Developing: Cops seize Mawarire’s phone

Zimbabwe police have reportedly seized #ThisFlag Pastor Evan Mawarire’s mobile phone handset during a search of his home after his arrest on charges of inciting violence this morning, sources close to the developments have revealed.

By Everson Mushava


In a search warrant that is circulating on social media, police are also alleging that Mawarire stole a baton stick and police helmet with the intention to incite violence.

Mawarire – who last week was one of those spearheading the largely successful nationwide stay-away – had earlier this morning reported to Harare Central Police Station with a bible and his flag but without his mobile phone.

Reliable sources at Harare Central told NewsDay that CID law and order head, Assistant Commissioner Chrispen Makedenge had been making efforts to secure a warrant from a magistrate to get access to Mawarire’s mobile phone.

Police have searched his house in Avondale, his offices and church.

Meanwhile MDC-T MP Thabitha Khumalo, who was accompanied by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights lawyers to Bulawayo Central Police Station where had been summoned to appear, has been reportedly release while in Masvingo, ZLHR lawyers are reportedly representing pro-democracy campaigner and coordinator of the Masvingo Residents Trust, Prosper Tiringindi in court after he was summoned to answer to charges of disorderly conduct.

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  1. Our dull police are simply baptizing the man into an even greater hero, there’s overwhelming video evidence of the pastor denouncing violence from day 1

    1. No one is above the law. Let the music play on

      1. Buffoons like you have sunk the country into the ground. This tyrant has used you as his condoms since independence and you can’t wake and smell the coffee. All Mawarire has done is ask for better life, decent education for his kids, no extortion from the Zanu Republic Police and put an end to this abuse of public funds. Your response is to arrest the man and call it justice. The actions of this party reeks of desperation; threatening people on social media, arresting innocent people and endless infighting. Guess what your end as the ruling party in Zim is not near, it is HERE!!!!!

      2. you are an idiot of the highest order. Ndosaka uchiweterwa neZANU PF,

      3. pathetic, what law are you talking about? The “music” of abuse of power, silencing critics? Have you not heard of regimes that fell before yours even with this kind of, “music” at its loudest? The end is nigh!

      4. Uri nhundiramutsime for real

  2. That will not stop the movement!

  3. If its the same Makedenge who unsuccessfully tried to go to Facebook HQ in America to get the identity of Baba Jukwa who is also in charge of this investigation then we can safely conclude kuti hapana nyaya once again

  4. Zanu pf yapererwa. This party has failed completly.

  5. This arrest will just galvanise the people to stage another stay away.

  6. makedenge i dofo iro harina zvarinoziva

  7. thats adding pertol to a burning fire…we will continue with the protest

  8. Destroy the phone and buy a new one.

    1. that will be foolhardy because that is destroying evidence …more akin to obstructing the course of justice…the good pastor did not do anything wrong

  9. Rigayi Ikonomi

    Now it’s on!!

  10. I urge all zimbabweans to not down tools. We are wasting time here the government is back to its old tricks. They are arresting people, threatening them, blaming our peoples movement on politics, using makandiwa / magaya to brainwash the peons and very soon violence will ensue la 2008.

    Lets wage a proper economic war. Why do you buy at Choppies? lets list their businesses and stop dealing with the looters. Government suppliers demand your money upfront and let them find the money they claim was stolen. Lets frustrate ZIMRA pay your PAYE on the very last letter they send threatening to garnish your accounts. There’s more than one way to fight a war, this is another. Stop buying any product that has to do with those you feel are oppressing you. Don’t give them your hard earned money, they are already looting the countries natural resources.
    Do like the Indians, don’t bank your money. Fight back silently in a way that will ensure that they will feel the pinch. Introduce them to our own local economic sanctions until they reform and become accountable.

    The source of all money in this country is the citizens lets push big time

    1. That’s a plan my brother but remember that these people are taking our hard earned monies in many ways that we may not even comprehend, much more than what they make in shops those and businesses that they have. We have to cut off the root cause rather than trim the thorns off.

  11. robert mugabe please tell your people, they are making a very big mistake. that guy will come out of that place stronger than morgan, jestina mukoko etc. stop them my president please do. the best you could have done on this guy, maybe should have been the pius style although i am doubtful it could work.

