Finally, war vets have woken up


That the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA), for long the vanguard of President Robert Mugabe’s rule, have finally seen the light and decided to withdraw their support from the man they had hero-worshipped for decades is a rare feat which should spur like-minded Zimbabweans to coalesce to stop the country from gravitating towards the economic cesspit.


The ZNLWVA’s bravery should be applauded as it is an historic feat in the history of independent Zimbabwe given the former freedom fighters have always been Mugabe’s power base.
What makes the ex-fighters’ declaration a most welcome development is the fact that this came when Mugabe regime’s response to the citizens’ legitimate concerns was dismissive. Yet, these concerns cannot be wished away like that, hence Mugabe must deal with them as a matter of urgency.

From a different perspective one gets the déjà vu feeling that the ex-fighters’ decision came rather too late, when extensive damage has already been done. If looked from another angle it could also be a case of sour grapes.

But, that the war veterans have for long been Mugabe’s foot soldiers should not be a factor here. It is better late than never, they say. Anything that can hasten the demise of the corruption-riddled Zanu PF regime or at the least reform it is most welcome. All this will, however, require a united opposition that is in touch with reality to take advantage and finish off this oppressive rule.

Yes, citizens will not forget easily that war veterans used to prop up Mugabe harassing and beating up people for simply making a political choice they did not agree with. Their folly was believing in their invincibility as war veterans and Mugabe knows they are now a spent force, hence has turned to party women and youths to entrench his grip on power at the next elections.

It is ironic how the war veterans on Thursday spoke of how Mugabe has abandoned the masses, but if the truth be told, all this happened over a long period of time before their very eyes and with their support because they still had access to the crumbs that fell from the high table.

They should have registered their concerns a long time ago when opposition party supporters were being bludgeoned left, right and centre. Yet they opted for silence because they were part of those perpetrating the evil deeds on the President’s behalf.

We knew that one day our ageing ex-fighters would come back to their senses. When ZNLWVA leader Chris Mutsvangwa pushed others out of Zanu PF, we also knew he was simply moving in circles and that the same party would hound him out. We believe Mutsvangwa and many of his colleagues in his league have now learnt their lessons, and the best they thought could do is to turn back to the masses for support.

So, war veterans cannot expect citizens to forget that so quickly, for they knew back then that Mugabe was a security risk driving away potential investment in Zimbabwe.
Is it not strange enough that today they are condemning the Kudzi Chipanga-led million-man march as “ideologically bankrupt [move] organised in honour of a bankrupt leadership” when they were the initiators of such crazy ideas?

Were they not the pioneers of the million-man-march organised by ex-leader Jabulani Sibanda a few years ago to keep the “dictatorial” Mugabe in power? Surely, they can’t call on Mugabe to resign now when they are the ones who were singing he should rule forever, only recently.

Nonetheless, their pronouncement is music to the ear. They have been implicated in dastardly acts supporting Mugabe before.

We however urge citizens to welcome and embrace the ex-fighters for turning against this narcissist who has treated Zimbabweans like foreigners. Pro-democracy movements should celebrate that a key pillar of Mugabe’s regime has dumped him. Zimbabweans have seen enough pain and suffering. The nation should turn a corner and regain its lost pride.


  1. You write as if entirely all War Vets are against the President. To use Mutsvangwa’s word; it is just a cabal of the war vets and it may not be a surprise that the majority of them is very much pro-President. That cabal will be dealt with severely and decisively. Watch this space!!!!

    • The Chimenes and co. tried that devide and rule appropach by trying to set up an alternative war vets movement with the help of fake Dr Grace and it failed……war vets are united behind this leadership….i think its you who needs to watch this space!!!!

  2. Its ok, we welcome the var vets to the trenches with open arms despite them having woken up rather late in the day. After all almost every opposition member was also once a zanupf supporter at some point in time so no need for beef with these late arrivers to the struggle

  3. Thanks very correct anslysis.true hve said they have cut ties with mugabe bt my worry is their reasons are more to do with the failure of gvt to hve them to benefit frm the corruptions nd all that comes with it not that zimbabweans be black white or yellow we should all hve a piece of generaly does it mean if the prefered candidate comes in nd they get wat they want again the povo wil continue to suffer food fo thot

  4. So when you guys are having your drinks , do you truly believe that the War Vets are now your supporters? How naive!

    • Are you afraid of change?I think you have this thing of calling anything you dont agree with as naive.On all your posts you use the word,and i think you are naive.

  5. The voices we used to listen to during he liberation struggle through radios Mozambique and Zambia are now back with the people.The fruits of independence must be enjoyed by all citizens not just by 1% of the well connected.Any grouping of faction that seeks to humiliate war veterans is insulting the ideals for which so much sacrifice was made.What ever happened in the past will not stop people and war veterans to find each other and speak the same language once more.What will SWAPO,FRELIMO,CCM,MPLA and MK say of us if we are persecuting liberation veterans ? Any measure bent on humiliating liberation struggle veterans is political foggery.

  6. a monster can only destroy its self,finally chinobhururuka chamhara,chisingaperi chinoshura,shura rinotanga mberi,they will be on each other’s throat one day,kuzorodza kuchema kwevaye vakapondwa for the past 36 yrs then international peace keepers will be seconded to protect ordinary people and they will last until after 2018,kovhotwa murunyararo ohwina ohwina pachena,ndohope dzandakarota

  7. To sum it up, every system conceives the seeds of its own destruction. I had already known it for fact that one day gradually and surely that, those who support Mugabe would see the monster he is! Doom is near for the regime mark my words, watch closely, its gonna be bloody and nasty!

    • i think the war veterans have done the noble thing to denounce this dictatorship, it came a little late but remember the War vets have nothing to win in ZANU PF because ZANU belongs to Mugabe and anyone who dare challenge Mugabe must die. This is what Mugabe thinks. i am ashamed of young men and women who still support this dead wood. Vana Chipanga will run away from this country after Mugabe is booted out. CONGRADULATIONS WAR VETS. YOU HAVE DONE ZIMBABWE PROUD. WE CANT CONTINUE TO LIVE A LIE.

      • Vana Sakunda (biggest financier) , Wicknell ,etc will also run away after he is booted out.
        The corrupt Dema Diesel Zesa project , Intratrek zesa tenders, zinara tenders, etc should all be revoked.

  8. l have said this before ad l will say it again africa needs strong institutions ad not leaders. in Zimbabwe we need strong institutions ad not leaders. even in the opposition we need strong institutions ad not leaders. this is the hallmark of a strong ad vibrant democracy. once our ‘ supreme leader’ loses elections 2018 ad they is a possible runnoff since zec is his , the warvets will be exterminated. Mugabe needs to see how influential u are fo him to descend on this space.

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