reportedly campaigning for him to replace President Robert Mugabe, an accusation the Vice-President has

Mnangagwa landed the Vice-Presidency at the party’s 2014 congress. Zanu PF’s next congress is due in 2019, a year after the crunch 2018 elections, which Mugabe has already expressed interest to contest.

A source revealed calls for an extraordinary congress would soon be made by several provinces.

“The congress will be pushed by provinces, as provided for under article 26(1c) of the (Zanu PF) constitution,” the source said.

“The youth and women’s leagues are critical players in this strategy. Soon, they will be convening meetings at national level and afterwards their resolutions will cascade down to provincial structures. Their resolutions will be used to mobilise the lower structures in calling for an early congress.”

Quizzed over the feasibility of such a plot, a top Zanu PF official, who declined to be named for security reasons, said the resolutions will be coming as a directive and provincial executives will be forced to abide by the orders.

“That will be a directive and you know how we deal with directives in Zanu PF. The resolutions will be implemented as they are,” the official said.

“What we are only looking forward to, at the moment, is to first have a resolution, then buy-in will not be a problem.”

Section 26 of the Zanu PF constitution provides that an early congress may be convened “wherever it is deemed necessary and at the instance of: (a) the majority of the members of the central committee; or (b) the President and first secretary, at the instance of not less than one-third of members of the central committee; or (c) the President and first secretary, at the instance of at least five provincial executive councils by resolutions to that effect”.

Already, some youth leaders and war veterans have implored the party to call for a special congress that will decisively decimate Mnangagwa’s faction and his ambitions to succeed Mugabe.

Addressing war veterans recently at the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare, Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene said an early congress was the panacea to the Zanu PF succession wars.

She singled out Mnangagwa, as the source of problems rocking Zanu PF and cited a litany of allegations against him.
Another Zanu PF source said a motion for Mnangagwa’s ouster would be kickstarted in the coming weeks, so that all necessary procedures are met.

“Because section 28 gives a timeframe and circumstances for the holding of an extraordinary congress, it is prudent that the motion moves now so that by December, all procedures would have been met,” the source said.

“The President, after receiving the resolution, has to forward it to the secretary for administration (Ignatius Chombo), who has six weeks to give notice of the said session.”

The latest anti-Mnangagwa campaign comes after the women’s league failed last year to push through a resolution for the appointment of a female Vice-President.

Since his appointment as Vice-President in 2013, Mnangagwa has fought numerous internal battles to save his job, as senior party officials, including Grace, have publicly accused him of clandestinely plotting Mugabe’s ouster.


  1. Believe this mandi and yu will believe anything ,like chinotimba for president.She was not a nurse,bt cleaning makeshift clinics.She was recruited by Bishop Muzorewa ,hence it took her tyme to be accepted in camps as she was a suspected spy.General Chiwenga yes was way too senior to have met mandi.He may not have.Besides she was too simple ,unsofisticated,like other stubbon girls like other girls.

    This accounts for her wild dreams.She thinks those commanders ,jomic,can salute a female like her or 1st lady?They couldnt stomach saluting Joice as vp.It was hard for the generals who were her seniors in moza.These are hardcore men,battle hardened,steel eyed army men.They are very much into politics if yu all didnt know.Military issues are dealt wth by juniors up to the rank of colonel,the rest during peace tyme are politicians in barracks,watching civils conduct their politics,to their liking.Dream on mandi.

    • The constitution spells out exactly how political leadership is organised in zim. And the office of VP is 2nd most senior, the army commander has a duty to salute tht office as their mandate is to uphold constitution, despite the fact tht the person occupying tht post may have been a nobody before. Unfortunately ZANU way of thinking theyvmagnify the person more than the post they occupy

  2. Grace Mugabe will never Rule Zimbabwe she is corrupt and a thief she is a Wrong role model for Zim the great mother was Sally not mother Grace she is trying the last man standing trying to protect the loot i hope MothervGrace has eyes to see what is coming i feel pity for her write this on your diaries I said Grace will not prevail its a waste of time if is God who created this world mother grace will not make it why you have caused so much suffering to zim you have stolen so much people died of hunger while you were stealing that blood is before the lord you have not been a good helper to uncle bob you have abused you motherhood you are a shame an embarrasment you shall fall what rises fall so shall u be you are using zim youth to do all evil to abuse even elders to get your way so fate has ejected you lets see who is a liar here if you become president call me a liar if not you are a liar use you brain here you will fall mother

  3. Am seeing either Grace or Robert jnr succeeding the nonagenarian. Imagine when you are used to a motorcade and everything is for free and suddenly all the benefits ceases. How do you feel?
    The first family will fight to remain in power until donkeys grow horns. They studied Zimbabweans and they know we are cowards and weaklings. So, what prevents the first family to rule until donkeys grow horns?

  4. An apointer can be a disapointer . Munangagwa wazvionaka kuti Makandiwa haasi mwari muporofita chete, kkkkkkkkkkk wazvionaka kuti Gudo muriwo, that is Game Theory my friend

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