Mugabe blasts civil servants over strike

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday blasted civil servants for going on strike, saying they were ignorant of the challenges the country is facing.



Addressing about 3 000 Zanu PF supporters at a rally in Bindura last night, Mugabe also claimed Wednesday’s massive anti-government protests were sponsored by the country’s detractors who did not understand that Zimbabwe was under sanctions.

He said teachers, doctors and nurses, who went on strike demanding their delayed salaries, were doing so because they had never been subjected to the suffering his generation went through to liberate the country.

Mugabe said there was nothing unusual about paying civil servants late.

“Those who go on strike, they do not understand our problems. It does not mean we are poor, but we are getting our money late because of sanctions. Businesses are not banking their money. This is where we take the money to pay our civil servants,” Mugabe said.

“We will address it. It is temporary. Teachers, nurses and doctors go on strike when we only delayed their salaries, not that we will not pay them. It is because some of them do not understand how bad things are because they have never been in the liberation struggle. There was no money, but we sacrificed.”

Mugabe said protesters and striking civil servants should understand that the country was under sanctions and its money was being intercepted.

He said the decision to print bond notes was to counter the challenges the country was facing as it could not print the United States currency.

The 92-year-old leader claimed bond notes were real money and urged people to embrace them.

He also warned the military against using force against churches that have voluntarily supported the party.

The remarks came amid reports that Mashonaland Central-based Vadzidzi VaJesu Apostolic Church founder and patriarch, 94-year-old Aaron Mhukuta, also known as Madzibaba Wimbo, was being held against his will in Madziwa and that of his family by church zealots, who have allegedly been making money out of him for over a
year now.

Some top military officers were allegedly protecting Wimbo’s abductors amid reports that one of his sons was left for dead by soldiers after an ill-fated attempt to rescue the church leader.

Mugabe visited Wimbo’s shrine before attending the rally.

“Guns cannot lead the party. The party is bigger than the gun. We want this to be known. Others from the military might have forgotten this. We should not deploy soldiers to harass our people,” Mugabe told the Zanu PF supporters.
He apologised for keeping people waiting for him for the whole day, saying his visit to Bindura was meant to address challenges facing Zanu PF in Mashonaland Central province.

He said because of time constraints, he had failed to resolve the burning political issues in the province and had appointed a committee to try to build peace in the struggling party.


  1. This tired old man is stubborn & unrepentant all the way to his grave, he continues to make a fool of himself with ridiculous expired lame excuses that even his own 6month old grandson will never listen to

  2. “Businesses are not banking their money. This is where we take the money to pay our civil servants,” Mugabe said”

    Now you have heard it from the horses mouth. The government is taking money and replacing it with treasure bills (IOUs) which will probably never be paid at full value. This is illegal, and known as theft in other parts of our society. Businesses should not bank their cash, but find other ways to get it back into the system. The government is proven to be not responsible enough…

    …and what sanctions are on the State of Zimbabwe? I understand that there are some restrictions on a few individuals and companies, thats all. Just because lenders do not want to lend to a delinquent borrower it does not mean sanctions, it is just prudent financial management by the lenders. Banks wont lend money to an individual or business if it does not have the required security, track record and proper business plan. Zimbabwe under Zanu PF does not have a plan…

    1. My Heart Bleeds for Zim

      You took words right outta my mouth. After a confession like that, who in his right mind would bank their money. This is why our beloved country is in such a mess. Incompetent leadership that fail to draw up clear yielding policies, all they know are quick fixes which do not fix anything after all, but dig us deeper into more chaos. That’s why they are so eager to bring bond note

      This time this clueless government has to go.

  3. whenever the economy is on the brink the sanction rhetoric is upped. you have failed Cde. so you want us to suffer just because you also suffered during the liberation struggle?

    1. Smith managed to run Zimbabwe under sanctions but still remained breadbasket of Africa

  4. Tshada Mandlenkosi

    An old song, you sang it when Zimbabwe had no fuel…money was being intercepted…? You are not ashamed lying through your mouth Mugabe. Which Zimbabwean did not participate in the war of liberation,except the born frees? War veterans and villagers protected you and died in the process. Let the survivors test power like you, you have failed dismally. Smith’s Rhodesia was under sanctions but did far better than you, the proceeds of which you have looted till this day. You have such a poor memory, you brought sanctions on your self when you persecuted innocent Zimbabweans. When you arrogantly told Morgan Tswangirai to form his party you were so dull to realise the party will haunt you toyour grave.You have lied to every Zimbabwean, you have never been patriotic, what have you done to help Zimbabwe? You want to print bond notes that you can easily steal. Even ZANU PF has so many people, why not let them rule, why do you think you are special. Strikers are sleeping on empty stomachs unlike your fat belly. Zimbabweans let us take pictures of policemen who are beating innocent Zimbabweans and make them pay for their sins where we meet them.

