Breaking: Matemadanda gets bail


Harare magistrate Vakai Chikwekwe has granted bail to the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda and two other war veterans’ leaders who are facing charges of undermining President Robert Mugabe.

Matemadanda and ZNLWVA vice-chairman, Headman Moyo and the association’s Harare executive member, Wayne Bhila were granted $300 bail each on Wednesday morning, a day after ZNLWVA spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya was released on $300 bail on the same charges that are resulting from a communique issued by the war veterans organisation.

In the communique, the war veterans call on Mugabe to step down.


  1. At least this time there was no unnecessary delays.
    Why are they not arresting Mutsvangwa. This is a waste of police and court time, a total abuse of the judiciary system by Robert Mugabe.

  2. Its expensive to open your eyes. You will still go down in the history of this country as murderers. For now we can take you on board as fellows in the struggle but later you will be accountable for your erstwhile heinous deeds

    • as though you have evidence of your sick allegations. These are genuine tried and tested freedom fighters not the likes of you hiding behind electronic gadgets to pour out crap

  3. All that is happening really puts the whole liberation struggle into a shambles. Imagine the born-frees being subjected to conflicting facts. Some are saying we fought an oppressive system; the born-frees still see an oppressive system. Some say we were one in spirit and mind; the born-frees see a war-veteran fraternity that is very divided. Some say we did exploits during the war; the born-frees see cowards who are busy ridiculing each other and telling all who care to know that they did nor more than spend a few days in the bush. Some say the colonial regime was very bad; the youths can’t imagine what can be badder than the current situation. The President and his erstwhile comrades should be reminded that they are rewriting the history of Zimbabwe and launching a totally new and different narrative of the country’s history from what we already know. Shame on you.

  4. chingovaregai vanhu ve zanupf vaise bond note, hamuzvioni here hama dzangu kuti they are going down in history as having inherited a performing economy and strong currency only 36 years later they leave the same country not only without a currency of its own but also without an economy at all

  5. Why give these ex-criminals (so-called war veterans) bail? There are the ones who put Mugabe in that position – they made their own beds they should lie on them.

  6. Why give these ex-criminals (so-called war veterans) bail? There are the ones who put Mugabe in that position – they made their own beds they should lie on them. What people do not understand is that this Third World poor country needed white expertise and whites’ riches to make progress – it was the whites who started the firms and other businesses. Expelling people like the late Sam Levy and replacing them with poor people like Chinotimba – how many jobs can Chinotimba create?

  7. Sam Levy, the late: Expelled to heaven? By who? Whites destroyed a functioning indigenous economy between 1890 and 1951 and were able to replace it with one centred on themselves. The problem is that the current leadership has destroyed the whites’ economy and replaced it with nothing. That is a cause for concern.

  8. its so sad to tell u tht the bushit, babaric, retrogressive and greedy Mugabe has no clue of running this country nevertheless he possesses so many degrees!F**k u Mr president to hell with u……

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