Zanu PF legislator officially divorces

Hurungwe West MP Keith Guzah’s 24-year-old marriage to his estranged wife, Zandile (nee Maseko), was yesterday officially terminated when High Court judge Justice Charles Hungwe granted the pair a decree of divorce by consent bringing to an end a two-year-long matrimonial dispute.


The Zanu PF legislator approached the court sometime in May 2014 seeking divorce, claiming the couple had lost love and affection for each other and their marriage was beyond redemption.


Announcing his determination, Justice Hungwe said he had granted the order in terms of the draft which read: “A decree of divorce be and is hereby granted. The plaintiff (Guzah) be and is hereby declared the sole and exclusive owner of property number 2466 Egypt, Highfield.

“The defendant be and is hereby declared the sole and exclusive owner of six bedroom suites, two four-piece sofas, two dining tables, a colour television set, four-plate stove, refrigerator, six tractors, two disk harrows, three ploughs, four water tanks, 33 head of cattle, Mitsubishi Pajero, Mitsubishi Lancer and subdivision 1 of Carlton Curlicue Farm measuring 115 hectares and a farmhouse.”

In court papers filed by his lawyers Chibune and Associates Legal Practitioners, Guzah claimed his marriage had “irretrievably broken down to such an extent that there are no prospects of restoration of a normal marriage”.

The MP, who stated he had not been staying together with his wife since 2008, said he wanted to officially end the couple’s 24-year-old marriage due to unsolvable differences.

In his proposal for property sharing, Guzah offered a number of properties to his estranged wife including a farmhouse and other movable property.

But Zandile disputed Guzah’s proposals and accused the MP of lying before the court on the list of properties they acquired as a couple.

“The plaintiff has deliberately left out some of the immovable property which was acquired by the parties during the subsistence of the marriage,” Zandile said

In her answering affidavit through her lawyers, Pundu and Company, Zandile demanded to be given houses in Mt Pleasant and Mandara, which she claimed had not been included in the initial property list.

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