Kereke appeals sentence

Former Bikita West MP Munyaradzi Kereke (Zanu PF) has approached the High Court challenging his conviction and 14-year-jail term for raping his then 11-year-old niece.


In challenging the conviction, Kereke’s lawyers, led by Advocate Sylvester Hashiti, proposed that if the application fails, the former MP should be sentenced to 24 months of which 16 months is suspended for four years on condition of good behaviour and eight months’ imprisonment without an option of a fine.

Hashiti argued the court only relied on the evidence and conclusions that the two-month delay in making a police report was justifiable and did not detract from the credibility of the complainant.

He further said the court did not consider the inconsistencies in the complainant’s testimony and that evidence could not be faltered on her since she was 11 years old.

Advocate Hashiti said presiding magistrate Noel Mupeiwa misdirected himself in convicting Kereke as the ex-MP did not have sexual intercourse with the complainant and no evidence to support such propositions beyond reasonable doubt was led.

He said the medical affidavit produced as evidence did not directly or indirectly suggest that Kereke had been involved in any way in the commission of the offence.

Hashiti argued that the magistrate erred in disregarding the direct evidence to the effect that the examining doctor was neither on duty nor available on the day in question
He further said Parirenyatwa Hospital failed to produce a duplicate or original of the medical affidavit or any other evidence proving the document was done at health institution.

Hashiti said the magistrate misdirected in sentencing Kereke to 14 years as such sentence was manifestly excessive on an allegation of a single count and a single occurrence of rape.

Hashiti proposed that Kereke, who was given a 10-year effective jail sentence, should be sentenced to 24 months’ imprisonment of which 16 months is suspended for four years on condition of good behaviour and eight months’ imprisonment without the option of a fine.

According to the State, on August 22 in 2010, the young girl was asked to babysit by Kereke’s wife. She went to her aunt’s bedroom where the baby was and Kereke followed her.
When the baby fell asleep, the girl sat on the couch in the bedroom and Kereke allegedly started fondling her.

It was further said Kereke pulled a gun and threatened to shoot her if she did not comply with his orders.
He then raped her once.

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  1. But why wld a gal at that age make such accusations? To gain what? This gal was traumatized and Kereke must show remorse and say sorry to this poor gal he is a disgrace ,an insult to humanity..he will tot in jail. The defense has no case at all..

  2. Josef Chinotimba

    Let this bearded bhinya rot quietly in jail.

  3. Mama Kereke, itai kereke yenyu na Gumbura kuJERE IKOKO

  4. Innocent Munautsi

    there is another charge of pulling a gun and pointing to someone……..there is also an act of corruption between Kereke and Tomana……….why was he not prosecuted when the matter was reported.

  5. nxaaa please whoever is going to handle this appeal should increase the sentence. Akuda kutotamba nesu manje. Chii chaano apila ipapa. Dai nyaya yakatongwa karekare asi iye aingonzvenga. Aiityei? Vharirai munhu

  6. …..i think when you are about to take away 10 yrs of someone’s life you should prove beyond reasonable doubt that indeed the crime did occur……we should not let our emotions runaway with us let us deal with facts and facts only.

  7. Mugabe Gushungo

    Please, I appeal to the high court to increase the jail sentence for this monkey. 10 years is not enough for the crime he committed.

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  8. am surprised really, if the lwayer says kereke did not commit the crime, then why is he proposing a 24 month sentence to an innocent person?

  9. Weather he raped or not,I can’t judge kereke either ways, yet i percieve that the state is playng politx in deep levels. Tomana’s name is at the centre,Go-no made nice shot and that private prosecutor won big time. If I may not conclude I wish to ask why that private prosecutor pressed red button behind tomana-gushungu scandal,some kind of an opportunistic tendency,which may leave us questioning his sincerity, dai tomana asina kusungwa zvaitorovaka, I am aware that he once applied for private prosecution and AG office decline,then my question is why this guy surfaced close to Gushungo daily foil bombing,an ambush sort of ,to pile pressure on tomana leagal prosecution.

    1. My very own question why propose a lower sentence

  10. I dont know this Kereke guy much but his issues started when he fell out with Gono and Gono promised to fix him.This girl in question was neva raped…there has to be clear evidence when it comes to rape…medical evidence from an independent health instituition…not this Jerry Springer shit!Zimbabwe so…maone!

  11. i dnt support kereke bt this being a criminal case the state shd prove beyond a reasonable doubt. There are many ppl who rot in jail on spurious charges becoz of politics the prosecutors do zanu pf’s bidding (factional) he is well within his rights to appeal

  12. I dont understand why the Advocate is suggeting a jail sentence if Kereke is innocent.

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