Zanu PF moves to disrupt Mujuru rally

NPP leader Joice Mujuru

SCORES of Zanu PF youths yesterday spent most of the day toyi-toying in Marondera before assembling close to Rudhaka Stadium, where Joice Mujuru’s ZimPF will be holding its star rally today.

ZimPF officials said the move by the youths was meant to intimidate people from attending the rally in a province she reportedly commands a huge following. The youths marched at a time ZimPF officials were settıng up the stage for the event.

ZımPF Mashonaland East ınterim spokesperson Setfree Mafukidze said the opposition party would not be intimidated despite the threats of violence by Zanu PF youths.

“Zanu PF youths came into Rudhaka Stadium where our logistics team was setting up for tomorrow’s (today) rally. They drove into the groundin an unmarked Isuzu truck, chanting Zanu-PF slogans and singing,” Mafukidze said.


  1. they can intimidate me from
    attending the rally
    but they can no intimidate me for voting #ZimPF #2018

  2. this shows e highest decree of how vibrand is the word Mujuru to the mouth all ZANU PFs….#trembling now what about 2018

  3. thats being stupid those pple havasi kuona kuti we sufferd a lot. i think vanhu ivava ma rovha chete

  4. sour grapes mujuru. this is what you also did to mdc for 15 years at the apex of zanu. pasi nembuya ine utsinye necorruption iyi. you and mutasa have nothing to offer better retire and enjoy your loot!!!

  5. Mujuru must just come back to Zanla,simple.Yu wont manage out there by yoself n old madhalas,mutasa n gumbo.They are too old.Dont believe these small ineffective imaginery powers yu were given ,as vp.It was only meant to thwart yo senior ngwena.Get back to yo senses n come back to Zanla.In Zanla yu will get yo proper high post.All this PPF will die naturally.Yu do t have the resourses n cash to offer these yuths.Thats what counts.Mavambo died naturally.Buti Dhu is struggling.He wants to rejoin Zipra.He is clever.So dnt procrastinate cde.

  6. I feel let down by my people, if they think that ZANU PF is going to lay down a red carpet for them to remove it from power. This is African politics and you should know better that it is dog eat dog and we should stop complaining and confront the rot. The ZANU PF thugs will be happy if they see our mentality, we need to confront the rot. Let us face the wrath of the ZANU PF youths, otherwise let us stop campaigning. As they soon discover that we are confronting them, they will be the first to call for order. Let us stop complaining and expecting the same ZANU PF thugs will listen, when they know that by listening, they will be out of power in no time. Instead any complaint should be through the diaspora to the United Nations and other progressive forces who will help us to bring these culprits to book. The endgame continues unabated.

  7. I like your thinking @Zvichapera. Not sure about @Viola as last week she was rubbishing ZANU.
    Without any organised force, any fight against Bob and his ZANU is doomed.

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