Mphoko in fresh storm, sucked into farm wrangle

FRESH from his controversial move to force police to release detained top Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) executives last week and his continued stay in a plush hotel, Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko is at the centre of another storm.


Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko
Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko

Mphoko has been sucked into a nasty Macheke farm wrangle, where he is accused of shielding a white commercial farmer, John Osborne, from vacating his gazetted farm to pave way for a senior Zanu PF provincial official identified as Herbert Shumbamhini.

Shumbamhini was recently pushed out of Divonia Farm in Goromonzi by President Robert Mugabe’s in-laws, including son-in-law Simba Chikore, the husband of Mugabe’s daughter Bona.

Currently on suspension as Zanu PF Mashonaland East political commissar, Shumbamhini, according to documents in our possession, has an offer letter dated January 22, 2016 and signed by Lands and Rural Resettlement minister Douglas Mombeshora (REF:LLRR704), for the 337-hectare Lot 1 of Maryland Farm in Macheke.

But Osborne is refusing to leave the land with backing from Mphoko following the VP’s visit to the property on June 29 this year.

Mphoko, on July 12 this year, wrote to Mashonaland East Provincial Affairs minister Ambrose Mutinhiri, ordering that Osborne should remain at Maryland and that the province should look for alternative land to give to Shumbamhini.

“During a consultative stakeholders’ meeting with yourself, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture (Livestock) (Paddy Zhanda), the local chief, Chief Mangwende, and service chiefs, it became apparent that the community felt that Mr Shumbamhini had previously benefited from the land reform programme elsewhere, but failed to co-exist with the local community,” Mphoko said.

“It was also clear that the current farmer, Mr John Osborne, was rearing an impressive pedigree herd of the indigenous Mashona cattle (one of only three breeders countrywide), and it would be a great loss to the nation if he were to leave.”

Mphoko said after consultations with Mugabe, a decision had been reached that Osborne continues “uninterrupted”.
As if to confirm government policy discord, Land permanent secretary Grace Mutandiro filed an affidavit in support of Shumbamhini’s takeover of the property, indicating government would engage Osborne.

Both Mphoko and Minister of State in his office, Tabetha Kanengoni-Malinga, were unavailable for comment yesterday.
Contacted for comment, Mutinhiri said: “I am aware the VP visited the farm and indicated he would consult. I have not received his letter because I am on leave.”

Osborne early this year approached the High Court to stop the expropriation of his farm after a December 2015 letter cancelled out an earlier offer by government.

Shumbamhini yesterday confirmed receiving Mphoko’s letter and said he was now failing to service his debts.

“I have three wives and 15 children. How do I take care of them? I have loans amounting to more than $100 000 I had secured from a local bank and I cannot pay back because I am not operating,” he said, adding he had now applied for an eviction order against Osborne.

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    1. when our ancestors were being removed from their land. it was terrible and heartbreaking.

  2. So what storm are yu seeing,newsday.I think vp acted for the country n not a single person of dubiouse farming experience.Vp Mphoko may have errd on other issues bt when he does good,applaud him.This one is good.This brother has had chances elsewhere, he is not a farmer bt a child breeder.Let farmers do their work,regardles of their complexion.

  3. #This Citizen

    @Garikai and @Viola Problem with Zimbabweans is you want to address the signs and symptomps, the root cause hamus kuiona here???? Is this country private property that if my child is married today i give out peoples land to my son in law??

    1. I g­e­t p­ai­d 8­5 bu­ck­s h­ou­rl­y f­or f­­ree­­lan­ci­­ng. I n­ev­­er th­o­ug­ht I c­­a­n m­an­ag­e t­o d­o i­t bu­t m­­­y g­­oo­d fri­­end i­s ma­­­ki­ng 1­­0­00­0 d­­ol­­la­­rs ­­e­­ac­­h mo­­n­­th b­­­y d­­oi­­ng thi­­s jo­­­b a­­nd sh­­­e r­­ec­­­o­­mm­­en­­ded ­­m­­e t­­o c­­hec­­k it out. T­ry i­­t o­­ut on f­­ol­­lo­wi­­ng we­­bsi­­te, y­­­­­ou ha­­ve no­­th­in­­g t­o lo­­se…

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  4. Me thinks he must apply for an eviction order to kick out Chikore & wife, not Osborne

  5. What This Shumba guy needs is a Hostel not a farm.I would however like to bring clarity to his statement.”He has 3 KNOWN wives and 15 registered Children.My Advice is he approaches the city council for one of the Hostels in Mbare Matapi and leave Osborne alone.

  6. He heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ZANU chiwororo
    Hama dzema shefu can just walk into any farm??????????????????
    Varume ka nevanhu vaimbomnzi ndeva mwari have joined the bandwagon……..

  7. Progressive Zimbabwean

    Let us be objective here. The VP seems to be correct here. He is protecting national interests by ensuring we have a good breed in our national herd. As much as I empathise with Shumbamhini I also think we have to understand the plight of the affected Murungu.

  8. Dzorera mari yawakatora. Nt surprising kuti wakatodhla mari yese kuma small house vakadzi vatatu nevana 15 vanozikamwa havana kumbonhanzva. Yakadhliwa nema non rez kids and small houses

  9. I support Mphoko (and not Mboko this time). He is acting for the better of the country. This guy made himself very unpopular because of his stay at the hotel. And as long as he keeps staying there people WILL NEVER BE HAPPY.

  10. Norman Mwanza

    I think the Vice-President is acting on behalf of the country – defending the country from greedy individuals. I see no storm here. Well done Mr. Vice-President.

  11. chimbonyatsorwai ikoko isu tichiita zvedu……masascum

  12. saka ana simba vakatoginyabvurawo munda…inga zvakawoma

  13. i support vice president MPHOKO NOT MBOKO because he is acting for the nation.We cant decrease in cattle farming because of 1 man with 3 wifes and 15 children …the kids are yours and he must look for an alternative to take care of them….Osborn must not leave because he is 1 of the three that are contributing to pedigree heard farming /also pedigree is one of the best breeds

    chitotsvagirwa musha na chief Mangwende not farm haurikwanise ………………….

  14. haiwawo pasangana matofo ese apa, kubva kuna editor, shumbamhini wacho kusvika kuna mphoko naosborne. mhoko z protectin e white guy coz either h also want e farm or h already z benefitin from e farm(typical zanu style) n then avo dofo avo shumba wat wat avo, dude zvevakadzi vako 3 vana 15 ne loan zvinei nesu, iwe wakavaroora uchiti uchavapei nukuzvara kunge mbeva kudero n loan iyo ye100000 wakaipuwa sei isu kumabank tichinyimwa mari dzedu tichii hakuna mari? wajairaka kurarama negwekuseri zvno isu vebank tikuuya kuzo attacher vakadzi 3 ne vana 15 netizukuru kana twavapo kwaaaa n lastly editor udofo hwenyu, tangai maita research 1st, iyi nyaya iyi it goes deeper than zvamatinyorera izvi or mamuchida kungonyora henyu kuti 1st son-in-law took ova a farm…

  15. ko Simba wadi kungotenga wako munda zvino pfuka izvi. Sekuru havachina nguva apa. This time Mboko yagonawo apa

  16. Applause to Mpoko. He acted with the nation at heart. GOOD WORK VP.

  17. Simiyoni Khefasi Dwayi

    Mboko imboko zvayo asi kana yagona ndinopururudza!

  18. Simiyoni Khefasi Dwayi

    Asi newewo Shumbamhini, vakadzi vatatu unovadiiko iwo musina uchingove mumwe chete?

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