Brace for more protests, Mugabe told

BUOYED by the support from millions of Zimbabweans who heeded Wednesday’s anti-government protests, civic society groups yesterday threatened to roll out more demonstrations to push out President Robert Mugabe’s regime and pave way for fresh elections.


A protester steps on a riot police officer‘s helmet in Epworth, just outside Harare, minutes after demonstrators attacked the officer and disrobed him. The officer was later rushed to hospital by an ambulance.
A protester steps on a riot police officer‘s helmet in Epworth, just outside Harare, minutes after demonstrators attacked the officer and disrobed him. The officer was later rushed to hospital by an ambulance.

The Wednesday protests — co-ordinated by #ThisFlag and supported by Tajamuka/Sesijikile, Occupy Africa Unity Square and all opposition parties — virtually brought the country to a halt, although Zanu PF declared that it was unmoved by the action.

Yesterday, Tajamuka/Sesijikile spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi said his lobby group would continue to partner #ThisFlag frontman Evan Mawarire in rolling out a series of protests aimed at piling pressure on Mugabe to step down.

Mkwananzi’s threat came at a time some civic society groups were planning to storm Mugabe’s official residence, State House, tomorrow.
“The public should expect more action of various forms,” Mkwananzi said.

“There is no other option for the government of Zimbabwe than to heed what we are calling for. The call for Mugabe to step down is a public call; there is nothing illegal about it.

“I can assure the nation that from here onwards, we will be carrying out every action possible to put pressure on government to heed our calls. We have said by August 31, the President should have spoken to the masses about the crisis that is going on in the country.”

Mkwananzi added: “There is no doubt that the stay away was a massive success. Indeed, it shook the corridors of power in Zimbabwe. For the first time in many years, the regime is shaken to the core as evidenced by its panic announcement of payment dates for civil servants.”

The former MDC-T youth leader said Wednesday’s stay away was evidence that the people have the power to recall the “corrupt and criminal” regime.

“There is no going back now. We need to press the regime until it has met our non-negotiable demands. If we retreat now, we stand to lose much more than we will gain from pushing forward until the current government resigns and spells out a peaceful transitional mechanism.”

Mkwananzi said his lobby group, made up of youths from 14 opposition political parties and various other pressure groups, had come up with non-negotiable demands which Mugabe should honour without delay.

They are demanding Mugabe’s resignation to allow a transitional government to steer the country out of the current economic quagmire, the immediate release of arrested protesters, the return of missing activist Itai Dzamara, disbandment of plans to introduce bond notes and an end of police brutality, among others.

“This is just the beginning of a historic process in ensuring the transformation and regeneration of our country. We will be advising on the next course of action, in consultation and in line with the wishes and aspirations of the people. There is no going back now. We will continue with our peaceful, but resolute means of showing President Mugabe and his government that we are fed up,” Mkwananzi said.

“We have realised that President Mugabe has become a sticking point in terms of reform because of his incumbency. The issue of President Mugabe is intrinsically linked to the reforms. He has to pave way for reforms.”

But Zanu PF secretary for administration and Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo on Wednesday threatened to unleash brute force to ruthlessly crush dissenting voices, claiming the Wednesday protests bordered on a regime change agenda sponsored by the main opposition MDC-T and its Western allies.

“The State security organisations are working round the clock to put the situation firmly under control and those found on the wrong side of the law will be severely dealt with and they will have no one to blame. They are being seriously warned to desist from this unwanted behaviour. Zanu PF is quite steadfast, is focused on what we need to do and we cannot be shaken by these activities, not at all,” Chombo said.

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  1. It is nothing more than daydreaming .Mugabe will not removed that way

    1. It all starts with a dream @chimugoti. Our own people right here in this great land we call Zimbabwe today, had a dream of seeing black people free from the colonialists and free we did become! Now the dream is to free ourselves from selfish cabal who disguise their looting as patriotism, reversing the fruits of what was fought for in the first place!

      Change is the only constant in this world, never fool yourself into thinking that Mugabe or Zanu PF will be in power for eternity.

  2. It is nothing more than daydreaming. Mugabe will not be removed that way

  3. Dai Ndirini Ndaizvibvunza kuti Why and How should this be avoided kwete threatening people or taking this to be a noneevent, SHAME, “Chete Kusafunga Kunesimba.”

  4. Kkkk iwe Ginatsiyo regime change is very legal,normal and most welcome. Thieves a afraid of the people. Keep up the pressure guys.

  5. Hokoyo iwe Zanupf! This time tirikutorana newe tichisvitsana kumagumo chaiko! We will go with you full 90 minutes, injury time, extra time & penalty shoot out, its game on!

  6. Chibaba Chacho

    Please remind all of us how and when #thisplag organised the Civil Servants Juky 6 stayaway.

