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Compensate white farmers: Indigenous players


INDIGENOUS farmers have called on government to speedily compensate white former commercial farmers in order to unlock agricultural funding for new players who benefited from the land reform programme.


Speaking during public hearings on the proposed Land Commission Bill which began in Harare yesterday, Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers’ Union representative Jeremiah Tevera also demanded that the Land Commission must stop fresh land invasions to restore sanity in the agricultural sector.

“Issues of multiple land allocations are still happening and it rears its ugly head when farmers are preparing for the summer crop and several farmers with the same lease are fighting for land, resulting in scuttling of preparations for the next farming season,” Tevera said.

“The issue of illegal farm occupiers needs to be addressed by the commission with speed as they have led to environmental degradation and poaching,” he said.

Commercial Farmers’ Union of Zimbabwe acting director Marc Carrie Wilson said the issue of security of tenure needed to be solved to instil confidence in investors, adding Parliament must scrutinise the Bill and include people’s views before its passage.

“The Bill seems to maintain the status quo in terms of land administration, but we believe the Ministry responsible should look at other countries’ land policies and how they administer land. We also want the Land Commission to be independent from the minister as they currently seem to be subordinate.”

Wilson said the Land Commission Bill was silent on how commissioners are chosen, adding there was need for impartial and qualified people to sit in the commission.

Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe president Isaiah Nyakusendwa said the Bill dealt a lot with issues of land disputes, but was silent on issues of wildlife conflicts where people were settling in wildlife areas, killing and poisoning animals, poaching fish and cutting down trees.

“The commission must ensure there are remedies to conflicts because when we talk of land, we also talk of environmental issues and mining,” Nyakusendwa said.

Last week, the Land Commission Bill went through the First Reading Stage in the National Assembly.

The purpose of the Land Commission will be to look at issues of allocation of rights to State land for agricultural purposes, settlement of persons on land, and it is also expected to solve land disputes among other issues. The public hearings are being conducted by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Lands and Agriculture and the Parliamentary Thematic Committee on Peace and Security.

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  1. The people who got the farms are the
    ones who should in all fairness pay the white farmers,, i.e. the beneficiary of
    Farm A pays the owner of farm A.If beneficiary cannot pay then should leave the
    farm and let other buyers or tenants move in.
    I didnot get a farm so I should not be taxed to pay for a farm.
    MPs please take note and safeguard our interests.If we are all going to be taxed for this purpose, then the available farms must be divided equally among the adult men and women of Zimbabwe i.e, above 18 years of age.At independence someone did the sums and reckoned each Zimbabwean,male & female, could get at least 6 ha.We will
    then achieve both justice and gender equality.

  2. In as much as people hate how the land was redistributed, we cant ever compensate anyone for that land. It lacks logic. what was taken for free just 90 years earlier cannot be bought back. What has been done has been done, the money they might compensate with let us fund agriculture with that bcoz it is a lot of money to begin with.

  3. Engineer we are not compensating for land, but for the improvements and buildings which were not there 90 years ago. Do you know that we grabbed tractors, lorries, cattle and even household furniture. The chefs know that because the majority of them have this equipment thats why they are not against compensation. Tough luck engineer you did not grab your own harvester and cattle.

  4. Hapana hapana team….why should a thief be compensated??? instead, on top of the land , white farmers should compensate blacks for lost time…..as irreversible as land redistribution. kikkkk

  5. Which govt are you talking about, this bankrupt one? Which can’t even pay its workers? Dream on!

  6. What about all the black & white farmers who bought their farms after Independence, &given a ”certificate of no interest” by the government??Should they not be compensated? and why the Black farmers victimised if it was land redistribution?

  7. The white and black farmers that lost land should be compensated. That is the only way that capital will flow back into agriculture and that is the only way we’ll get food security in Zim. Let’s not kid ourselves here, the land that was taken 90 years ago was not very productive. There was no tobacco, wheat, commercial maize, sunflowers, citrus etc there.
    I agree with Moyo that the beneficiaries of land reform should pay a tax for the land or else they should vacate and allow other serious farmers or even the former farmers to come back. At the end of the day we want to achieve food security. Does it matter if the cat is black or white? What matters is if it can catch the rat.
    The biggest problem we have is a broke govt with no imagination whatsoever and leaders that cannot see beyond their noses. The thinking of most Zimbabweans is too short termistic and not strategic at all. The land grab(not reform) is probably 60% of the reason why we’re where we are right now. The other 40% is having Bob as our leader.

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