Updates: #ShutdownZim July 6 2016

There was a heavy police presence in Epworth yesterday as the State beefs up security around the country amid fears of worsening social unrest

We give you updates of the Shut Down Zimbabwe protest.

Bulawayo Update

16:00 Mzilikazi supermarket looted

Mzilikazi shop
Mzilikazi shop

15:30 Anti riot cops regain ground, force youths to retreat with teargas. Retreating youths not giving in and are still throwing stones

14:30 Cops run for their lives in Makokoba after hundreds of stone throwing youths confront them.

Cops had fired teargas to force youths to disperse from the main Luveve road that leads to the CBD.

Youths were burning tyres blocking all vehicles from using the road.


The youths had scattered all over running away, but quickly regrouped carrying stones to confront cops.

The cops retreated.

Youths now going to CBD, and they are chanting “Lets go to Choppies.”

Bulawayo youths force police to further retreat as march to CBD march gathers pace. Youths are stoning police water cannon, anti riot cops, china shop stoned and looted.

Police reinforcements sent in, more water cannons to block rioters from further entering CBD. Cops are stationed at Corner 2nd and 3rd Ave, Lobengula St.

More police are being deployed.
More police are being deployed.
It seems a number of officers are being addressed and those who were om standby have been called for debriefing.
It seems a number of officers are being addressed and those who were om standby have been called for debriefing.

Masvingo Update

Most shops in Masvingo were closed as business heeded calls for the stay-away.


Commuters were stranded as kombis were not plying routes, leaving many not going to work.


Only OK, Pick n Pay,CBZ and POSB were open, while clothing shops like JET, Truworths, Topics were all closed.

The city looked a ghost town as there was not much activity taking place.

The security services were however on high alert, doing the rounds in the city fearing protests.

Even shopping centers in residential areas were shut down, like Yeukai Business Center in Mucheke.

Schools were also closed as teachers were on strike and pupils were turned away.

Current situation Bulawayo

Around Bulawayo centre where cops are chasing away youths milling around and they have moved down to the volatile Egodini. Bulawayo slowly catching fire as we speak.



13:15 Police now retreating as hundreds of youths carrying stones have just emerged throwing back teargases.

Protesters in Victoria Falls have taken it to the streets raising their placards demanding a new Zimbabwe.
Protesters in Victoria Falls have taken it to the streets raising their placards demanding a new Zimbabwe.

One of the placards in Mufakose read…

12:50 Mutare Update

Most shops are closed in Mutare, long distance travellors are now stranded at Sakubva Bus station as transport operators have pulled off their vehicles.

There is a heavy police presence in Sakubva ,Chikanga and Dangamvura areas.

12:55 Bulawayo update In Makokoba youths have blocked the main road(Luveve road to the CBD),burning tyres in the middle of the road.

11:33 Bulawayo update Police have just arrested about five youths for staging a mini protest in the central business district,demanding that President Robert Mugabe steps down.

One of the arrested youths is Mthokozisi Ncube, the coordinator of the Bulawayo Youths Arise.

The youths sang “Mugabe must go” near the Joshua Mqabuko stature before anti-riot cops in a pick up van arrived and arrested them.

They have been taken to Bulawayo Central Police Station.

As they were being taken to the police station, the youths were singing “Mugabe must go”‘.

Police fire teargas in Mufakose
Police fire teargas in Mufakose

11:20 Commuters traveling into town are having to fork out $2 or more for a trip that normally cost 50 cents

11:19: Follow our twitter hashtag #shutdownzim

News Flash: If you’re in Zimbabwe, you’ve probably noticed that you WhatsApp is not working anymore. Several people have contacted us to inform us that their WhatsApp is not sending or receiving messages anymore. We have made some tests ourselves and can confirm that WhatsApp is not working for us too on any of the 3 mobile networks and ISPs we use.

According to the information we have, WhatsApp is currently not working on the following networks:

Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe
ZOL Zimbabwe

Source: TechZim

We have not tested and have not received any information on the other networks so we cannot say at the moment what the situation is with them.

A resident of Mufakose cleans his bloody face after being beaten by police (Pic Elias Mambo)
A resident of Mufakose cleans his bloody face after being beaten by police (Pic Elias Mambo)

10: 50 Running battles in Mufakose between anti riot police and residents.

