Zacc vows to resist ‘intimidation’


THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) has defended its decision to raid various government departments, local authorities and parastatals suspected of corruption, saying the body is mandated by the Constitution to act against illicit dealings.



The anti-graft body pounced on several ministries and parastatals as it seeks to gather incriminating evidence against officials suspected of flouting tender procedures, among other crimes.

Some of the targeted government departments condemned Zacc’s move, with Information ministry permanent secretary George Charamba describing the anti-corruption watchdog as acting like a “rattlesnake that makes noise first before striking”.

But Zacc yesterday vowed no amount of intimidation would dampen its efforts to combat corruption, theft, misappropriation, abuse of power and other improprieties in the conduct of affairs in both the public and private sector in line with the Constitution.

Zacc deputy chairperson Nanette Silukhuni said Zacc’s work was anchored on a clear vision of creating and sustaining a corruption-free Zimbabwe by 2021.

She said all procedures were above board and everyone should cooperate.

“First, Zacc acknowledges that search warrants were issued to ministries, parastatals and local authorities. In this case, going and guided by the principles of protocol, the issued warrants were either addressed to the permanent secretaries or CEOs of parastatals/local authorities since they are the heads of the concerned departments.

“However, the issuance of these search warrants does not mean the addressee is a perpetrator of the alleged act of corruption,” Silukhuni said.

Zacc also said their conduct was within the parameters of the constitutional and legal provisions.

“A search warrant is a legal document granted by a magistrate of Justice of Peace authorising Zacc officers to enter, search and seize documents, where there are reasonable grounds that such documents under the control of any person or in any premise mentioned in the warrant are critical for investigations,” Silukhuni added.


  1. Clearly this is Much ado about nothing. Nanette Silukhuni is Chombo’s wife, right? Are they going to investigate his Augur Investments deals like the Airport Road construction r grabbing of the Borrowdale Vlei (among dozens others) ?

  2. Chombo has land deals with Chiyangwa in Harare City Council.Is Nanette Silukhuni also going to investigate that? What qualifications does she hold to occupy that position? She was a news reader at ZBC the last I remember of her.

  3. Ignatius Chombo must be smiling. How can his wife, Nanette Silukhuni, investigate him when it is common cause and public knowledge (ask Marianne Chombo) that he is not clean as far as corruption is concerned. Indeed, much ado about nothing!

  4. Yoh, the stinking ZANOIDS. But where is investigative journalism when these commissioners are being appointed? Tozonzwa here from comments that even some of the commissioners are direct beneficiaries of their corrupt relatives? Please journos, tipeiwo maserious.

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