Zanu PF plots counter protests

Kudzanai Chipanga

ZANU PF youths have threatened a series of protests against pro-democracy activists starting tomorrow in an audacious attempt to counter and neutralise growing discontent against President Robert Mugabe’s administration, NewsDay can reveal.


Party insiders yesterday said the youths have organised a meeting in Harare tomorrow to map out the plan, which includes marching in the central business district with placards to denounce leaders of the recent anti-government protests.

Zimbabwe has witnessed a new wave of protests, including a successful shutdown a fortnight ago co-ordinated by cleric Evan Mawarire’s #Thisflag movement and Tajamuka/Sesijikile, while opposition parties were piling
pressure on Mugabe through street protests.

Senior Zanu PF officials told NewsDay that they were mobilising for a counter offensive following a series of protests aimed at forcing Mugabe to step down over his government’s failed policies.

“They (pro-democracy protesters) can ignore our warning at their own peril,” a top Zanu PF youth league official said.
“Those that may choose to go ahead with their protests will have themselves to blame. Zanu PF is the only party that has a history of defending the country and, as youths, we don’t hesitate to defend our President.”

The latest developments were confirmed by Zanu PF deputy youth secretary Kudzanai Chipanga’s weekend rants, where he warned that the youth league was “waiting for the ‘pro-democracy’ protesters to press the red button before we take action”.

“We promise the nation that we will not stand akimbo when we are under threat. The red button hasn’t been pressed as yet and the day they press it, then they will learn the hard lesson,” he said.

Zanu PF Harare provincial youth chairman Edson Takataka confirmed tomorrow’s meeting, but was diplomatic on the motive of the gathering.

“Yes, we are meeting as normal on Wednesday (tomorrow) and deputy youth secretary Chipanga will address us at the headquarters. We cannot mobilise to deal with those two people

“It’s just Mawarire and that other group Tajamuka/Sesijikile. Obviously, we cannot be worried about them and our programme will go ahead as planned,” he said.

Zanu PF youth national commissar Innocent Hamandishe was also coy over the issue, saying there was no need for the public to be unsettled by the meeting.

“This is just a normal meeting and there is no need for panic. We don’t need to react to those protesters. They are just barking and, as a party, we cannot be moved by that or forced to react to them,” he said, adding the meeting would be a feedback gathering following the May million-man march.

But, Zanu PF sources said after the meeting, party youths will pour into the city centre to instil fear on the public supportive of Mawarire’s protests.

“Youths will march in Harare from the provincial party office to the headquarters. This is a way of intimidating people trying to start an uprising against the government. We are going to show them (protesters) that we have numbers and all what it takes to defeat them,” a senior Zanu PF official said.

There are reports that Zanu PF is panicking at the wave of protests, although the government has threatened to crush them.

Besides a series of Cabinet security cluster meetings and Press briefings, Mugabe has despatched top politburo members to the country’s 10 provinces for as yet unknown reasons.


  1. Chipanga would do himself and the nation a good service by demonstrating against the millions of dollars which disappeared or unaccounted for at Chiadzwa Diamond Mines.Not only that,but demonstrate against the scourge of corruption that had brought the economy of this country to its knees.Be warned Chipanga,you are so overzealous in your approach into politics,it’s not long before you would be called upon to account for your irresponsible behaviour.Those individuals that you appear to fight for, would be nowhere near to defend you.

  2. There are no words to describe this kind of insanity, this young Kudzi boy will surely send his parents to an early grave due to stress & disappointment

  3. He knows those demonstrating are “pro-democracy” activists. And wat does it make him? Anti-democracy activist. Anyway, what wld we expect of him & his ilk except confusion. Weren’t they the ones recently dismissing the protests as outright flops? Why & how then wld u protest against smthn that flopped? Silly! U r no different from one Charity Charamba who, at one point in tym, caused the arrest of sm touts who had stripped a scantily dressed girl in twn in the absence of a complainant but wen Lady Squanda abducts (a very serious offence) & attempts to murder Skimbo she says Police can’t do anything (not bcoz we expected them to do anything at all) because there is no complainanat. Rubbish!

    • Are they really “pro-democracy” activists? It is their democratic right to express themselves in the manner they have chosen, the same way the tajamukas have.

