Mutsvangwa fumes over war vets arrests

War veterans chairman Christopher Mutsvangwa

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) chairman Christopher Mutsvangwa yesterday condemned the arrest of two members of his executive inside 48 hours as government intensified its crackdown on suspected authors of last week’s damning communiqué calling on President Robert Mugabe to step down.


ZNLWVA secretary-general Victor Matemadanda was reportedly picked up in Gokwe yesterday as police were frantically battling to have the association’s spokesperson Douglas Mahiya charged with seeking to subvert a constitutionally-elected government and insulting Mugabe.

Mahiya is set to appear in court today, while Matemadanda’s whereabouts could not be readily established last night. His mobile phone continuously went unanswered, while police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba could not be reached for comment as she was said to be in a meeting.

“I condemn the arrest of my executive members. This comes in the wake of a mob justice -type rally addressed by HE (His Excellency) President Mugabe yesterday (Wednesday),” Mutsvangwa said.

He called on Mugabe to stop the persecution.

“I call upon the President, as Head of State, to arrest forthwith the police action and the persecution of my comrades. As a fellow revolutionary and renowned statesman, why is he allowing such treatment of comrades who as young men sacrificed all they had including offering (their) only life so freedom could be attained?

“From that sacrifice, HE ended up being elected President in sovereign Zimbabwe. This high-handed over-reaction is surely uncalled for. Surely an announced withdrawal of political support by my executive colleagues, no matter how wounding to historical pride, cannot be grounds for such over-reaction.”

Mahiya’s lawyer, Harrison Nkomo, said the State was shifting goalposts as regards the charges against his client.

“We have been able to see Mahiya, but have no idea where Matemadanda is. It is difficult to tell the charges because they are constantly changing,” Nkomo said.

Liberation war hero and former Attorney-General Sobusa Gula-Ndebele said he was ready to offer legal assistance.

“I stand ready to help them. Only that I have not been briefed,” Gula-Ndebele told NewsDay.


  1. Lets all go and crowd the courts. I pity the men being used by Bob standing on the exit door to commit crimes

  2. These exfighters are now a spent force and the best they can do is to team up with Amai Mujuru and map way forward. I feel pity for them as they were used and they are now being dumped with nothing to show for liberating the country as all riches now centre around the First Family and a few G40s. Chris if you have the balls go for broke and form a War Party.

  3. Asara ndiwe Mutsvangwa!! Soon rather than later; you will join your colleagues @ Chikurubi Maximum. War Vets are a stmpling block to a new democratic dispensation. You subverted the will of the pple in 2008 when ZANU-PF had been trounced. The future of this country now lay in the hands of the Youths!!! So whatever is happening to you guys right now – pedzeranai ikoko. Hanyanani chidhoma chekwa Chivi.

  4. Let them kill each other. Its God’s way of getting rid of undesirable elements b4 raining blessings upon blessings on the suffering majority.

  5. kkkkkk the vry same pple who were colng 4 the arrest nd prosecution of pple who spoke against the misrule made by the regime are nw on the other side of the sword begging ..kharma z a bit** …personally i have no sympathy 4 you ,,,instead i am cheerng ope they come for u 2 mr christopher.. u the ones who created this bed nd nw u cryng coz u r the victims,,,,tac t lik a man nd stop squillng lik a bit** ,,remember u died 4 this country kkkkkk

  6. as zimbos we focus on trivialities such as tribalism and grudges. this is the time to say let bygones be bygones. lets use our collective energies to deal with the bigger picture!!!!! HOW DO WE REMOVE THIS VICIOUS DICTATOR MUGABE AND HIS FEW FILTHY ALLIES!!!!

  7. If war vets had delivered “unfettered” or “untethered” freedom, we would not be having people arrested for differing on opinion. They tethered “freedom” to a very low Zanu PF benchmark instead of aiming for noble, lofty unpartisan “national” freedom. Consequently the country needs to liberate itself to achieve that, only then can we say we are “free”. Clearly there was no focus and RGM took advantage of that, to this day.

  8. guys l think at this moment anyone who is anti Mugabe is on our side whether kuti akamboita sei in the past,We have to rally behind these guys as we did kunaMawarire and the other war vets and military will join in

  9. this guys victor matemandanda I am sorry for them they were abused by gokwe town council officials the town sec and chairlady and the finance director in order to abuse council funds look at the factional games they are taking the council no where the council is loosing a lot of money through corruption which are disguised as factional politics when it is actually corruption

  10. Taste your own medicine! Majaira. You prepared a bed of thorn, lie on it.

    Chris, you were rumbling and ranting at others whom you were labeling sellouts. Now it’s your turn.

  11. VaMutsvangwa ava used to spit vernom yekuti waiti wakateerera so, moyo unobaiwa varume kuti munhu uyu unobwereketa sei zvokwadi. Nhasi ndimi here vaMutsvangwa maaku vukura muri kuzhe kwemusangano wamaiita defend semunopenga. Nyamutamba nen’ombe abaiwa. Those engaged in bull fighting u know one day it may kill or maime you so musachema. Muchavukura mukazvirega saBhoki and muchasungwa mukazvirega gwapamhe, kekutanga muhondo muchaona kuti zvaiva nani coz it was for a just cause, manje apa abi enyu, ehe abi enyu vamaiva navo. Just take the medicine u created in silence. Isu taigwadziwa nemashoko enyu takanyarara, itai exactly the same mutinyararire.

  12. History, they say has a tendency of repeating itself. I shudder to think what crime/offence those LIBERATORS have done, kuti enda, chete.