    1. we are going on strike. boycotting products will not hurt them enough. ngavamboziva kushaya mari zvorwadza sei



  13. Zimbabwe is a dictatorship,we must continue to protest until the government gets the message that the people have had enough.We will not be intimidated.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…

  14. Charges of inciting violence my foot! I have his videos in my phone and I don’t remember him spoiling for violence at any given time. His message in very clear: “Taneta… hatichada…. let’s not be violent… let’s just show this government that hatichada and hatichatya”. Take him in but know that many people are like him and you will need to take all of them in. It’s true, taneta necorruption yenyu and hatichatya. Zvanyanya. Smith was far better. It’s painful kudzvinyirirwa by someone you thought was your brother. Mugabe is weak and there are vampire abusing his age. We know it. They should have at least tried to support the old man to carry forward a vision for black emancipation and empowerment, but no, they want kill us. Ivi VaMugabe chavasingadiriri kuretire chii vachishandiswa nen’yan’ya idzo chii? Haa mhani!

  15. demanding for his mobile phone? what for? I see no wrong on Mawarire. you(zrp and your zanu pf) engaged your million man march and we said nothing. today Mawarire is on a stay away demo and the public responded, so what’s wrong with him. he is fighting for a new zimbabwe.

    release Mawarire with immediate effect.

    why this government is so cruel, always abduct and arrest those who are fighting for a change?

  16. sick and tired

    kusiri kufa ndekupi?

    can they arrest all of us?

    do they have the energy to beat us all?

    remember gentleman


  17. Game of Thrones

    I think the protest stayaways should be clear about the demands. Mugabe must be forced to step down. That is the beginning of the solving of all our problems. This guys has done nothing for Zimbabwe. Instead of arresting and firing the corrupt people in govt and parastastals he arrests and beats up those advocating for an end to the stealing. This means kuti Mugabe wacho is the head of all corruption in Zimbabwe.
    He gets his medicals in Singapore and his grandson is born in Singapore and now wants to force fake paper money (bond notes) on the poor public saka how is he any better than Smith?
    Whenever he gets a chance he scolds the West and tells them to stay out of his country. Only last week he sent his boys to France and the UK to beg for money. What rubbish is that? He is the biggest mercenary in the country. He is the worst thing that’s ever happened to Zimbabwe and must leave now!

  18. We will stay away from work period. Let those feeding in the Zanu PF trough go and work, we won’t munotiita sei?

  19. This Makendenge should know for sure where are the likes of Rashiwe Guzha, Iitai Dzamara other activists etc…

    He features frequently in very unpleasant scenarios…

    We should make a citizen arrest on this Makendenge… he knows all about disappearances that have taken place in ZIM


  20. motherofthree

    What wrong has the good pastor done. He was very deliberate in telling people to not engage in violence. In all his videos this was clear. So when did he incite people to violence? How about hauling those cops who abused people last week? Where are they?

    We should continue with the shutdown tomorrow and possibly onward until the pastor is released. No doubt the police will now “find” evidence of “subversive material” to pin on the man of God. The Biblical prophets were similarly hounded when they spoke out against injustice. All we want is a better life for ourselves and our children, for all people in Zimbabwe, soldiers, police, civilians, MDC and Zanu PF or any other party supporters. We want opportunity, good leadership and a stable economy. Are we subversive when we ask for these things that are taken for granted in other countries?

  21. Yes. Police brutality is not the answer. Shut down tomorrow and thursday. SHUTDOWN they will feel the pinch

  22. Ko it was written mu Herald and it was ll over ZTV that it was business as usual? So violence or disruption yakaitika papi apa

  23. The endgame intensifies. ZANU PF thugs are clueless. We will see who will blink first.

  24. The circus has come to town. Makedenge is the most inefficient officer in the whole organisation and a shameless liar. Watch this space.

  25. taabho guys # hatichatya even if they continue we will just go on let us be heard zvakwan … enough is enough

  26. the struggle goes on. tmrw its another shutdown.

