Breaking: Tomana suspended


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has suspended Prosecutor-General Johannes Tomana and appointed a three-member tribunal to investigate corruption allegations levelled against him.



Mugabe told journalists at State House today that advocate Ray Goba will be acting Prosecutor-General until the tribunal, chaired by retired judge Moses Chinhengo, has completed its investigations on Tomana.

Details to follow


  1. zvaiwana ngwarati, he was used like a condom which is thrown away immediately after the act because it becomes smelly. Remember he boasted he was a zpf member

  2. Nothing to celebrate or new in that – at last he has acted… But will not be surprised in his true fashion, nothing will come out it….. Takaita ma commission mangani….am sure there is a cabinet full in his office on inquiry reports. Talk Talk Mo action govenrment!!!!Whe it coms to things of national importance

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