We will reverse skewed Zanu PF policies: Mujuru

FORMER Vice-President and opposition Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) leader Joice Mujuru has pledged to respect property rights and repeal the indigenisation law to attract foreign direct investment once she wins the 2018 elections.


Joice Mujuru
Joice Mujuru

Mujuru made the promises during her maiden Harare rally on Saturday which was attended by a sizeable crowd of at least 4 000 supporters.

“We want those who want to invest in this country to come, but it’s impossible because we don’t have good policies. We need to respect their investment. They must know that in Zimbabwe there are property rights and we want that to be respected and upheld. We are going to do it,” she said.

President Robert Mugabe’s government has been accused of scaring away current and prospective investors following its promulgation of the indigenisation policy which compels foreign investors to cede a 51% stake to locals.

Mujuru, who was hounded out of both Zanu PF and government in 2014 over allegations of plotting to dethrone Mugabe, claimed she was pushed out because she wanted to bring change from within.

“In our blueprint, we presented what we believe is economic transformation. We are talking about our wealth and resources that have been wasted. We want to come up with a law that speaks to the empowerment of our people rather than indigenisation. We want to grow the economy and have the industry working again,” she said.

Mujuru also blamed the current industrial collapse and stagnation to Zanu PF misrule and skewed policies.

She also said her government would conduct a land audit and financially empower farmers to ensure maximum production on their allocated farms.

“Our farmers must be helped with cheap loans so that we have a bumper harvest as a country. We don’t want pseudo farmers. We want serious farmers,” she said.

Political analyst Alexander Rusero said Mujuru’s new thrust was likely to endear her with the electorate.

“She is trying to build a Mujuru brand, a brand that will be different from Zanu PF theory. She is definitely going to say the opposite of what represents Zanu PF and she is using the platform to accent her political seriousness by opposing things she supported while in Zanu PF. She wants to be regarded as a serious politician and not a spent force,” he said.

Academic Ibbo Mandaza said: “She is making her political intentions known and the vision of the party she leads clear. To say it will work in her favour, it’s too early, let us give her time.”

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  1. On investor friendly policies she certainly has my thumbs up. Good, usable policies maketh a winning political party in a progressive democracy and certainly not poisonous tribal affiliation, out-dated,make-belief revolutionary credentials or worse still cultism and hero worshiping. Best wishes madam.

  2. Thank you Madam. You are the right candidate

  3. I cant believe this. Mujuru, of all people, you are saying this and expect me to give you my vote! You one side of the same coin – you and ZANU PF.

  4. The indigenization policy must be improved on not reversed. We want it to be like it is in the UK. Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, China, India, Malaysia and New Zealand where the local investor comes first and the foreign investor comes second. It is also part of the indigenization policy not to worship a white man or a foreigner but to respect and empower your own people so that they can invest in their own country without interference from foreigners.

    1. I don’t think you know what you are talking about

  5. Yes she was Zpf for over 30 years but it does not mean she fully supported all the policies by Gushungo. In Mozambique, when Chissano replaced the late Samora Machel, he changed a lot of policies put in place by Samora and the economy improved, to an extent that there are nomore mamosikans ekupfudza mombe zvaitika guva dzaSamora. In Zimbabwe noone can challenge Gushungo’s skewed policies and remain in Zpf just like in Mozambique during Samora’s time. I look forward to 2018 elections with great hope

  6. zvinondirwadza

    amai ava varikufunga kuti vanhu vakapusa.nhasi uno maakutaura muchiti ZANU PF policies are skewed and need to be reversed but ndivo vaitosupporter mapolicies iwayo vasati vadzingwa. why didnt you just oppose them during their formulation when you were still in the government? now mazodzingwa maakuti heeee mapolicies awa akashata heeee what what. nxaaaaaaaaa.plus maoko enyu nevamwe venyu vana Didymus Mutasa ane ropa. kana muchida kuti vanhu vakuteverei budai pachena pavote rigging, brutal killings of mdc supporters eg Tonderai Ndira, ChristPower Maisiri uye akauraiswa naDidymus Mutasa kuHeadlands etc. zvichenurei pamberi pevanhu pliz

  7. 17749 people to be precise, 4000 wakaita head count here iwewe journalist? we gave out 17000 t -shirts pasina kudzokorora munhu.

  8. what we want is our freedom, our rights back to say who brings them back this time does not matter now whether by hook or crook Zanu Pf has failed the people mai mujuru vaingo gononda varimo muZanu pf asi chekuita pakanga pasina it was a blessing in disguise that she was fired asi zvemo vakange vasisade but kuti vangoerekana vabuda zvaisaita Zanu pf munoiziva wani amai mujuru my advice to you is chibatanai nevamwe mutidzorere kuZimbabwe nyika yehuchi nemukaka kwataka pfuudzwa navamugabe vaisa nyika muoverdrive vakarasa chepakati.

  9. matsotsi makawanda kunyepa chete,if u are on power u will soon forget us .

  10. Confusion mu opposition.Tsvangirai says he wont reverse land policy,mujuru says she will reverse policy on land reform.All those rural folks relocated under land reform are qacking in their shoes.Is this what pple in Mtoko want?All those farmers ,black farmers are in seriouse danger from a policy reverse.Bt again Teurai took a few farms on this policy.What now?Return the farm plus the whiteman s shirts that general took.?No need to answer.

  11. Zimbos, our past should not be allowed to define our future. Whereas I do not wish to enforce Mujuru’s admissibility into the opposition fold via the backdoor, I still have my reservations. That Mujuru is a co-perpetrator of the country’s current socioeconomic mess is undebatable. Biblical Moses, a murderer, was God’s appointee to end the Israelites’ 400 years of bondage, his credentials notwithstanding. She may ignite a timely and a win win (nonviolent) ‘revolution’ despite her questionable history. Oftentimes, the keys to most of our stalemates are just within reach hindered by our sheer pride and arrogance. Lets learn not to ignore the ‘prophets(esses)’ even before analysing their ‘prophecy’. Change will never come from Mars.

  12. uuuuum mai joice tipeiwo maserias koo madii kuchinja chizita icho chinotirangaridza nhamo nematambudziko e zanu pf tsvagai rimwe zita amai maybe mungawanewo tumavotes twakati oooooh

  13. Saka maChinja ese takuyenda kuPF zva Save vanenge va incapacitated. But Mai Mujuru we don’t want to see you in the cities handeyi kuDotito, Mkumbura, Uzumba, Darwin ndokunenyaya ikoko otherwise support mutonazi iri tiii!

  14. Pse lets give Dr JTR a chance guys. No oneis perfect even Save has his shortcomings. Inga akapa L Locardia 300 000 vanhu ve party vachitambura. Dr T R could not make her own decisions.

  15. Lets suport her guys

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