10:20 Meanwhile at the courts in Harare, few interpreters and magistrates have turned up for work while some suspects and witnesses have been issued with warrants of arrests after failing to turn up for their court appearances.

10:00 A Tombs bus has been reportedly stoned at the Redcliff turn-off along BUlawayo Road and police are now at the scene clearing the road that had been barricaded with stones.

From Mufakose, George Makoni reports: There are running battles between the police and residents at Magandanga area in Mufakose.They have launched teargas ,but the residents are grouping.All schools and shops are closed and kids are excited with the demonstration,they have also joined.No combis and many people are in the streets ,a sign that most people did not go to work

09:20 Bulawayo update

Bulawayo heeds shutdown call as most shops in the central business district and high density suburbs are closed.

Commuter omnibus operators have parked their kombis.

The situation in Bulawayo
The situation in Bulawayo

School children have been sent back home while other schools like St Bernards in Pumula suburb locked its gates.

Choppies shops open, and in some places guarded cops.

No heavy police presence as anticipated. Soldiers doing rounds in suburbs.

09:15 Reports from Kwekwe indicate the town has come to a standstill as there are no commuter omnibuses. Those that commute from the town to work in Gweru are stranded.

In Gweru some shops are closed and business is low. An army water cannon is stationed at a Choppies Supermarket in the CBD, apparently protecting the Vice president Phelekezela Mphokon outlet.

09:00: Armed riot police presence at OK shop at Kamunhu Shopping Centre in Mabvuku.
In Dzivaresekwa there are no people to board a few kombis available while armed police officer with rifles are patrolling the areas

08:45: Harare is so far in a virtual stand-still with Zimbabweans heeding a call by pro-democracy activists to stay-away in a bid to force President Robert Mugabe to find solution to the country’s problems or better still for him and his Zanu PF government to resign enmasse.

Police presence in Glen Norah
Police presence in Glen Norah
OK Machipisa is not open
OK Machipisa is not open
In Glen Norah there were some boulders placed in the road in some parts
In Glen Norah there were some boulders placed in the road in some parts

A general survey by NewsDay journalists around Harare revealed that most shops and industries were closed as many people stayed home.

In Harare’s High density suburbs such as Glen Norah, Mufakose, Machipisa and Mabvuku there is a heavy police presence, shops are closed and virtually no public transport.

The situation is the same in the dormitory town of Chitungwiza with most businesses closed.

The Seke Road flyover, which is usually a hive of activity, is quiet and desolate as people heed the call to #ShutdownZim
The Seke Road flyover, which is usually a hive of activity, is quiet and desolate as people heed the call to #ShutdownZim
Some shops in the city centre are closed
Some shops in the city centre are closed

However more telling for Mugabe and his administration is the fact that the informal sector a haven for Zanu PF activists has also heeded the call. Market stalls across the city are virtually empty with Mabare’s Siyaso, Magaba and Mupedzanhamo also closed.

Zimbabwe share how they are experiencing the #ShutdownZim


  1. harare town and north west surbubs quite, schools closed, traffic very very very very minimal

  2. Waited for commuters one hour but i saw just 3 kombis DZ town route…….on another note i think mobile internrt connection esp econet whatsapp has been subotaged, probably its part of the shutdown or someone doesnt want people keeping in touch with whats going on elsewhere

    • Please try downloading a VPN software it will unblock any blocked apps. If it works, send it to as many people as you can. Good luck.

  3. it is looking good. this might not really move the mugabe much as we see by how their papers are reporting at present, but is good start. people are waking up.

