Developing: Tension as teachers’ strike commences


Several schools in Harare shut down Tuesday morning as teachers commenced their strike over the delay in the payment of their June salaries as the broke Zanu PF government struggles to meet the civl service salary bill.


A survey by NewsDay revealed that teachers were out of their classrooms, leaving children to play while others have turned children back home.

Some teachers who spoke to NewsDay revealed the situation was tense with reports of some army vehicles being seen driving in and out of some schools ‘to assess the situation.’

The Zimbabwe Teachers Association has urged teachers to express their disgust at the government’s decision to delay their June salaries, which will be paid this July.

More details to follow.


  1. Things are now moving in the Right direction ,but i am surprised Hre City Council employees who have not been paid since January 2016 , according to reports are still stuck in their chairs. Is it that they are dealing day in day out hence they have forgotten about their salaries because of the sweetness of ma Deals kuCouncil.

  2. Is the strike for teachers’ issues only or for all civil servants? Please check all departments under APEX

    • the other departments are chickens like always its only the teachers, nurses and doctors…vamwe vese hapana hapana

  3. Those workers represented by current president of apex have always waited for teachers and those in the health sector to act for them. They would rather bootlick their directors, perm secs and ministers than join a strike. After all if anything happens in the positive they are guaranteed never to be left out.

  4. the rest are zanu children and cios employed in these departments. Few there are employed without zanu connection.teachers are the most hated because they have less zanu people in there and cios are there and because they hear a lot of facts from teachers find it difficult to be sell outs

  5. Government this is the right time to take advantage and cut down on workforce without inquiring cost asipo pabasa should be deemed to have resigned no packages, pensions obligation think about it

  6. Government take advantage of this opportunity and trim the civil service at zero cost no packages or pension obligations

  7. With so many graduates unemployed, you would want to think twice before you strike. This government does not care at all. Be at work teachers.

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