  27. Shut this whole Country down !!
    Pastor Mawarire you have my support. Handei tione !

  28. kkkkkkkkkk ichi chakaipa chaitawo kuti ndi commente

    Ko it was written mu Herald and it was ll over ZTV that it was business as usual? So violence or disruption yakaitika papi apa.

    everyone is happy….the violent culprits whr brought to book …teachers reported wrk tho students ddnt go due to heavy rains kkkkkkkkkkkkk kwakwakwkakwkw #jojo_chenjera



  30. Saul was God’s chosen but the day he messed up he was punished with death by the man on high….handei tione, minamato yevahu ine simba

  31. handei tione

  32. A “COUP” attempt will not be tolerated not in ZIM maybe somewhere else.People shld engage & resolve….not indirectly causing violence though crafted social media utterances.While ZANU PF is busy looking for solutions to the current economic challenges, other pple are busy crafting ways of Social Unrest.This will not happen under our Revolutionery Leader His Excellency President Robert G. Mugabe…not in a thousand years.Zimbabwe is a constitutional democracy whose PRESIDENT,LAWMAKERS(MPs) is ELECTED by the PEOPLE. Anything else is unconstitutional, insane, pathetic, silly and by any fools mind definitely is a “COUP!”.So those who are naive like the Hired Pastor are cold-blooded, calculating, unprincipled usurper, without a virtue; no statesman, knowing nothing of commerce, political economy, or civil government, and supplying ignorance by bold presumption.TERERAI MUNZWE KUTONGA!!! regime change & succession politics will never every have a place in Zimbabwean Politics never never NEVER…AKUNA ZVAKADARO ….AKULA INTO ENJALO… THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THAT ..NEVER #gushungochetechete


    zrp and zanu pf muchamama chete you wont stop the winds of change. my plea to all patriotic countrymen, lets figth zanu pf and police with fire. no turning back. the despot mugabe is now useless. alutahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. u need to have your head checked. insanity at its highest level….TAJAMUKA KUNYEPERWA

  34. You charge him with violence yet there’s videos of you animals in police uniforms beating people senselessly

  35. Humba imi zvamunoziva makaitei anambwa basa rekuba tichasangana kumapena gorerino, magairira ka itirai anambuya venyu kwatiri this time hatichadi muchamuburitsa mawarire iyeye to hell with yo gushungo makadyiswa na marujata bratsheet.

  36. I agree to some extend with an earlier post. Why do we continue buying from Choppies? Why buy the Herald? Why buy thier yoghurt – Alfa & Omega with your hard earned money.

    From today I am not gonna buy from these. I know their businesses are everywhere but if we target a few and make a huge impact they will cry. I wish if i was good a graphics. You can put up a poster of Choppies with Mboko in the background dripping blood of citizens.

    Lets fight on many fronts. The regime will fall. Imagine a day when Choppies records say half of its normal sales!!

  37. Cde Humba do not forget Smith said this country will never in a thousand years be ruled by a black government and in less than 5 years he lost.Count your days from today.God is not a man that he should lie.His purpose will stand.Watch out this space

  38. There is significant energy being put into these peaceful civil efforts. Those that did science remember that energy CANNOT be destroyed but can only be transformed from one from into another. I wonder what it will be transformed into by these Government and/or ZANU PF efforts.

  39. mudhara ndavachipe ngwena iyo,havachizorora mudhara.

  40. pamberi nengwena zvi g 40 ndochiiko ichocho.

    1. Devera ngwena !

  41. ngwena warm up.bhora rotanga

  42. nhai mpoko akadyeiko mromo kutsvuka kudharo,iko kurembera

    1. @John Pasi. Mboko aka kisser stove that’s why his lips are so red

  43. shamiso karimadora

    Was he really arrested?? Times have changed indeed. Its not every day that you see minute by minute pictures of the “investigations” with our dear “pastor” (Ndewe church ipiko?) proudly displaying the metal bangles (handcuffs) to the whole world and almost grandstanding asusual. Is this really ZRP? Inga yachinja fani. Or this is to whip up emotions for tomorrow?

    1. Our government is acting like North Korea now unfortunately this will scare away tourists and potential investors.The arrest is all over the international press just seen a report on channel 4 news.

