Live updates: Riots rock Harare

HARARE’s eastern suburbs have been rocked by violent protests that have left hundreds of city-bound commuters stranded as commuter omnibus drivers fought running battles with police over the increasing number of roadblocks

Updates by Obey Manayiti and Tinotenda Samukange

Residents have abandoned their vending sites (musika)
Residents have abandoned their vending sites (musika)

[12:29 PM, 7/4/2016] Residents have abandoned their vending sites (musika)

[12:26 PM, 7/4/2016] Vehicles stopped from entering Epworth.


[12:08 PM, 7/4/2016] Police has gained cover.

[12:07 PM, 7/4/2016] The residents have calmed down.



[11:38 AM, 7/4/2016] Fighting begins… police with water cannons and tear gasses.

[11:36 AM, 7/4/2016] Police going forward again as protesters resist.

zimre 1


[11:02 AM, 7/4/2016] Stand off now between protesters and police.

zimre 3

[11:02 AM, 7/4/2016] Police seems to have chickened out….parked their vehicles at a distance.


[9:57 AM, 7/4/2016]

“We are tired of police. They steal from us everyday and today they will pay,” said a resident wielding stones


[9:54 AM, 7/4/2016] The fight was ignited by commuter Omnibus operators who abandoned routes protesting against heavy police presence in roads

Ruwa 1

Ruwa 2

Ruwa 4


[9:52 AM, 7/4/2016] Its now a war zone….people fighting back by throwing stones at the police.

Ruwa 23

[9:43 AM, 7/4/2016] Tears gas fired in Epworth

[9:41 AM, 7/4/2016] Hundreds of Stranded people by the road side along Chiremba road


[9:40 AM, 7/4/2016] Police trying to restore order with water cannons

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  1. this govt must fall

  2. Ticking time bomb be warned zanu bastards, from Zambezi to Limpopo people are tired of your shit.

  3. Haha pakaipa wena!!! Nyika iya yamaichemera, hona yaita mamvemve….

  4. The third force is the traffic Police force

  5. Wezhira wezhara

    Remove spot fines immediately because muri kumanikidza vanhu kubhadhara even vasina mhosva. Fine yakamboitwa negotiate starting when. You hear mupurisa achiti kana musina 20 dollars tipei 10 and they will write an offence isina kuparwa. Forsake and to hell with you.

  6. Fine is not the problem Mugabe and his croonies are

  7. Police yese disappear problems edu disappear kkk

  8. Zvichanaka chete. Shinga mwana we Zimbabwe. Our pain will not be in vain.

  9. Muchati mati u can’t rigg this again

  10. Mairamba opposition demonstrations muchiti murivashoma iyezvino ndopamuchaonekwa hushoma hwenyu …Advice endai munogarira kustate house nekuti ndokwazvakananga

  11. Hondo ndoyatirikutoda , hapana kusisiri kufa manje.

  12. Well done Newsday for the live updates, kwete bwege Herald not bringing pics

  13. Pictures are good if they are not going to be used against the protestors as evidence when the zanoids seek retribution.

  14. Mahwindi akarohwa nebronco zvawo varikutadzisa vanhu kuenda kumabasa and places where they need to be. Very silly mhani.

    1. This Cde Fatso ….is a little zanu pf rat

      1. Maya MNT, Ini I know Mahwindi ekumaraini kwangu. Havana form 4 and have zero prospects in life from their own doing izvezvi varikutema mota dzevanhu and yes I do vote Zanu PF. Viva!

        1. Cde Fatso. A few points to note here. You do not even understand the bigger picture. We will give a free analysis..
          1. The bigger scheme of things is that the present govt has frustrated all possible investment which might create jobs for the population – This through policy inconsistencies, Zhuwawo says 1 thing Cde RGM says another, Chinamasa another, and so on.
          2. Tobva ipapo, look at corruption which is so rife muma roads. They can’t pay the civil servants on time & well and corruption breeds – people are protesting against police corruption here.
          3.Then toenda corruption in parastatals & ministry. Even mukuru arikubvuma kuti maMinister auraya nyika neCorruption – look at the energy deals being made iyo nyika iiri kushaya mari yekubhadhara maCivil servants – look at imba yaTyson yakabuda nezuro.
          4. Toenda kuLand reform – hapana chinhu. Vanopa vanhu minda asi hapana skills training; finance plan; proper monitoring – ahh rega tishaye chekudya. You cannot just dismantle such a well knit agricultural system and expect things will remain normal.
          This is a revolution in the making.
          Pazvichapera vanenge vaserious nekuchinja zvinhu.

