Varsity workers fail to get outstanding 13th cheque

President Robert Mugabe’s cash-strapped government has failed to pay university workers their 2015 bonuses as promised.
University workers were due to receive their bonuses last Friday.

by STAFF Reporter


Most of the workers who spoke to NewsDay at the weekend said they were dismayed to find no money in their accounts on Friday after patiently waiting for their 13th cheque for over six months.

“There was no communication from government on when we would be paid,” one worker said.

Government, which has been struggling to pay its workers, failed to pay bonuses last year and came up with a staggering scheme that saw uniformed forces becoming the first to receive their 13th cheques in a schedule that would have seen the university paid last on June 10, but government failed to honour its promise.

Labour and Public Service minister Prisca Mupfumira was not picking calls yesterday.

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  1. disgruntled fundi

    The zim govt is useless to the core.Very useless. Mugabe the chancellor failing to pay his schools!

    1. Grant aidedddddddddddd please we need our bonuses

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