Chombo concedes Tsvangirai has power

Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo

THE Zanu PF government has admitted it has failed to deliver on its 2013 election promises, saying only MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai had the power to unlock the economic logjam allegedly caused by sanctions.


MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai
MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai

Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo told journalists on Tuesday that the economic meltdown, which has seen government failing to pay civil servants and forcing companies to close down, was being caused by the opposition leader.

“He has the power over his white masters, who imposed sanctions against Zimbabwe and are causing this economic meltdown. He should go back to the people he asked to call for sanctions so that they stop them,” he said.

Despite targeted sanctions on President Robert Mugabe and a few of his top lieutenants, Zanu PF in 2013 promised to create a $10 billion economy and 2,2 million jobs.

Chombo said the effects of the sanctions on Mugabe’s government continued to grow yearly and will continue to hurt Zimbabwe until Tsvangirai acted.

But MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said Tsvangirai had nothing to do with corruption in government, which was hurting the economy.

“Tsvangirai has neither the diplomatic nor the constitutional authority to run the international relations portfolio of foreign countries such as Britain and the United States or any other country for that matter,” he said.

“Tsvangirai is not in government and, thus, he is not responsible for mismanaging and ruining Zimbabwe’s economy the way Zanu PF has done over the past three decades.”

Chombo vowed Mugabe would not step down until his five-year term of office expires.


  1. Aaayas anaChombo, deal with corruption. If Tsvangirai is that powerful as to control the Uk and the US then he is fit to be president as of now not that kule uyou are protecting using your dog called ZRP

  2. If sanctions is the problem what have you done to make sure the country moves on since you have long back discovered the root cause as per your party diagnosis

    Tipei maserious inga kuhondo takarwa tisina ndege wani

    Why not start with a simple equation

  3. Its a shame that this is coming from a minister, during elections you promised knowing very well that there are sanctions and you promised to deliver. You thought you could rig the economy so go ahead.

  4. For sure cde musoro muchena. Do us a favour by stopping all these abuses of the civilians and your corrupt activities. Then the last honourable thing to do is to call for an ALL STAKEHOLDERS INDABA and drop you ego to genuinely put the country’s concerns for real development.

  5. smith was under sanctions but he never killed the rhodesian economy.Tsvangirai formed the mdc while the economy was already in a free fall,this is evidenced by the fact that you as government you went and borrowed the economic blueprint called esap which you failed to implement effectively.

    • when you promised 2,2 million job you were away that you had sanctions so dnt give us sanctions as an excuse for your failure and tsvangirai is not the one who instruct you to be corrupt,,hasiriye akakutumai kuba 15 billion makaba mega.Why did you promise 2,2 job if you knew that you had sanction whyyyyyy?

  6. VanaChombo makamhanya mukati hamuchadi GNU. Mukabhunya zvaibatsira nyika nokuti maida kutonga mega. Bva chitongai tione

  7. AnaChombo makamhanya mukati hamuchada GNU yayibatsira nyika mukabhunya nokuti maida kutonga mega. Bva tongai tivone.

  8. Did santions pay Wicknel Chivayo $5million without any security? Did sanctions deposit questionable funds into Minister Mudenge’s account? Do sanctions mean numerous trips that bleed the economy while workers go unpaid?…..It’s YOUR CORRUPTIOOOON

  9. Chombo should stop smear campaign. Does he expect Tsvangirai and the opposition in particular to certify Western aid in their (Chombo’s) disorganized regime to line individuals’ pockets? Play your role first and then ask for opposition backup. For your information, the role of the opposition is to streamline the ruling party by keeping checks and balances and not to partake in corrupt deals. The solution stretches from (basic) reorganizing your party to curb corruption to (complex) bowing out in the event everything else fails.

  10. ko saka Tavangirayi ariye ane mapower bva mapfidzaka coz makamubiridzira he has been defeating you since mavambo ake muchibira maelections now mapedza tumari twose muchiba maiti nikadzese dzakapusa kusara kwenyuka shame sure yu are a big shame yu are now going around inciting violence murume mukuru hazvichashandi izvo zvakatokwana zvamakaita .ndiani dununu kunze kwemapurisa anotumwa kunzi iwe seenza isu tichidya. oh shame

  11. Gara uya wokuimba kuti, “tony blair ibva kumhepo unekasmell keutengesi” aifunga kuti tony blair arikuzvinzwa here paya ?

  12. And Look East??? Flip flop flip flop flip flop flip flop flip flop. Thumb sucking governance.
    Dead wood Chombo and co are beyond cluless.

  13. This CHOMBO has LOOTED the country heavily and is still a FREE man. Even Bill gates does not own so much. Operation ” How did you acquire this” is soon coming. All this will be history.