    • Sure this is hilarious. It’s like protesting against a baby who is crying for milk. Instead of the mother providing for the baby she takes placards and goes out protesting and picketing. Such needs not be arrested. They rather must be taken to mental hospital!!!

  4. All lunatics and premitive vote for Zanu pf and dat why Zimbabweans wer taken back to stoneage politics by these primitiv leaders .Zanu pf politics of destruction at work

  5. Protesting to maintain the poverty status for the majority and no salaries for civil servants?
    Zanu PF will always be a minority party and the majority will never agree with their propping of a clueless 92 year old leader.

  6. Chipanga plz tell the hungry citizens of this nation the motive of your planned demonstration, but before u do that may u tell us what u achieved by your million man march. We are watching you!

  7. Why not go to France to protest against the real enemy Kapanga/Kareza. You have symptoms of acute dementia and need to start taking medicine ASAP.

  8. Chipanga is right,these stayaways cause disruptions to businesses?Dont be used by this Mawarire fellow,he is at work and he is paid for that,then imimi what do you get?Right now he(Mawarire) is out of the country getting a fat pay can you stay away from your own business?most people are self employed right now and unoda kuitira ani stayaway yacho?

    • unofunga nepaiko iwe kana kuona nei. asi unogara kupiko. vhurika nekuona kuti what causes this economy to deteriorate.

    • I think if the ZANU PF youths start these protests they will also be leaving their places of work and not producing anything during that time so it is also retrogressive

    • @Mutoriti…and what does corruption in our government leadership do to our economy and why do these youths defending the leadership say about it. I dont expect them to say anything anyway cause they are part of that system they are trying to protect. If 90% is unemployed including the youths that are planing to crush Mawarire demos, whose interest really are they protecting…if you were going to deminstrat against the so called sunctions that you claim are on the nation maybe you might be in the right direction if you are for protecting the interest of the nation. Its senseless to protest against protests by protests and violence…gone are the days. try it this time. masamba achinja!!!

      Even if Mawarire gets a fat check, to us he has achieved the goal which is to make Zimbabweans wake up and speak out without fear against injustice and oppression from those who claim to have interests for this nation.

      You youth leaders are surviving from Zanu PF party money thats why you dont feel it. You never work for your money but you are forever fighting for your money. What economics says to be rich violently fight for your money.

      Another thing, who paid Zanu PF to keep us in bondage and poverty…or you are doing it because its natural in you to deprive Zimbabweans of thier right to enjoy the fruits of our nation

    • Shame this type of thinking is the one which has seen Zimbabwe go down into history as a nation of educated idiots. Self employed doing what, is there any future in that self employment you are doing lucky you then.

  9. We are not worried about such infancy hallucinations. Be warned Chipanga, you might think you own Zimbabwe and u will be shell-shocked that you and your entire team of losers will be ashamed. People are fed up. Do it at your own peril. Ndazvitaura ini

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      Click this link


  10. Kudzi chipanga has lost it at all. people of zanu pf are saying mawarire is being funded, come on you guys funded or not funded he is talking the real problems on the ground. them (zanu pf ) should question why these protest, is it people enjoy being in streets all day ? hell no but circumstances in which the gvt in treating us led us to.

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  12. We will continue to protest against hunger, poverty, delayed salaries and not getting cash at the banks and injustice until these specific issues are addressed. Those who feel they need to demonstrate to defend Robert Mugabe or his party (which has clearly failed the country) are free to do so.

    When he dies, they must be buried alive with him because they love him to death. Why are they not demonstrating to get the 2 million jobs their mafia party promised them?



  14. useless people . protest against who fo wat …makoniwa matadza nw u wan protest fo wat. hamusati maita meeting on ur so called 1mill man march? jus goes to sho how slow u guys are. wen u catch up with reality tozotanga kutaura. fo now please go away. hatichadi kuhwa nezvenyu . silly people

  15. I wish I had not given my child the name Kudzi and I feel pity for the parents that gave birth to this person. People are not demonstrating against or to remove the government. People are demonstrating against the system, the corruption, the mismanagement, the looting of government resources etc which has caused poverty among the people. These youths are the future of tomorrow and they have nothing, I mean nothing called future in them. They cannot see that they have been robbed of their future. The people who send them have already done and achieved something in their lives and a few years down the line they will be gone leaving you the likes of Kudzi with nothing at all, nothing for you nothing for your children nothing for your generation. Shame on you, you are so brainwashed. We are fighting the system, get it right.