  7. Zimbabweans must brace for more sporadic nationwide protests. They don’t need to be violent unless we’re provoked.

    This chombo thief is saying zanu pfutseki is “focused” on progress or hutsinye?

  8. guys, we need a secrete service of our own all these pressure groups together….urgently. our own CIO.

    1. Apa wataura Susan. Lets have our own CIO and our own police to confront the Zanu PF CIO and police

    2. well said, this should be taken serious. we also need snipers, this is war.

  9. Lets roll the carpet for more protests the nation is ON.

  10. moses went to pharoah 10 times. each time he went, pharoahs heart will become harder. so zimbabweans it will be long walk to freedom and there will be a lot of sell outs in the process. what i see in this though is that there is moseses and aroans. remember you leaders when these two went to demand the peoples freedom, there were some israelites who asked who they were.

  11. These guys must be careful in their utterances lest they miss the point. This is not a mere “Mugabe must go campaign”. Its about citizens demanding certain reforms. If Mugabe is prepared to bring about those reforms then so be it. After such a successful stay-away some may get carried away like what happened to the opposition as led by Tsvangirai and lose the plot. The Mugabe must go is now a tired refrain and people should just focus on critical issues that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

  12. You Chimugoti wadii wanyarara zvako unenge usiri kuziva zvirikutaurwa neurimi rwa QUEEN.

  13. The frightend dog barks the loudest Mr Chombo!


    1. All these ugly laws were crafted by J.Moyo.

  15. Makajaidzwa, hamuchafa makazviita futi. We will ruthlessly deal with you. We know why you are doing all this. Manje matopfidza, try it again. Hantie you remember that guy who was protesting about Cde MPHOKO’s stay in hotel, what became of him. You only took advantage of Civil Servants strike then you think kuti people listened to you. If you don’t know what is happening, its better you ask, than to behave like idiots.

    inganzi Gvt. kana isingaisi ma policies to run the country. They are right 100%. We should actually praise the gvt for banning the Open General Import Lisence. Tosvikepi nekungoita ma import yet they are not bonifides imports but rather smuggled goods. Lets promote our local industry. Vana varikupedza zvikoro, vanoendepi kana tikaso mutsa ma industry edu aya.

    Kurayi mhani vapfana imi. for how long shall you remain kids. Aaah.

  16. They should come up with a clear set of demands so that people know exactly what they are protesting for and that we are all on the same page. Wanting Zanu PF out (as inconceivable as it may seem to some) is only one peace of the puzzle. Protests like Wednesdays are a start, but momentum must not be lost.
    @Peaceloving: You cannot threaten a whole nation. Wake up and realize that this is not a fiefdom (look it up – I’m not going to define it here). Given that most Zimbabweans are battling to survive day to day, I would think that Zanu PF has already been ” ruthlessly dealing” with us in the way the economy was managed.

    I agree that we should manage our imports but not in the manner we have just witnessed. Our industries need far more than import bans to revive. In fact “reviving local industry” is not an appropriate term. They need a resurrection.

    So yes “deal with us” You will have to at some point. But this time its an entire nation you will have to face not a few opposition members or a handful of activists as in the past. Hope you are up to it.

  17. Uyo ##PEACELOVING## anogwara dai hako wanyarara shamwari

  18. Zimbabwe is a constitutional democracy whose PRESIDENT,LAWMAKERS(MPs) is ELECTED by the PEOPLE. Anything else is unconstitutional, insane, pathetic, silly and by any fools mind definitely is a “COUP!”.So those who are naive like Mujuru & Tsvangirai are cold-blooded, calculating, unprincipled usurper, without a virtue; no statesman, knowing nothing of commerce, political economy, or civil government, and supplying ignorance by bold presumption. #gushungochetechete

  19. @#peaceloving,which planet do you live in?do you honestly think that if u threaten people they will stop demanding good governance?this corrupt government has pushed the people to the corner,all they do is to loot zvishoma zvasara munyika zvese vakaba kare,Zimbabwe is supoz to be a democratic country where its citzens are suppose to exercise their democratic rights that includes the right to stage a protest in demand of service delivery,better living conditions ,etc n can u tell where this cruel gvt is doing anything

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  20. Dunlop Munjanja

    Amazing that we have people like @Peaceloving and Cde Humba daring to expose their ignorance on this forum, or should I say, true colours?
    What Constitutional Democracy?
    There is no rule of law in Zim. The government itself is not legit, having rigged the 2013 elections and the ones before that with impunity, totally disregarding the wishes of the ordinary Zimbo.
    The idiots in power right now are busy looting the country dry totally ignoring the local industry and any moron with a brain can see whats going on, Mr Peaceloving!

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