5 ways to break out of the norm

Jonah Nyoni

At times we need to break out from our norm and break into a life of adventure, risk, happiness, newness and true potential. There are times when we walk in life bored and without looking forward to anything exciting at all. At times we reach a plateau and we move in auto pilot; doing same things over and over again. A good example is when we go to a job every day. We know what we should do and we do it without even thinking at times. It’s no longer exciting, but a cold routine, we have the skill and it looks like we don’t need any creative thought to it. Such is life! The question becomes; how do we break that norm and create our new normal?

Success life with Jonah Nyoni

  • Don’t accept the “fine”

When we greet people, their most obvious response is “I’m Fine!” Stop and think; what does that really mean? Most people settle in that zone called fine. It’s generally, good. They are a number of terms that depict this level and these are “Ok”, “fine”, “ordinary”, “acceptable” “normal” and “average”. Here your mind tells you; things have always been like this! Things don’t change or won’t change and let’s just accept then as they are.

You are the one to make things change. Jim Rohm said, you don’t become successful by chance, but by change. Change to an extraordinary, exuberant, epic, adventurous life. Get into fun, freedom and fulfilment! Get to new things. Take a risk, scuba dive, don’t settle for less, break your own record, invent more, break the old patterns or paradigms, create new rituals, make more profit, add one hour to your reading schedule, work harder and more wisely, create new friends.

Consciously enlarge your business networks, travel to new places and spice up your love life

Don’t settle for the “ok”, but go for more in life.

  • Blow-off your money lid

There are times when you feel there is a lid or cap on your money. You can’t go beyond a certain limit. You have been earning so much over some time and it seems you have reached your perimeter. If I would ask; how much are you earning now? For how long have you been in that same stream? Blow-off the lid to your current cash flow into your life. You can have more.

Increase your belief. Increase wealth or prosperity consciousness. Financial stagnation needs increased faith, fights, and replacing your old monitory mental files. Create new targets and work more. Set new financial dreams. Double or triple your financial targets. See yourself earning double what you currently earn and your mind will figure out how you are to make that.

See yourself rich and walking in financial freedom and independence. Replace disempowering thoughts with positive thinking. Shed-off negative friends, habits, spend less, spend wisely, learn more to earn more, increase your net worth by growing your networks. Have more your streams of income. Create more opportunities for self-development. Replace all liabilities with assets. Liabilities are things that take away money from you and assets bring value to you.

  • Dream afresh

Probably people that are above 65 would think they are old enough not to dream again and the young think there is still more time on their side. So, these two categories leave everything to chance. Nothing comes by chance, but most fortunes come by change.

See yourself with new dreams, more money and better health. Go back to school. Get back into the game of life. Don’t marvel on your past successes, create new successes. Get into the groove.

  • Dance again at 89. Renew your marriage vows at 75. Find new love. Do it! Dreaming anew makes you look forward to better things ahead. In his motivational talks, Les Brown usually says: “When the end comes, let find you climbing new mountains and not sliding down the old ones.” Don’t let death find you on your death bed, but let it find you in your field working on your passion fervently.

  • Feel great about yourself

Most people suffer from what has been called inferiority complex. They think they are not good enough, they are ugly and they are too short. If I may ask you: Did you create yourself? It’s definitely No! Now, why waste your time on things you can’t change? See beauty in you! See the masterpiece from the Maker! Don’t wait to be told by someone that you are beautiful. Some think they are too fat to be loved. Whereas others that think they are to blame for not being married.

Don’t wait for love. Love yourself. Give yourself more love. Others think they are too thin to be in love. Whereas some think they are too short to feature on the outer cover of a magazine.

Hey! Hey! Stop wasting time and start living your life! Tell you what? Self-blame adds nothing good to your life. This is your life, live it to the best. Don’t waste time thinking what others are thinking about you.

  • I too suffered all that same until I woke up, dusted myself and I said, “Jonah, it’s time to rock! Let’s do this!” If I had believed all those stories, I would not be writing for this column. I would not have had published my books. Worse still, when I stood in front of people my spin and mind just froze, but I had to tell myself that, “Jonah if you continue in this kind of mediocre mentality you will amount to nothing. Let’s get to serious work”. Having been in rural areas, worse still in a poor background, my mind would have told me, there are better people to do what you are doing. I fought all those negative thoughts.

  • Don’t seek approval

Most people don’t feel confident until they seek approval from others. Never sell yourself short you are very special, if even if people are not saying so. Never underestimate yourself and never grossly over estimate other people’s intelligence, you are intelligent in your own right. Never live a wrong script of what others say about you and don’t ever live other people’s lives and lies. Kick fear away. Do the very thing that you fear doing and you will learn that there is no lion beyond the veil. It’s just an image you have created in your mind. Break all your records. It’s time to live your passion, purpose and do that positively.

  • Jonah Nyoni is an author, success coach and leadership trainer. He is the author of Inspiration for Success and Success Within Reach. Contact details-Tel: 0772 581 918. Email: jonah@classicmail.co.za. Twitter@jonahnyoni.