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No turning back for Mai Rwizi


VETERAN actress Susan Chenjerai has refused to heed calls by fans to return to acting as she had traded those skills for the gospel and was now committed to her new calling.


Susan Chenjerai
Susan Chenjerai

Chenjerai was part of the hilarious cast of the Mukadota Family sitcom, which dominated the small screen in the 1980s and 1990s, in which she featured as Mai Rwizi along with the late musician-cum-actor Safirio “Mukadota” Madzikatire.

She told NewsDay recently following her marriage to cleric, Lovemore Mobate in a move that led her turn to gospel that reverting to acting would be a climb-down.

“I have had so many people asking me to go back into acting but it is no longer possible for me to go back. I heard the Lord’s voice calling me. If I were to go back into the spotlight, the only thing I can afford to do is sing gospel melodies,” Chenjerai said.
She, however, said that local acting talent was on the wane as the new crop of actors were failing to match the prowess of her generation.

“We had brilliant actors back then. They were good. We never had many misunderstandings and no one gave us headaches, it is just sad and unfortunate that many of them have passed away,” she said.

But she conceded that the tastes of the current television viewers could be different from their time.

“If I criticise the current productions I would have failed simply because people have different tastes. Maybe that is what the youths of today enjoy but from what I hear the old productions were up to standard,” she said.

“Our productions were well thoughtout and based on reality. We would sit down and decide on what we wanted to do.”

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