Beauty queen to represent Zim at Miss World Universe


LOCAL supermodel, Sharon Rutsito, of Top Model Agency, will be Zimbabwe’s first ever representative at the Miss Tourism Universe pageant set for September 16 in Beirut, Lebanon.



As the 26-year-old beauty queen is expected to leave the country next Thursday for the prestigious pageant, NewsDay Weekender Arts Reporter, Winstone Antonio (ND) caught up with Rutsito (SR) and she spoke about her modelling career. Below are excerpts of the interview.

ND: Briefly tell us who is Sharon Rutsito?

SR: Sharon Rutsito was born 26 years ago on August 28, 1990 in Masvingo as a fourth child in a family of seven. She is a young entrepreneur-cum-model, who has been in the modelling industry for about five years. I have participated in a number of beauty pageants, among them Miss Global Zimbabwe 2013, Miss 21st Movement and Miss ZimGold. Besides modelling, I am also into marketing and advertising.

ND: Have you ever won a crown in your modelling career?

SR: I’m yet to. However, I am confident that Miss Tourism Universe will be my first one as Zimbabwe is participating at this pageant for the first time ever.

ND: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

SR: My inspiration comes from the millions of talented girls and children that I am representing.

ND: How did you come to be the country’s representative at this pageant?

SR: I learnt about Miss Tourism Universe pageant through an online pageant called World Next Top Model Zimbabwe, which is a competition held each year in Lebanon. I sent my curriculum vitae as part of the registration and I made the grade. I feel humbled and honoured to be representing my nation at such a prestigious pageant and I am confident that I will do my best to raise my nation’s flag high.

ND: Who is going to dress you?

SR: Lorraine Mugariri of Maison Du Style will be my wardrobe designer. But I am hoping more fashion designers will take this opportunity, as I am participating in a prestigious pageant, to dress me, thereby, taking their designs onto the international market.

ND: How best can you describe your modelling career?

SR: My modelling journey has not been that rosy. I had to put extra effort to be where I am today. Some of the challenges I faced when I started were lack of resources. I could not get enough resources on time for boot camps and as a result, no one could identify the potential in me. I can attribute my rise to a combination of hard work and knowing what I really want to achieve in this profession. I have managed to hold ambassadorial roles for two local companies, which I can point as part of my achievements in this competitive industry.

ND: Some associate modelling with prostitution and loose morals. What is your take on that?

SR: I totally do not agree with people with such beliefs. If they link modelling to prostitution, they are yet to be educated about modelling as a profession. Modelling has spawned businesswomen and high-profile movers and shakers, who used it as a platform to express their leadership skills and abilities, which is the same route I am following.

ND: How have you managed to handle temptations of life as a celebrity?

SR: There is no temptation if one keeps a straight head. After all, we are torch bearers who must take leading roles in changing communities, which is a huge responsibility.

ND: Have you approached the Zimbabwe Tourism Association for some kind of assistance?

SR: I have not approached them. I only approached some companies, but I am yet to get a positive response from them. I am also still awaiting one of the companies to assist with paying for my air ticket.

ND: Your word of advice to aspiring models?

SR: I encourage them to work hard and not to give up easily, especially if they know that they have the potential and what it takes to fight for honours.

ND: As you carry the nation’s flag to the pageant, NewsDay Weekender wishes you all the best!
SR: Thank you.


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