War vets chide Mugabe over bond notes

WAR veterans have joined the chorus of Zimbabweans agitating against the introduction of bond notes, describing the move as a desperate ploy by a failed government.



In resolutions made following countrywide meetings with the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) members, the group resolved to demand that President Robert Mugabe sets up a commission of inquiry into the disappearance of over $15 billion in diamond revenue, an end to corruption and the sacking of Energy minister Samuel Undenge.

ZNLWVA spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya confirmed the resolutions, accusing top government officials of creating artificial cash shortages and “then turning around to announce they will print bond notes”.

“The printing of bond notes is a sign of government failure. The fact that they are resorting to printing bond notes to deal with the current crisis is not a sign that government has excelled. It has failed,” he said.

“This is supposed to be a people’s government, which should derive its power from citizens. We need to see the democratic aspect of governance in policies such as the issuing of bond notes.”

“Government must listen to its people. Zimbabweans must be consulted, educated and their concerns taken into account before the bond notes are introduced. Those in power or close to it are the ones with the money and they will mop up every saving that our people have using the bond notes. It’s a ploy to benefit from another black market corruption and that is wrong. It can only leave the people high and dry.”

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, John Mangudya have been at pains to explain the rationale behind the bond notes set to be introduced in October this year. A sceptical public has grilled the pair and accused monetary authorities of seeking to re-introduce the Zimdollar “through the back door”.

Chinamasa and Mangudya have, however, said the government is committed to continue with the multi-currency system “until the economy can support the return of the local currency” dumped by ordinary citizens at the height of the hyper-inflationary era in 2008.
In March, Mugabe left Zimbabweans shocked after revealing during an interview with the State media that at least $15 billion of the country’s diamond revenue had been spirited out of the country.

The President did not give details or an indication that there was an investigation going on. Opposition parties reacted with anger and the MDC-T has rolled out demonstrations across the country to protest against corruption and plunder.

War veterans have also added their voice demanding that Mugabe investigates the issue expeditiously.

“It is only natural that we properly investigate the disappearance of the $15 billion, it cannot be business as usual. The issue must be investigated fully. We want a commission of inquiry that includes war veterans because we know if they do it on their own, they will hide information especially if the investigation fingers their colleagues and relatives or those in positions of power,” one of the resolutions read.

The former freedom fighters also demanded that Mugabe fires Energy minister Samuel Undenge, currently embroiled in a damaging $5 million tender scandal involving shadowy businessman, Wicknell Chivayo.

Chivayo has strong links to Mugabe’s family and was awarded a $400 million tender by the Zimbabwe Power Company that has now come under scrutiny.

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  1. The Nation has spoken. The Zimbabwean public, the War Vets, the exporters etc have said clearly and loudly they Dont want Bond Notes! It is only the govt which wants these bond notes for their selfish reasons. Chinamasa and Mangudya can impose their bond notes but there will be no takers. I deposited USD cash in my Bank Account and I want it back. Where did the Banks take depositors’ money? Lets hope RBZ did not steal it as they did with FCA Account Holder’s money? We want our USD cash back and nothing less. We want the truth on this matter.

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  3. I think all the stakeholders concerned are keeping on beating about the bush. If a father of a house has failed to bring good results he is simply asked to leave office. Its high time we call a spade a spade, if Undenge is a crook so is his master especially with glaring links of this Chivayo man to the high offices. The truth is being skirted. Countries are currently run like businesses, the current CEO has failed to deliver therefore we need to give others a chance to showcase their abilities. We are sacrificing the innocent people just because a failed leader is arrogant and doesnt want to listen to the people’s loud cries. We need to refuse this continued oppression by exerting pressure to this leadership to resign.

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  5. African grand father Presidents must go

  6. Tonderai Tonde

    Governments are elected by the people to address the peoples wishes and improve their lives. Once a govt goes against that and each and every minister declares no going back on unwise decisions then that government ceases to be legitimate. This bond issue is going to create dire consequences if it continues to be pursued with such stupid zeal.

