Zanu PF in crisis indaba

President Robert Mugabe

ZANU PF provincial chairpersons drawn from the country’s 10 provinces yesterday held a crisis meet ing in Harare and plotted the ouster of all war veterans, who last week denounced President Robert Mugabe and vowed not to back his candidature in the 2018 presidential race.


This came as relations between the former freedom fighters and the ruling party have hit an all-time low following a war veterans meeting held in Harare last Thursday where the ex-combatants denounced the Zanu PF leader as a dictator.

Addressing a Press briefing at the party headquarters yesterday, Midlands deputy provincial chairperson Daniel Mackenzie Ncube said the “errant” war veterans who turned their back on Mugabe should be summarily dismissed from the party, describing their actions as treasonous.

“We call upon the party to immediately take decisive action against those implicated in the authoring and distribution of the communiqué, including those who sponsored the gathering with financial and other resources,” he said after a closed-door meeting also attended by provincial commissars, national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, women’s league deputy secretary Eunice Sandi-Moyo and youth league deputy secretary Kudzanai Chipanga.

“We condemn in the strongest of terms the reckless statement including those who authored this treasonous document. Our concern is with the substance and form of the statement, which impugns the person and Office of the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and patron of the war veterans.”

But the war veterans insist they cannot be expelled from the party they formed and are resisting attempts to force them to elect another chairman in the wake of Christopher Mutsvangwa’s expulsion from Zanu PF.

At their Thursday meeting, the war veterans issued a damning communiqué, accusing Mugabe of dumping them and embracing party youths to drive his re-election campaign. They also accused the 92-year-old Zanu PF leader of digressing from the party’s founding principles and privatising it.

The meeting came as, Kasukuwere last Friday warned that Zanu PF would repossess all commercial farms allocated to war veterans linked to the meeting that denounced Mugabe’s dictatorial tendencies last week.

Addressing thousands of party supporters in Rusape, Kasukuwere said they would take farms of outspoken former freedom fighters and subdivide the land into residential stands for the benefit of “loyal youths”.

Already in Masvingo province, Zanu PF youths are targeting a sugarcane plot owned by war veterans’ political commissar Francis Nhando.

“There is no discussion over our President. He was elected by the people, we will never be intimidated by anyone and we never panic,” Kasukuwere said.

“There are people holding Press conferences against our President Robert Mugabe and next time we are going to do our Press conference at your farms.

“There are also civil servants who want to go on strike, but you want to go on strike while you know you have a farm.”

He said he had a list of farms they were targeting and would stop at nothing to repossess them.

Zanu PF Manicaland youth chairman Mubuso Chinguno accused the Ministry of Lands of not transferring land to the Local Government ministry for residential purposes.

“Minister (Kasukuwere), we are worried that the Ministry of Lands is failing to give land. We do not have adequate land here in Manicaland because they are failing to give you (Kasukuwere) the land,” he said.

Zanu PF is parcelling out residential stands to party youths ahead of the 2018 elections, a move critics have condemned as a vote buying gimmick.


  1. if the president was elected by the people, are the war vets not people? What is so amazing about mugabe that he deserves to be loved by everyone? Even Jesus Christ was not everyone’s favorite so who is mugabe whose hands are dripping with innocent blood.

    • One might have an army, CIO, Police, Judiciary, Media etc to his advantage, but when God has put the handwriting on the wall “Mene Mene Tekel Parsin” then it is done, it does not matter the power he may yield, once God says its over, then its over!! It appears there is a handwriting on the wall!

  2. Munopenga ma fake yuths.get the farm n put yo family there,at yo own risk.we are soldiers.we have our own yuths in Zanla n Zipra.Haurime mfanami.

  3. An Indaba/deliverence session to exorcise ZANU PF of the demon that makes them worship the white/pale faces is more appropriate. This is a demon of distraction, inferiority complex and has been introduced into the Zimbabwean culture ZANU PF needs to believe in the black Zimbabweans.

    • ADF what a fine specimen of ignorance you are.Nothing but a damp squib. Im amazed you managed to come up with all that. It must have taken you a long time and given you a head ache!

  4. we have been loyal n silent for a very long time now all we need is change and I don’t care who is going to bring change either its the whites black blue or brown

  5. There is nothing treasonous by not supporting mugabe. War vets just like anyone else have the right to choose. So let them withdraw their support without being intimidated. What did this sandi-moyo do during the war- this woman pisses me off. This gvt has to go now we need peace in the country. With this gvt at the helm nothing will work

  6. …war vets are a branch of zanu pf….The minister of war vets….So in this democracy there is a minister who is responsible for looking at the welfare of zanu pf supporters called war vets. If they are non partisan why the noise? Its therefore not proper for a certain party to try to own them if they are looked after using taxpayers money since not all taxpayers are zanu pf….Handizivi kuti akajaidza zanu pf ndiyani kuti land ndeyayo…mukaramba muchiti everytime we will get our land next time Zvorwadza achauya nesu mavendor ikoko zvikashaya basa.

  7. War vets do not belong to Zanu Pf. They remain war vets whether they support President Mugabe or not. It’s their right to say what they want. Kasukuwere has no right whatsoever to take the farms of those who no longer want Mugabe. In fact ZNLWA is not part of Zanu PF. It stands on its own and its in the constitution. Baby Kasukuwere should keep quiet on this issue.

