AMHVoices: Zanu PF’s move to stifle social media is senseless

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) minister Supa Mandiwanzira

The new-found energy by the Zanu PF regime to suddenly characterise the use of social media as terrorism is baseless and senseless.

Jacob Mafume,PDP National Spokesperson

It is very strange that this government views and treats anyone who is not in agreement with it as a terrorist.

For many years we have been treated as enemies or terrorists by this regime simply for criticising its shortfalls.

Legitimate governments all over the world encourage their citizens to openly criticise them because it is through lively dialogue that countries develop and progress.

It is only authoritarian regimes like Zanu PF that fear the people.

Zanu PF should know that social movements such as Tajamuka, ThisFlag and Thisgown are not terrorist organisations.

These social movements are not committing any crimes against the regime for speaking on behalf of every Zimbabwean.

They are ordinary citizens who want to change and improve the lives of the people.

These social movements have used platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp to rally Zimbabweans to peacefully demonstrate against the ruinous leadership of President Robert Mugabe.

As the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), we strongly condemn the behaviour of Information ministers Christopher Mushohwe and his Information and Communication Technology and Courier Services counterpart Supa Mandiwanzira who want to use repressive and unconstitutional methods against ordinary citizens for using social media platforms.

Mushohwe and Mandiwanzira want to deprive the people their rights and freedoms.

However, it is sad that the attitude of Mushohwe and Mandiwanzira is a reflection of the calibre of all the ministers in Zanu PF.

As right-thinking Zimbabweans, we wonder why the government wants to spend its energy on controlling the use of social media when the country currently faces significant challenges.

The country’s economy is suffering from sluggish growth, illiquidity, massive deindustrialisation, high unemployment and a crumbling infrastructure. But again, what more can be expected from the divided, confused and leaderless Zanu PF?

Let’s reiterate to work on rebuilding the social and economic crises created by the Zanu PF regime.


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  3. Zanu (Proven Failure) relies on blackmail, desperation, ignorance and lack of debate for its gullible “supporters”. I’m not surprised they are against social media. The bigger picture is they are against reasoning and common sense which they substitute with violence and repression. As their leader said, they have “degrees in violence” and apparently very little common sense to solve the economic problems the country faces, i suppose.

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