  5. They get tax and again your money when you bank it?

  6. Mugabe is psycho-path patient, he is saying civil servants are ‘ignorant’. He is ignorant himself, his government has no direction, most of his line ministers are fixated corrupt mongsters period…He must Go!

  7. Shoko Ndirori

    Even seeking spiritual protection through vapostori will not stop the tide against you Mr Prez. In 1980 when you came into power Smith’s dollar was equal to the British pound and twice the US dollar under sanctions. Today Zimbabwe has no currency, next to nil industries operating to sustain her economy and keep a currency flowing. You go around peddling lies about foreign enemies, saboteurs and deride the citizens (civil servants) who voted you into power. PEOPLE ARE HUNGRY! THE PALTRY SALARIES DUE TO CIVIL SERVANTS YOU ARE NOW DENYING THEM! MUSADARO BABA. Asi yenyu mhuri nevazukuru vari kupfachura. “

  8. Writing on the Wall

    “In the same hour the fingers of a man’s hand appeared and wrote opposite the lampstand on the plaster of the wall of the king’s palace: and the king saw the part of the hand that wrote. Then the king’s countenance changed, and his thoughts troubled him, so that the joints of his hips were loosened and his knees knocked against each other………. MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. ” Dan 5. God has weighed and found you wanting President Mugabe. Do the noble thing with your government and resign before you face the wrath of God’s judgement. Your days are numbered.

  9. do the good thing mr president mugabe.step down and pave way for new blood. your liberation war and sanctions story has become monotonous. step aside and give others chance to rule. you are too old to govern.go please.that’s the honourable thing to do.we all fought the war. where exactly do you want to take us to?all of us to the grave,with our children. we longer want you.resign please. go for people sake.

  10. How cld the Gvt say they failed to pay civil servants salaries because of cash shortage.The government is wiring electronic money into civil servants bank accounts.I don’t understand were the cash crisis is coming in here.This clearly shows that as a nation we are absolutely broke, we have no hard cash, we have no deposits in our central bank neither do we have the e money.

    “PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday blasted civil servants for going on strike, saying they were ignorant of the challenges the country is facing”……Pple are not ignorant of zimbabwe’s economic and political challenges they are doing everything to have this rectified, but our GVt,(including you Mr President) is very ignorant and arrogant of the people’s demands.

    “He said teachers, doctors and nurses, who went on strike demanding their delayed salaries, were doing so because they had never been subjected to the suffering his generation went through to liberate the country”…..This clearly shows that this man wants to inflict pain to this current generation so tht we feel how the wars heroes felt during the liberation struggle.What kind of a father wld like his children to go through all the difficulties he faced during his upbringing.

  11. First you deny the fact that the stay away was successful now you blast civil servant for stricking

    1. ???????????. Powerful!


    1. Hee there was no money during the liberation struggle, go to hell Robert, its 36 years after independence and what have done, steal from this country with your ministers, SHAME ON YOU. We are not channging our position ITS TIME TO GO AND REST SEKURU.

  13. Chimurenga chatotanga. This is the war against tyranny. We want to see he who ignores people power. Lets Unite zimbabweans because if we dont our children are devoid of a future with this guy who thinks we eat chimurenga

  14. Chen Chikezha

    I think Mr. President you miss the fact that this liberation struggle is against your misrule. We are fighting to free ourselves from your oppressive system your excellence. Thus you can’t tell us to understand poverty yet you live an opulent lifestyle, get treatment abroad using money you said you get from business. You have a State and Zimbabwe house but you chose to build a villa while at the same time you were destroying other people’s houses saying they were tswina……is this the sacrifice you want us to make yet you and your cronies are living a sanction free lifestyle?

  15. We’ve a big problem,very big indeed. Problem yasekuru vasina nyadzi.He keeps on repeating lies that has been long dismissed by the populace.I really don’t know which ‘sanctions’ he continue talks about when people are eager to know where among other unaccounted revenues, the US$15billion diamond revenue is gone to.Civil servants got salaries but rather are given allowances. And what is that? Sekuru pliz learn to admit your failures.Maedza zvaramba.Siirai vamwe.Zimbabwe is a country and not a dynasty yekwaGushungo Kkkkk

  16. Your Excellency you and your family are not suffering. Bona, your unemployed daughter, can even afford to give birth in Malaysia or Singapore. Suffering was supposed to stop after you kicked out the Bhiritishi. It is really sad that the gullible and poor are bused to listen to the same lie that sanctions are the cause of Zimbabwe’s problem. Poverty was created by Zanu. Just recently Supa acquired a vehicle for USD200000. What gross irresponsibility. How many nurses and teachers can be paid from $200000??