  15. ” My guys are coming for you all ” police minister Chief Thief Chombo tells ZBC

  16. Enough is enough of these roadblocks and the clueless government about time people took to the streets.

  17. Keep the updates coming

  18. pakaipa

  19. Pliz Zimbabweans musakwidza mapurisa, masoja uye majeri guard mudzimota dzenyu kusvika vaziva gwara. Ngavakwire dzeZanu. MaKombi drivers pliz siyayi mazivanhu iwawa kusvika varega kujega Zanu,

    1. We will soon launch ” beat a soldier or policemen” campaign soon if they continue to be used by ZANU PF thugs. Be warned soldiers and policemen, it will be you and people anger if you are usable and discardable like condoms. We are counting. You vandalized us in Beitbridge and now you are continuing with it in Harare, as if you are all doing well. We are fighting for the welfare of all including some of you who are sucking and bootlicking corrupt ZANU PF thugs. Be warned, be warned, be warned, it will be you against the people. The endgame is irreversible. This is people power.

  20. hahahaha yekela zidume

  21. Hakuna izvozvo this time torovana chaizvo izvo

  22. We need a new Zimbabwe as early as yesterday and if not 19 April 1980, that one of 18 April 1980 is useless to us. Mugabe and his corrupt cabinet and mps must step down as a matter of urgent.

  23. Mapurisa acho varikutotambura asi kutobvumwa kutumwa kunorova vanhu. Every landlord anelodger mupurisa kana musoja ngaamudzinge pamba ipapo. They are all idiots.

  24. Valangebhetshu

    People are broke, hungry, unemployed…basically everyone is frustrated and disgruntled.


  26. Politicians stay out of this, this is pure citizen anger vs Bribery Force u call zrp. Zvakwana,hatichadi maroadblocks, we are not zanu pf, we are not mdc, we are simply citizens tired of your presence on the road. If you brutalise us then better stay out of those camps because we will raze them to ashes!!!be warned!

  27. Let us fight back. They are eating the cash they are corruptly collecting from motorists. They need to know that there is no money. No going back. The endgame is now own. It will be painful, but we are prepared for it. We will cry and at the same time quadruple our resolve. This is the only language these ZANU PF thugs can understand. Elections have let us down, democracy has failed to deliver freedom and prosperity, jambanja ndizvo!!

  28. do not be troubled. the police will not understand our pain. Operation police ngairohwe!!!!!!

  29. Ko vakomana veba Budas neMufombi munotangawo riini?

  30. its coming very fast as prophet tb joshua said. when he said it i really thot he meant zimbabwe and i think i was not wrong. it start small as he said and became big.

  31. We are tired of this rotten government. Kusvika rinhi vanhu veZanu muchitiita zvamunoda….Chibvai hatichada… destroyed everything from agric to industry, now you are targeting the vibrant informal sector…gore rino…muchationa…ko mungatidi?? Hapana hapana

  32. This rotten gvt must not see another day…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  33. pamberi nekurova mapurisa nemasoja kusvika vasisa pfeke mauniform.

  34. Guys taneta nekuyongwa nembavha…plus kuti kwatisa manje this tym toda yese…… Mugabe must go…,,

  35. buh guys revolts will jst make the situation even harder, why cnt we jst keep peace in our country and find a better way to solve this issue

  36. Simango Mhofu

    Ko kuchingobva zvinodiiko nhy iwe Zanu Pf?? Isu tokuvara nenhamo nekuda kwako….???

  37. enough is enough
    u are old just go



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