  44. when reading Cde Humbwa comments i felt anger brewing up and knew there is something illegal that this Cde is smoking

  45. Kuti havasi kuitira kuti vanhu mugondoti ngaabuditswe voramba then hondo yatanga varipo vanotodawo kuti dhara out asi havana plan vavakuda kushandisa vanhu kuti abude

    1. kellisparks444

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  46. His CV is now big. They have just ordained him, this marks the beginning of his political career.

  47. kellisparks444

    just as Micheal responded I am amazed that any body able to get paid $4334 in 4 weeks on the internet
    ——————– ◐◐◐◐◐◐◐◐◐◐ w­w­w.CenterWeb10.­c­o­­m

  48. Robert Mugabe and your regime.I am ashamed that you have allowed your spirit to be driven this far.I just have a few words .GOD IS NOT A FOOL

  49. Makedenge told us this pastor will be history by month end and we thot it was t was a joke. Yaa wakapenga bt remember thoz hu rule by the sword will fall by sword.




  51. Bullshit bullshit bullshit, what these mugabe dogs dont realise is that oneday and i repeat that oneday the tide will be upside down. They will aeg for mercy when God hears the cry of Zimbabweans. We will raid them 1 by 1 and their apologies will be late. Dont give up people,for now its their the peoples time is near. God hear our pleas.Amen

  52. Mgabe and yo shit people you will neva live forever.enjoy your time now but the end is near, u like it o not.

  53. Povo yaramba zvemadisinyongoro.


  55. Comrade Humba

    You are one of those who have been brain washed .You are just like Gushungo- out of touch. Find another forum to express your love for the “so called Gushungo and his thugs. While u are at it , get your head checked as well.


  56. Mawarire igamba zveshuwa asi igamba reupenzi. Period. Kubata Bible hazvirevi chinhu. Rinongori book semamwe. But kuziva nekuita zvirimo ndozvoreva chinhu. Ndi pastor asi kwete we shoko ra mwari. Hakuna akamutuma kuita zvose zvaari kuita. Saka arege kuita sekunge anotaura akamirira vanhu ve Zimbabwe. Vazhinji chose vasingaoni muonere waaanoita. Kana asingadi kuenda kubasa ngaarege hapana anomuvhunza. Problem inongozovepo kana ave kukonesa vanoda kuenda kubasa.

  57. #boycott Herald the mouth piece of the “governement ” 2 days don’t buy Herald

  58. MuZimbabwe weHarare

    Wotonzwa munhu achiti anoda kuvhara Zimbabwe. Ituckshop ya Mbuya vako here yaunovhara? Musuwo wayo unouziva?Kana Key dzacho unadzo? Wotonzwa munhu anozviti Pastor achitoenda mberi kwenyaya yekuvhara nyika. Siyanai nenyaya dzamusingazive varume.

  59. I am a lawyer and I can tell you all that these charges won’t stick. Several mistakes have already been made by the ZRP, legally. Though the accused turned himself in, the arrest and investigation is tainted with illegality for lack of evidence to prove the charge. They have also shot themselves in the foot by basing their case on social media, where hundreds of thousands to millions are witnesses to contrary evidence. To make matters even worse for them, they have armed my colleagues, Zim Lawyers for Human Rights with a very good constitutional case.

    Herald and ZRP as “State” machinery, you have blundered this time and just quickened the looming end for ZANU PF. You have just anointed this man a national martyr. It reminds me of Daniel 5 v 25. MENE MENE TEKEL PARSIN – the writing is definitely on the wall and ZANU this is the end!

  60. To my fellow citizens.

    Since 1990 I have never voted for any party other than Zanupf but this time Mr President and yo party you have lost my support. U will never get my vote again. To Chombo, let mi advice you to shut yo mouth. U stole land throughout the country. Stop issuing threats. Yo days are numbered. U are the worst corrupt minister in Zimbabwe.

  61. Zimbabwean government Is making a huge mistake. If anything happens to him,his blood will cry before God and terror will fall on..This guy is different from any other political leader,he just a pained Zimbabwean advocating against social injustice..Even in the Bible those who tormented the servants of God would greatly suffer…..Lord have mercy.

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