  14. Here is simple mathematics for ZANU PF. you have more than 60 cabinet ministers including their deputies and those you call of state each receives a discovery 4 HSE bringing the total cost to $8.5 million plus, Lets say you are an understanding govt that understands the plight of the people you represent you would yet still need to provide the services hence mobile, you would have rather bought mazda BT 50 DOUBLE CABS FOR THESE PEOPLE this would cost $3.2 million saving more than $5 million and still those brand new models are good for your services which I am not saying is also good despite the fact. For the second Mercedes you could replace with Mazda CX7 which still is good comfort and save another $6 million to bring total saving to $11 million. Then comes mps and senators ford rangers come on guys these are meant for servicing the work a single cab 4×4 mazda bt50 would still do, those latest models if they want to ferry families then they use their own vehicles iyi ndeyebasa by so doing you would have saved another $4million before we even talk about reducing their numbers and not duplicating allocations because every one should understand as much as you want civil servants to understand a $100 salary advance and two weeks salary delay. Things are hard. So saving $15 million on vehicles alone, what will that have done maybe import 75 000 tonnes of maize for your starving people in rural areas where you boast of most of your votes, or maybe fix or replace all broken equipment at Parirenyatwa hospital to improve service delivery and save lives of your voters. Maybe fix few rural roads that are making travelling very difficult for your boasted voters in rural areas or improve their healthy services by providing drugs for your rural voters the list is endless for those you proclaim to represent. But greedy ZANU PF MPs and Ministers you only care for your self and only think of your voters come Election year and its unfortunate that those rural folks are blinded by fear you instill to act otherwise. And mark the word fear not love for party fear we know it they are our parents they do not want you anymore but fear fear you have instill makes them walk 5km to your meetings. The story is the same all over when you seat privately with them they tell you how tired they are though they smile laugh to your silly jokes on Rallies and praise the slogan they fear the few radicals that you unleash and give small spoils from your loots. So in short stop saying sanctions you are the ones sanctioning the people of Zimbabwe.

  15. Some of are aware that Tsvangirai is a Zanu tool which is used to control the political situation. In 2008 Tsvangirai rescued the government from total economic meltdown and complete shutdown. And what did he do? Just left people in the air,he pulled out of elections. Five years down the line Zanu spite him out as a used chewing gum. Now they want to use him again. The people of Zimbabwe had started the people ‘s protests and Zanu is now pushing him to the forefront to fool the world and control the political situation. Beware.

    • @david: I personally believe that you need brain enlighteners. Where does tsvangi fit in your unsubstantiated allegation?

  16. This party called Zanu PF is always blaming MDC thats all.Why dont you make your own decisions without pointing others.Tsvangirai is a smart man hey kkkkkkkk akazviona kuti muri madofo mamama makaura makuchema.Kana akakuisira ma sanctions makakaura.Maida kumushandisa ndiye akakuita kuti mubate US dollar mairi ziva imi ndobva mamubirira mavotes mukati tapinda tapinda kkkkkkkkiest.Ndozvinoit madofo anokopa nezita izvozvo.l thought maybe Zanu PF leaders makangwara kwani kuchenere musoro kuba chete makakaura.Masanctions maienda kupi kuno kumbira mari Ku West heeee look east kkkkkkkk east kkkkk China haina chekuita nemi ana soro jena bt what they want is take what you have thats all and after that will dump you smart.You and frends its beta to leave that office musati mapinda ma one nekuti pamuchabva mujeri straight mabira zvakanyanyisa.mbavhaaaaaa dzevanhu musiye Tsvangirai wedu akadaro.Majaira kuba zvino zvapera US racho muchadii muchariwanepi.This time Tsvangirai hauye naro kkkkkkkkk mega makaenda mukarinyimwa.Maida kuba mari yacho moita ma tuckshop ari muHarare.Kuita zimbabwe Residential area no production kuoresa economy kkkkk.Munyarewo ana soro jena makakurumidza kumedza kutsenga kuchada madzipwa hapana achakupai mvura

  17. Kwanzi vanaChombo.Mazimbavha but beware retribution is coming. When a revolution starts it will complete the cycle and unfortunately on completion of this cycle that’s when you will be imprisoned.No where to run kwaaaaa

  18. #tajamuka hatichada kunyeperwa hatisi vana vadiki iwe white head tibvirei apa tikuuya ikoko mirai mueone #chabvondoka u saw us nezuro

  19. So the government has failed.The duty of government the world over is to create conditions which benefit citizens. If there are sanctions what is the government doing about it?What did they do which caused the imposition of those sanctions?Was it just?You want western nations to lift sanctions when the internet is awash with police brutalising your own people. these people suffering at the hands of the ZRP are not from London, Paris or New York. They are from Epworth,Mabvuku and Mufakose. They are your “own” whom you have failed to protect.Shame!

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  22. wen di tym has come …… for real it changes ……viva Zimboz the time has come nomore fear resist it and fight for justice and freedom….. coz the more ee fear the more we suffer…. Our God is able in everything all things shall be revealed and paving a way

  23. Well guys yhere you have it. Dont entertain those discusion rather work towards or what we we need to do to get our money back.from stashed overseas and local properties.that money will help our country to kickstart the economy with borrowing money.simple.

  24. I have been reading all the comments and the truth of the matter is that the majority of Zimbabweans have suffered enough. We have cried and cried until our tears have dried up. Our leaders are real wolves in sheep clothing. They pretend to love their subjects, swear in to abide by the constitution but just look how they get busy enriching themselves at the expense of the povo. How can one have 20 houses when someone sleeps on the street. How can one eat 10 meals a day when someone don’t even come across a single meal per day. They say their wealth is through hard work yet KUDYA ZVEMAREMA. They are not even ashamed to show off their wealth to the starving majority. Do we really deserve this treatment considering how hard working and peace loving we are. Lucky they are not in control of oxygen supply otherwise they would have made sure we all suffocate to death except their immediate family members and close friends. We read of some Leaders who are so humble, down to earth and hate to see their subjects suffering. What is realy wrong with our leaders. Let me stop hear, I now have a lump on my heart

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