  8. The demand to repossess farms from those alleged to have called for the resignation of the President is mind bottling.The party authorities should come clean and rebuke those ignorant and overzealous youths who are making such threats.If no restraining action is taken, then,what is the difference between Idi Amin of Uganda whose actions were attributable to semi literacy or complete illiterateracy? For the benefit of those who don’t know, Idi Amin confiscated all properties belonging to Asians, distributed them to his cronies and fellow tribesmen before expelling them from Uganda.

  9. Zanu pf party without war vets hey that is unhead of. The party should develop a system of listening to people, their grievances and solve matters amicably. This new policy of expelling party members without a hearing was introduced by Grace and they have embraced it and the truth is it is destroying the party. Shame. Tongotarisa zvedu.

  10. The word TREASON is being trivialised, corrupted and bastardised to suit certain people’s warped thinking. What we’re hearing ad nauseum is akin to saying if a person chooses to differ from another thats treason. Oh my Lord, thats emphatically not!!!

  11. Taking a farm to turn it into a venue for rallies and giving it to youths as residential stands. kkkk. Zim will surely be the bread basket that it was before with such thinking.

  12. The self-destruct mechanism for Zany PF is in full swing, and this is cause for celebration. Let them fight, threaten, expel, reposess farms, parcel out land, fight, kill each other off. All in full crescendo and welcome let them self destruct to smitherens.

    The vets are getting what they deserve…they forced people to support a party they didn’t like, they robbed the country of clean leaders now they are reaping what they sowed. If you live by the sword….don’t sit on it!!

    Kaskwere you better start panicking…

  13. zanu yaparara… good riddens. War vets do not belong to anyone because vakaendera kuhondo fo everyone… even iye tsvangirayi wacho vakatomurwirwa kutio atemese zanu musoro so please spare us the nonsense kuti hee ey belong to zanu. As for land issues… i thought land was given to war vets to empower them not buy loyalty… u c, u guys r stupid if u wan buy loyalty dont u kno e price continuously goes up ? muchadzidza henyu we dont really care as to what happens with u all we want u is to go tochitanga kutevera hedu vane mari yedu yavakaba vatipe tigadzire nyika yamaita mushandira pamwe kuuraya…. Thats all, dont really dislike u but dont want to see you as well. and your end has come thats most welcome.

  14. land does not belong to zanu pf, it belongs to Zimbabweans. zanu pf is full of disillusioned illiterate pple. everyone has the right to dicide who they want for a leader without threat of losing their property or life.

    • If they repossess farms its very good and fine but they are setting a very good precedence and when they are out of power we will also repossess all their farms!

  15. Kasukuwere shut up and stop using our land as a bait for the youths …taneta nekuhukura kwenyu…

  16. Issue is not Mugabe but Grace who is using people and youths to meddle in the leadership succession that is inevitable. Grace, the party has structures and systems on how leaders are chosen. Please ita chinhu chimwe chirikuitwa nemadzimai che charity. Chiona Mazowe Opharnage yako worega avo varimu succession line vatore hutongi. Haungaite zvese.

  17. is it any wonder then that banks are completely unwilling to recognize offer letters and 99 year leases as collateral for loans?

  18. The threat by Katsutsukuviri to repossess farms that were allocated to war vets should save as a clear warning to the youths (or is it youthies) that the same will done on you. This is how ZPF operates, they use you and when you are no longer useful they dispossess everything that they purportedly gave you then discard you.

  19. There is nothing treasonous in opposing Bob the ZANU PF leader. The comrades never said they wanted him removed as Commander in chief & head of gvt and chancellor of all universities. They only commented on his role as ZANU PF leader.

  20. The reality that ZANU PF is a political party that operates as a cult movement. Anyone who has ever been part of a cult and then questions its leaders is usually targeted, smeared, threatened or thrown out (or worse). A cult leader is perceived to be infallible. These recent events go some way to prove that this is the way ZANU PF functions. Anyone who questions the president is considered a traitor. The problem here are the War Vets are part of the backbone of the party. These are men & women who have supported President Mugabe through thick and thin. For them to now turn away from him is a huge development – no matter how the party tries to downplay this. Whether or not this is a game-changer remains to be seen.

  21. This goes to prove that there is no rule of law in the country! Threats of invasion on resettled land-when is the cycle going to stop? Suppose a different government takes over, will they have right to embark on new resettlement, replacing current holders with its own supporters? Perhaps this is why the current government does not want to provide settlers with title? At this rate, there sre going to be severe challenges in development of the country’s agro-based economy. I also see unending wars taking place over the land issue. What does this say about the black men’s capacity to govern themselves?

  22. It’s veneer peeling off, of political covering as the sun heat unregurated on a crocodile skin zanu pf. Zanu pf ,your days are numbered.

  23. Land belongs to Zimbabwe and never a political party property .Political parties may be voted out of power at any election time but war veterans remain as they are.Instead of making all these noises ,will you use that energy to turn around the economy.Why do you want to give the late Smith and Selous Scouts the last laugh?

  24. My first job out of High School was at St Paul and over the next 5 years Iearned so very much. Seeing the hospital torn down tears a small piece of my heart out. The Daughters of Charity and the doctors and staff of St Paul Hospital will always be with me……
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