  4. people have responded well. however i wish they could act on another second act if we ever get to there. that is fill all the polling station in the coming election. no one should stay awy from voting in a year and half from now. election are so close.. start queuing now and make sure you vote. i wish mdc and mujuru could preach the same message they preached in 1999 when the encouraged people to register and vote. the town/city voters are given difficult conditions to vote but should fight on. i will register my child who is turning 18 this year and i wish all the parents who have children who have turned that old could take them there for the sake of their future. having an extra 1 million voters will send zanu packing. remember they failed to even have 500000 forced people in their million man march. so people lets think of that and stop saying it wont wonk. that is the language mugabe likes. ‘nothing will change’. mdc please preach that msg to the people

  5. there is peace and tranquility in bulawayo lets take note of the few pple that have openned lets not buy from them in the future
    military and police in plain clothes are in street corners those in town they were droped by trucks in the morning 4am dont make funny jokes or moves

    keep indoors record and update open shops and businesses

  6. This is just like one of those gone days recurring for Zanupf government they dont even care about the stay aways and zim shutdown whatever… all they will care about is war if u bring war to their doorstep then they will run,those ministers will fly out of zim asap with their old madala leader behind them.All im saying is lets put a more strategic plan to recruit people to take up arms against this barbaric government the only thing zanu pf came to power is also their exit door.

  7. Ayo makombi anozotakura vanhu izvo zvanzi stay away anofanira kupiswa,nevese vavhura mashop anofanira kupiswa futi including vavhura misika, vanhu ngatiitei one voice mhani. Lest all encourage our 16 years old kids to register to be voters 2018,anyone with 16 years and above can register bt voting commenced at 18. Thanks kune maschools adzorera vana ,vaberekei manga muchiendeserei vana iyo iri stay away? Kurai mhani.

  8. Choppies in chitungwiza is down ryt nw near town centre yapiswa and patorwa zvinhu zvakawanda. Security yamboda kumira mira bt mumwe wacho atotakurwa he iz in chitungwiza general hospital ryt nw Chabvondoka apa macomb ne motor dzemajecha dzikutakura matombo vachizadza mu rod ryt nw motor ye sefegaurd yatsva police yepa makoni yauya vakarohwa nematombo so noise yatanga .

  9. i think this is more attributable to Civil servants’ call for a stay away due to non payment of their salaries more than pro democracy activists’ calls. their calls had been earmarked for Tuesday but civil servants had way before planned Wednesday as a stay away day. Other groups just coalesce around the civil servants’ calls. Its a success though. there is virtually no activity in the capital.

    • You are damn right, this stayaway, the most successful ever in our history has absolutely nothing to do with “heeding pro-democracy activists” calls for whatever

  10. To get your blocked apps working again download the SuperVPN(5MB) or CloudVPN(6MB) install it and tap it to create an automatic VPN connection. Afterwards you can then open your whatsapp and it will be working!

    If you are downloading from sources such as apkshare.com make sure you have enabled installation of apps from other sources (find instructions for your particular phone) so that you can install the apps you download to your SD Card.

  11. This is what we have been talking about. No Outsiders were going to support us for as long as we remained quite. its happening now and it has to pick momentum. This is how the War Vets freed the country from the white settlers. It started small small and then blossomed into a full fledged war. If you fear death in a struggle then you wont win.

  12. Kuglennora Manyepa, the road is closed because city council is working on the road. They just need no disturbances.

  13. This government must fall before any election. Zim cannot survive another month with this vile and clueless government. Just where are they going to get money to pay for salaries and keep the country running?

    The tax base is disappearing fast, their coffers are empty, and the little they have they waste on useless foreign trips, looting and and largesse.

    By their own admission, they have no foreign friends willing to pull them from this financial hole. They are too headstrong to even see that even their so called allies like the Chinese do not want to help them and would rather a more progressive government take over.

    It is time for us to repossess our country. Only us the people can do this, the same way our elders liberated the country from colonialism. They will even shoot a few people to try and scare us from demanding their rights. But every dictatorship will eventually fall. History tells us of this.

    Alberto Fujimori is in jail in Peru, Mubbarak in also seeing out his last days in jail while Marcos, Mobutu, Gaddafi, Amin, Milosevic and others like them have all met painful ends.

    Our security officers must learn from what has happened elsewhere and know that this is a crumbling government that will leave them high and dry. They can do their jobs without being cruel to fellow citizens. Noone wants to be violent. We just want our country back.

  14. Police and Arm guarding choppies nxaa, for what. Guarding ivo vainenzara. Avoid being used like toilet paper. Who said there will be violence? Hatichada uya Hatichatya, Zvakwana mhani. Nyika ndeyedu tese iyi.

    • I believe we have done well i took a tour in southerton industrial area its shut I salute you fellow Zimbabwe. if there are real leaders today they will speak..

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