  17. there he goes again. blubbing himself into rank madness. what economics is he trying to insinuate. I have never come against such evil

  18. thi guy has failed…please leav old man

  19. One philosopher once said, ” most failures are stubborn to admit so but will alwayz find a scapegoat” we r tired of a clueless gvt that pays people plastic money, they r living on borrowd time, i will take a bullet for my Zim, the time is now or never

  20. The man failed a long time ago. What we are seeing are the results of that calamitous failure to govern, to mitigate risks etc. When I cast my mind back I remember the reckless decisions he has made without number. A leader is supposed to manage the risks in the environment and grow the fortunes of the country. You bring sanctions upon yourself and you want us to pity you. You have lost half the value of the country you inherited-its a fact look at the numbers. Please go that is the only solution I can think about. Do not tell me how well he speaks show me his results.

    1. teridaniel444

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  21. Aaah shameless old man, so every Zimbabwean must suffer for your participation in the struggle!? So actually you did go willingly! Mr Pres RESIGN RESIGN Gooo

  22. Tired of zanu

    Zanu pf never did anything good. I only have memories of them stealing our money. Kangai, Chombo, Mugabe they are all thieves. Why not pay his useless ministers $100

  23. but if the private business bank their money and the government takes it to pay civil servants, when the private business now want to pay their workers……

  24. Minister Chombo’s mega riches

    He’s one of the many ZANU thieves who have looted Zimbabwe heavily.

    According to Marian Chombo below is a list of all the properties that her husband has ‘acquired’ over the years;

    4 Toyota Land Cruisers
    3 Mercedes Benzes
    1 Mahindra
    2 Nissan Wolfs
    1 Toyota Vigo
    1 Mazda BT-50
    1 Bus
    1 Nissan Hardbody
    1 Toyota Hilux
    2 Glen View houses
    2 flats in Queensdale
    A property in Katanga Township
    Stand Number 1037 Mount Pleasant Heights
    4 Norton business stands
    3 Chinhoyi business stands
    4 Banket business stands
    1 commercial stand in Epworth
    2 residential stands in Chirundu
    4 commercial stands in Kariba
    1 stand in Ruwa
    1 stand in Chinhoyi
    2 stands in Mutare
    2 stands in Binga
    4 stands in Victoria Falls
    1 stand in Zvimba Rural
    Chitungwiza (two residential and two commercial stands)

  25. Make Zanu history. This time its finished. too corrupt

  26. Pathetic, failed, cruel, deranged, sad, out of touch, shocking, depressing? Just how do you describe this old man?

    After what has just happened, is this how a president responds? By spending a whole day at some strange religious shrine trying to curry up even more support? Support for what? So you can continue to plunder!

    Afterwards, you go and insult the very people keeping your failed government on its feet – civil servants. There is no money being intercepted anywhere. The government is simply broke. That the president continues to lie about our sutuation is, to put it lightlt, deeply insulting.

    It seems he is determined to preside over the country’s complete ruin. Those defending and helping to keep him there ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    It’s time we took back our country.

    1. rachaelgross444

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    Please guys, have mercy upon our nonagenarian. Hate him or love, he is still our leader. I blame the people who are sorrounding him.


    Watching SABC, i felt sorry for the nonagenarian becoz he was shaking and struggled to climb the podium. Really age is catching up and the guys close behind him were smiling instead of telling the geriatric to retire and play with his ‘nepos nepotis’.
    Those guys who are pushing him to keep on ruling do not love him. They hate him, its only that they want to protect their ill-gotten wealth.
    Our policies are scaring the foreign investors. Revise them and in ‘seconds’ you will see investors coming in droves.

    1. just as Micheal responded I am amazed that any body able to get paid $4334 in 4 weeks on the internet
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  29. Mukadzi ari kuti zimbos are brainless ukuwo murume oti civil servants are ignorant, ukuwo mzaya Chombo naJonhho voti South africans and the west are behind the strikes. Ukuwo Mphoko calls us snakes in th yard. Kuitwa kanyama kanyama neZanu all bcoz we have wholsomely protested against their misrule. Forgetting very soon u’ll need th same ignorant brainless snakes to vote fo u. Over my dead and stinking body!!!

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