  7. Hapana zvamunondiita

    These so called war vets r stupid, they knw lyk evry1 else who è problem is bt they go on 2 suggest Mugabe 2 set up a commission of inquiry in2 è missing $15 billion. Hw mny commissions hv bn set up by ths old Mugabe over è yrs n wat hs eva cum out. There hs neva bn evn a report of è findings, no recommendations, NOTHING. It’s a chance 4 è commissioners 2 line up their pockets giving a cut 2 demented Mugabe. 4 them 2 suggest 2 Mugabe 2 fire Undenge alone is a big joke, which minister’s performing beta. Mugabe shd fire evry1 including himself coz they’re clueless as 2 hw 2 run è country

  8. Certain politicians lied and misled the country to pre-maturely end the GNU which was registering an average GDP growth12% simply because they wanted positions to loot with abandon.Now, the same night mare that was faced in 2008 seems to be coming back.This time around the war vets are making the right noises to avert a similar crisis engulfing the nation.These people are once again putting their lives on the line for the greater good as happened during the war years.Values and principles will help avert a forlorn legacy that threatens to leave no ideas behind.Corrupt ministers have to face the consequences.A prosperous and secure future can only be realised if truth and objectivity are respected by all of us.

    1. Scathing Mdawini

      War vets are just lazy,entitled cry babies who insist on getting freebies from government.Any solution that comes from them must be taken with a 50kg bag of salt.If Mugabe built the hopeless disaster that is modern Zimbabwe,the war vets are the architects.They made their bed let them lie in it.

  9. What values and principles are you referring to Membathisi? The war vets support ZPF, they beat up, torture and kill opposition activists. They deny civilians their right to choose a party and leader of their choice…and now they cry foul. They’re even admitting that they don’t trust their leaders.

    What principles and values are these?

    How can players be referees simultaneously?

    The war vets might be brave but I’m very sceptical about their reasoning ability & capacity.

    Truth & objectivity can never come from the ZPF camp, never. It will signal their demise.

    1. Yes you are right that truth and objectivity has departed the corridors of certain parties but this reflects itself at times across the political divide.What pains is that you seem to paint all war vets with the same brush.I think there are some who are very objective and we have to be fair. Values and principles are not a preserve of one party but are universal and are a shield against a legacy of deception.But what is your take on bond notes?

      1. 51% establishes the majority.

  10. The power of the so called bond notes is not derived by talking its equivalence to the US dollar that they are at par-no. Rather its strength against other currencies is based on production. South Africa production is far more than ours the rand is nowhere nearer at par with the US dollar. The demand for goods and services of that country make it difficult for their currency to be at par with the US dollar. So the bond notes will never be at par with the US dollar as long as the bond notes strength is based on the wishes of the governor.

    1. Don’t we have legal brains to knock sense into government? If we do not have let us keep quite and love #thisflag.

  11. Zimbabweans are cursed! Gono brought them hyperinflation and lost savings and pensions. Gono also stole $1.3 billion from FCA Acount Holders.Now Mangudya wants his turn to loot. Already our USD cash has been looted from our Bank Accounts. They now want to swap our USD with bond paper which they call bond notes. These guys are not trustworthy and we cannot trust them with printing any money. Once bitten twice shy!

  12. Musambakaruma

    Varikudya ndo varikumusoro isu ti chi suffer . But remember the Lord is for everyone . one day denga richauya pasi . ipo pasi poenda kudenga itai henyu madiro

  13. We need a coach on these financial matters maybe. Ma local coach edu aedza zvaramba. Ko kumboedzawo one top banker from Europe. Inga Fabish takambomupa nyanga wani and he brought good results. RBZ Governer should be seasoned not just locally but internationaly. I think we are just not seeing things beyond Zim. I dont know.

  14. These old vets have been stupid for a long time,they shld have removed mugabe a long time back. He will kill them

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  15. rosemarywoods

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