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Ailing Mugabe dumps Sadc, heads for Dubai


President Robert Mugabe last night dumped the ongoing 36th Sadc Heads of States and Government Summit which ends today in Swaziland and headed back home, amid speculative reports of ill health, NewsDay has learnt.

By Everson Mushava

The 92-year-old Zanu PF leader landed at Harare International Airport at 1944hrs and was reportedly scheduled to leave for Dubai around 0100hrs this morning.

Mugabe left for Swaziland on Monday and was scheduled to stay until the summit closure today.

An impeccable government source said: “The President will be leaving Harare tomorrow (today) early morning around 1am to Dubai for medical attention.”

Mugabe has been frequenting the Middle East in the past years for treatment as his health continues to deteriorate due to advanced age and a punishing work schedule, although his Zanu PF party insists he was “as fit as a fiddle”.

Both Information minister Christopher Mushohwe and Presidential spokesperson George Charamba could not be reached for comment last night as their mobile phones went unanswered.

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  1. Tajamuka Stayaway today is a success. Mugabe to flee to Duaba after shutdown resulted in Mai Biggis paSadza Dollar shutting down

  2. Mugabe is very ill, probably on his deathbed. He flew out last night at 10.45pm to Dubai, shortly after arriving back and cutting short a trip to the SADC conference in Swazilasnd.

  3. You cannot rig age baba. Zvimwe zvikapera zvimwe zvotanga. Ko kunozorora muri kwazvimba muchitaura nyambo dzenyu dzemujere. Zvinonyadzisa izvi.nxaaa

  4. When he appeared on TV my wife said to me “Bob looks like pumped up, his face is all swollen up, whats wrong”
    Yes he reaaly looked “pumped-up”. There is something that these doctors inject into him, because one day he looks frail the next day he looks like a 40-year old. These pple are waiting our time and slowly driving us into a wedge.
    Please retire there in Dubai – maybe even stay there if you want, with your mkwasha & Bona

  5. Its definitely That Munangagwa is going to be president after Mugabe dies . He will get power by the backing of the Army. So guys whether you like him or not , just change your mindset and be prepared for a new leader.

  6. A very good leader indeed Chamu.I dont question yo inteligence.Its inevitable that ngwena takes over,so that our shops can be free movement again coz boys n men back to work.children to school,all children.Zupco can be back to droping our men at 17.00hrs coming from work.Industry running full throttle.Farming full throttle,mining at its best.Civil servants back at work.And banks in full swing supplying cash when yu request.Only a tried n tested Ngwena can manage this.He is ready to work unhindered.His sleeves are all rolled up.A man ready to accept all citizens, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.A man who stood loyal to Gen Tongogara .

  7. @viola. good dream indeed vatete. but that man is not the one ordained for that. he has run his race also and the results are there for us to see. let him also rest. his age cant roll up sleeves and work anymore.

  8. Yu see kelly,it boils dwn to votes.who is wanted in zanu in a free n fair congress,non other than ngwena.Even kasukuwere will secretly vote for ngwena bcoz he knows zanu n country can move on.Zanu wth the backing of warvets n yuths in rurals will always win any election bt this time only wth ngwena as president.Womens league is pro mnangagwa.when I say women,im refering to all rural women n few in twns.All international community is waiting for ngwena.Yu cant compare ngwena to save ,no.Save n teurai had their time as premier n vp.enuf.Its ngwena s tyme now.And he will deliver the package yu want.I promise yu.He will work wth save n teurai if yu dont know,very well for the better of our lovely country to move up.

  9. Privatising Our président. Please let the man rest. Nyama dzinoneta especially at That age. Moyo unoda asi nyama yaneta. Ko mutemo we retiment wakazopera here.

  10. Which country do u stay.Dont u know hw ruthless ngwena is. He denied pples freedom in kwekwe wen forcefully drive pple to his rallies. he is the mp for my district now. Hear from us dont just bark u sellouts. Ngwena is more dangerous than Saddam and lucifer

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