Govt leads business delegation to SA

GOVERNMENT will next week lead a business delegation to neighbouring South Africa to scout for joint venture partnerships, credit lines, as well as finding a market for Zimbabwean products in that country, NewsDay has established.


In a letter dated June 15, 2016 and signed by director for international trade in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Beatrice Mtetwa said the deputy minister of Industry and Commerce, Chiratidzo Mabuwa, will lead a business delegation to South Africa from July 18 to 22 to scout for credit lines, among other things.

“The objectives of the mission will be to scout for joint venture partnerships, credit lines as well as finding a market for Zimbabwean products in South Africa,” she said.

“The delegation will comprise companies in manufacturing, mining, infrastructure, tourism and services among other sectors. I, therefore, invite you to the mission, as we move forward in our quest to revamp the economy through joint venture partnerships and exports promotion.”

Mtetwa’s sentiments come as Zimbabwe is facing a worsening cash crunch, as a widening deficit and a stronger United States dollar weigh on the economy.

The biggest industry body, Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI), welcomed the decision by the government and urged its members to take part.

“As CZI, we have often expressed concern of government delegates that undertake visits outside the country, without involving the business community. Perhaps the message is finally reaching the ears of our policy makers,” CZI chief executive officer, Clifford Sileya said.

South Africa is Zimbabwe’s largest trading partner, accounting for about 70% of imported goods in the southern African country.


  1. Is Beatrice Mtetwa the famous lawyer now a govt bereaucrat or am I mistaken?

  2. How STUPIT is Mugabe’s Government???The make it hard for South African business to export their goods to Zimbabwe BUT want SA businesses to buy Zim goods??? What level of idiocy is this nhai veduwee?

    1. you seem to be the one confused. Why don’t they partner with local companies instead of dumping finished goods and taking away cash without creating jobs?

  3. The question is WHY wait all this time and years? No brains to seek trade because they are busy looting. Out of panic they run like headless chickens going here and there. First it was UK to ask for money( without shame) and now its SA to negotiate business- whom they have accused of leading demos which saw ZIMRA warehouse burn to ashes.

    This gvt has no clue. The’ve run dry of ideas. First it was the trillion notes, then US dollar, and now they want to bring bonds. Please read the signs. Just go – God knows where- but surely out and far away from Zim.

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