  13. at least makuzvionawo mega kuti Mugabe ndian and anoita nezvei pamaiudzwa mairamba taste the music

  14. Kkkkkkkk. Politics 101 – Never say never! In politics you should never say never. Smith tried it and was proved wrong. Mujuru, Mutasa, Gombo, Jabulani, Mutsvangwa, etct thot so and they have now been proved wrong. ED was in Chiredzi saying ‘ZANU will rule forever. If you dream ZANU PF not ruling, please wake up and brew some beer to ask the ancestors why such dreams’. He will soon realize that he was very wrong.

    Kwasara Chief O’Vet, who will also soon realize that national leadership comes from God, not human beings. Zvaakuda kuita.

  15. I had an opportunity of interacting with Mr Mahiya just last week when he bought something from our SME. What a down to earth yet forthright gentleman. If the vast majority of our War Vets are found in Chitungwiza and Gokwe, Then my question is who are those in Borrowdale and driving Landcruisers?

  16. Good riddance. These same guys threatened ‘blood bath’ on Zimbabweans if Mnangagwa is not made president. They are vermin. Zanu-PF should perish. If the dictator neutralises some of that vermin its good. The Mnangagwa war vets are not with the people. They are with Mnangagwa.

  17. May the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe order the release of the arrested War Vets. This is what brewed the hatred between us and the white regime. Specifically you the President, you can hardly forgive those guys because of that. Release them please

  18. pakaipa pakaipa, ini hangu ndeee kutarirara sendinorwadziwa, kamoyo kachifara kuti zvava kubayana, dai hasha dzenyu dzaitibatsira kuchivabvisa pachigaro taita zvanaka, manje toothless bulldogs shit!

  19. The best comment by Born Free , I full support you , these people fake War Vets blocked and stole our votes its treason , they must be charged , they help Mugabe to keep power by raping killing and burning MDC supporters belongings , let the taste their own man made medicine , i will never feel pity or shade tears for these cowards .Morgan Tsvangirai told them that Mugabe is evil and the refused to listen. If MUGABE GOES we will go for them again . This is the most advantage for opposition to take on Mugabe out. ICHO

  20. ma war vets vakapa mugabe simba tese taka tarira they maimed and killed innocent people..vanhu ava zvakuva dzokera vakuchema nekuti mavara azara ivhu..for m this is th most wonderful news i hav heard in years i know vachamubvisa mugabe

    • Some of these guys are in their early 40s and we call them war vets. That Hunzvi vetting exercise was political and it was meant to augment the register of war vets so that they appear many. Now we have youths in their early 60s. Aaah unotoshaya kuti chiii.

  21. Yes Zimbabweans, one thing that will remain unchanged is that Zim is ours. Our destiny is decided and defined by our collective focus. While we can look back and reflect on our sad past, especially the role played by war vets in maintaining the status quo we also need to remain focused on our collective will without distraction from what is currently obtaining on the ground. Now that they were used and realise that they have all of a sudden become targets (Rebels), we just need to embrace them ( war vets), teach them peace and democracy, teach them how to vote (I mean which box to tick) and teach them to join the queue during voting. Together with them we win. Ngativagamuchirei, tivadzidzise democracy not dhomokracy.

  22. @Dobbs one Four , let me tell you this once and for all , YOU CAN NOT TEACH AN OLD DOG SOME NEW TRICKS , if they are real war vets , what was the reason of going to war , why did they kill, rape and maim people, during the war vaive neminda , handiti vaidya chikafu kubva ko povo , why do they think they are co special , Tsvangirai fought for their freedom since 1999 but alas they don’t change , they must feel the heat , they did the same to Joyce Mujuru , they are a confused lot ngavasungwe vaone kurwadza kwazvo , MUGABE MUST GO NOW , he is a coward and he is evil .

    • @ mudhara. That is very correct. Freedom was availed to them since 1999 and they thot it was western sponsored. So their persecution is Look east sponsored i guess. Its tym for them to learn.

  23. Mugabe and zanu pf should be kept on check with every stupid turn they make against the people. Whatever wrong is perpetrated against the citizenry no matter their political affiliation Mugabe should just be shown enough is enough we will never allow it. Mutswangwa should mobilise against this harrasment isu atina mabasa we will be there full time and support these two. They were our enemies yesterday but today their are our comrades and we are together in the trenches against this hideous dying regime. We are growing thick skin and very immune to teargas and baton sticks. Very soon kutswagawo dzedu mboma towachana with these cowards. Tanhinhi dzema citizens manje. Tired of this regime.

  24. Those who have read the bible know the story of Saul who became Paul. Those who concentrate on the past are doing exactly what Zanu pf is doing. 36 years later you still talk of the war apa vanhu vane nzara. Moirai zvenyu bond note risvike.
    There is power in numbers. Welcome anyone arwadziwa..

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  26. What is happening in Zimbabwe right now will again put patience and sacrifice to the test. I would expect lawyers (former guerillas) to defend their comrades freely. I would also expect the police (former guerillas) not to be heavy-handed with the two victims (still counting), tomorrow you could be next.

    We have a rogue party that has left the rails and some occupants are cheering the driver whilst its hurtling downhill, why? …maybe simply because one has a house in Borrowdale, a car, a plot perhaps, a flourishing little something obtained through Zanu PF patronage – folks that don’t matter any more. We need every voice against this dictatorship which is stealing our future. Its authors must be identified now and clearly documented. We have work ahead of us. Lots of work. We can’t continue to call evil good and hoping the evil doesn’t touch our “firewalled” lives, no.

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