  16. Who is Chipanga by the way? We will show him the way nemanyemwe ake aya, we are fed up mhani. Fellow Zimbas, kindly take photos and identities of these culprits including the police officers who are beating innocent people.

  17. Pathetic! The leading and the led are equally myopic. A mother crying to counter her baby’s cry. While others strive to turn their countries into working nations, you are busy turning your’s into a ‘walking/ marching’ nation. Protests and counter-protests have become the latest means of communication. Is the country short of ladies/ gentlemen bold enough to convene a closed door meeting to offset it from this yoke? You will reap what you sow.

  18. Sometimes I see politics as a very stupid game and those playing it as fools. Me not being a politician I cannot give a conclusion but if you look at the logic of this situation maybe you might see why I see politics as a cancer which destroys the mind and soul of humans, takes away humanity, no wonder why there are many wars all over the world. During the Zanu million men march Cde Chipanga raised some issues that the youths and also other citizens want the government to address. Now some of those same issues are once again raised by a different group of people, they protest, then you hear Cde Chipanga calling for a counter protest. To me this defies logic, how can you fight your own ideas just for the sake of opposition. I get the perception that Cde Chipanga is after something else, most probably satisfying his own ego. This egocentric approach is destroying our humanity. We all want to live a good life but some believe the satisfaction of their egos is more important than the needs of others.

    • Kudzai Chipanga is supposed to be an MP but not once have I heard his contribution in the August house. This young man does not know Zanu PF. He will live to regret his zeal for the junta. How can you demonstrate against people who are just airing their anger on government failure to meet its obligations to the citizenry? This whole school of thinking that anyone disagreeing with Mugabe and his corrupt gooks is causing untold suffering to Zimbabweans. We think freely and not this Guided thinking/democracy Zanu PF tries to sell daily. Chipanga repent NOW or PERISH.

  19. i saw him driving a brand new TOYOTA LAND CRUISER pick up without number plates asi inepicture yaMugabe on it chete and you tell me kuti iye anoshayeyi.Its only a few of those close to the elite whom will always enjoy thats why he behaves like he does.Vamwe vose vanenge vachingotevera kushandiswa bedzi nekupuhwa tumari twemaSuper zvavo zvinenge zvayita.

  20. Mutoriti, what business are the youths engaged in when there is 90% unemployement? Unless you mean the business of threatening citizens. Zanu PF desdtroyed the little business there was. If you read newspapers you will come across news that the govt failed to pay just a few security services workers last week and that Zimra missed its target for the Q1 because companies have closed shop. If your youths are indeed employed then they are not remitting any tax.
    By the way, why not tell Bob to also stay in the country at work. Maybe Mawarire is copying from him!
    Otherwise run counter demos or just infiltrate them and cause disruptions. They are very few mhani.

  21. If they want to protest and demand no jobs, no accountability, no electricity and no water, then I don’t understand why it is they’re doing that, they seem to have already got what they wanted.

  22. ZANU PF is a violent party, these protests will obviously turn violent. As long as these thugs do not force people to attend, no sane person will attend it. Chipanga wakadyiswa chete!!

  23. Thank you stupid chipanga. now we can easily identify you and your fellow fools tobva takumamisai kunokusiyai mubhurugwa ra Giresi. shit dzevanhu. do it we are watching you. ungada kuno pururudzira zhara iwe. sichupeti yemunhu

  24. Its necesary so that yu may know its not a walk in the park.yu face resistance in all struggles.Bt stil Im of the opinion Zanu 1st address the issues raised by demostrators,corruption n jobs.To address ,not to butress.because thats not a solution.

  25. Editor manyanya nekuksaisa ma comments edu. May be we should just stop coming here for zim news. nxa

  26. The funny thing is that the protesters are protesting against a system of corruption , poverty, and unemployment, yet we hear that Zanu Pf want to foil these protests. After all the protesters never directed their anger at Zanu PF youth. Now we question who is patriotic here?

