Ex-soldier in trouble for assaulting ZimPF official

A MASVINGO man yesterday appeared in court facing charges of assaulting Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) provincial chairman Savious Kudzai Mbudzi with a metal object following a labour dispute.


Emmanuel Masendeke (34), a former soldier, who worked for Mbudzi’s Treasure Consultancy Company as operations manager, is alleged to have assaulted the complainant with a metal object and fists all over after his contract of employment was terminated.

According to the State, on July 5, 2016 at Treasure Consultancy offices, Runyararo South West, Mucheke, Masvingo, Masendeke entered Mbudzi’s office demanding to know why his contract had been abruptly terminated.

The accused then pushed the table where Mbudzi was sitting behind, resulting in the complainant falling down.

The State submits that the accused then hit Mbudzi with a metal object and fists on the face and all over the body, to cause bodily harm or knowing that there was a risk or possibly that harm might result.

In his submissions, Masendeke denied that he assaulted Mbudzi with a metal object and said he only retaliated after the complainant had strangled him.
“Mbudzi had my salary arrears and when I went into his office to make enquiries, he told me to leave, but I refused. He then strangled me, but I managed to free myself and hit him once on the cheek and he fell down.

“He then bit me on the left thumb, but a workmate came to my rescue,” Masendeke said.

Mbudzi, during cross-examination, insisted that the accused had assaulted him with a bolt and nut.

“The accused came into my office asking why I had terminated his contract. I asked him to sit down, but he refused and pushed a desk resulting in me falling.

“He then grabbed me by the collar and struck me with a bolt and nut on the face several times. I was saved only by the intervention of my secretary and other workers who moved in to calm the situation,” submitted Mbudzi.

The trial will continue on Tuesday.

Magistrate Sibongile Mkandla is presiding over the matter, while Joshua Mundondo is prosecuting.

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  1. mbudzi haadi kupa vanhu mari including vanovaka dzimba thats y dzichisara dzirisubstandard zvino gore rino unoona moto tatoona kuti unoroveka we thot you were invincible since uchizviti uricolonnel apa unenge uchitemba kuti unobhdhara macourts kuti nyaya dzako dzife especially kunana labour uko manje we are watching you.


    Previous Masendekes were murderous, this current one is following the foot steps.

  3. Willard Mubvumbi

    Previous Masendekes were murderous, this one is following the foot steps. The interesting part of it is, both were erstwhile soldiers with degrees in violence.


    Previous Masendekes were murderous, this one is following the foot steps.

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