  27. come we’re waiting for you,its about time this time we meet in the trenches & tikuda kukukwapaidzai u ZANU thugs #tajamuka

    • Makabvira riini muchiti its about time?since your life should stop because Zanu PF IS IN POWER?.Find ways to survive under ZanuPf because ndizvo zviripo,otherwise you will die complaining.Right now people are building and buying cars under this gvt and you say zvinhu zvakaoma yet you can afford to go painternet.its not the time yekufamba neka CV uchitsvaga basa,create your own employement.some of us have degrees in business and we are managing our own entities.Dont be lazy and proud,ita chero chonokupa kuguta as long as it is legal.

      • What business are you into iwe Mutoriti and how much tax are you paying to government? You call sale of second hand phones a business-tibvirepo nxaa! I do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that you are not paying any taxes to government yet you are saying eh ndozviripo as if its a good thing. Its also certain that you are not even up to date with your rentals and rates due to the local authority yet you call yourself a successful businessman. If we were to carry out a survey, we will find out that very few if any of all those people that you say are building and buying cars are paying taxes to government and rates to the local authorities. You think building and buying cars is mark of success? How is such a situation good for the country? Who is going to fund all the services that central and local government is supposed to be providing? Genuine businesses i.e. those who for years having been paying taxes and providing employment are finding the going tough because of bad policies from government, yet you think that everything is ok. Why dont you and all those you think are doing well start paying taxes dating back to the days you started operating and lets see whether you will be able to say what you are saying. You together with all those businesses that you think are doing well are only managing because you are not meeting all your legal obligations and also taking illegal short-cuts in most of your transactions. Which country can survive on such a model? Right now government is failing to meet its obligations because its coffers are dry and the situation is bound to become worse. There is no country in the civilised world including our former communist and socialist friends Russia and China that is operating on such a model. There is no economy that can be supported by the informal sector alone-you can go north, south, east and west and you will never find such a country. This is for a reason. In the capitalist world, there are models of development that need to be followed and the system cannot be cheated. Perhaps you want to invent your own system but the indication so far is that it does not work coz already, there is no cash for meeting the country’s obligations, infrastructure is run-down, etc, etc. You can blame all your failures on the so-called sanctions, of course.

  28. Is it not the same Chipanga who was talking tough against corrupt ministers and government officials. What has got into his mind?

  29. I think its a good idea that the whole process of cleaning up corruption be conducted peacefully. the talk of threats and violence only come from confused and directionless youths who are used by those looting the country’precious resources for selfish gains.

  30. Chipanga remember Jabulani Sibanda akambopengerereka like you where is he now?
    Demonstrate against who? you are lunatics

  31. This is getting a little out of hand. A nation divided against itself cannot stand. This flag movement is really not about politics. Personally i don’t care who is in leadership as long as they deliver. I think what the people are really asking for is for the leaders to step up. Let’s get Zimbabwe to where it used to be before. The bread basket of southern africa. Let’s work together. Let’s build our nation rather than waste time fighting against each other. Proverbs 15 vs 22 Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. Let’s stop looking down on each other just because hatigare mu parliament with the big guys. ZImbabwe has intelligent people

  32. Tomorrow is a working day remember!
    I wish you success in mobilizing a one million-youths demo or counter demo so that it proves #THIS FLAG’s one of its points that youths have got no jobs.

  33. @ Mutori is Chipanga in disguise. Unongozvirwarirawo iwe. U have alzheimer’s and you don’t even know it. Unowomera kufunga. Dont worry though coz u not alone. U have zanu pf regime and its ignorant supporters like u.

  34. for chipanga to have no disturbances let us #shutdown so they can have free space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    chihaw01 i second the move

  35. If they want to counter protests with protests then this government is more clueless than I thought. Instead of looking for answers – or at least appearing to – for the many problems that have put Zimbabweans on the rampage, they are engaging in a “my march is bigger than yours” primary school grade 2 (no, ECD) tactic. So thats it ZANU PF? The people voice their concerns and all you do is say “I can shout louder than you!”


    • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk primary style…they are cornered.We are saying give us our money but they are planning to march

  36. chipanga you are just mafikizolo in zanu.where were you when they promised us 2 million jobs?I think you need quick medical attention before its too late.We are demanding fulfillment of 2013 zanu pf manifesto.Hatina dambudziko nemi if you stick to your promises,fire incompetent ministers,incur corruption in fact if you invite revolution within your rotten party

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