Tsvangirai is a lodger: Kasukuwere

Former Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere

ZANU PF political commissar and Local Government minister, Saviour Kasukuwere has described opposition MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai as a lodger staying in a government building in the capital.



Addressing hundreds of Zanu PF supporters in Dangamvura/Chikanga constituency in Mutare on Friday, Kasukuwere said Tsvangirai had no wherewithal to publicly attack government, as it had allowed him to continue staying in the State-owned Highlands mansion since the end of his tenure as Prime Minister in the coalition government.

“Tsvangirai is a lodger, he lives in our house, Zanu PF is not a party of lodgers, we give people chance to build their houses and we develop our country,” he said.

Kasukuwere told the gathering that the Zimbabwe People First, led by former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, comprised of political rejects, who do not deserve any recognition in the country’s political circles.

He also said the issue of land barons, who were accused of duping thousands of home-seekers around the country, has decreased drastically.

“The issues of land barons and corruption have reduced. If there are people, who are still doing this it should end. President Robert Mugabe is saying people should be given land to build their houses, this is our land, what we don’t want in Zanu PF is to disappoint people who voted for us,’’ he said.

“We have been in Bulawayo, recently, giving our youths land and the same should be done here. So we are going to give the youths land here. We are going to send a team that is going to identify the land for you and we are also promising our supporters stands by 2018.”

Speaking at the same rally, Dangamvura/Chikanga MP Esau Mupfumi pleaded for government assistance to resolve the constituency’s perennial water woes.

“We are facing water challenges in my constituency, so we are pleading with the government to assist us to solve the matter. Our council is not doing anything to solve the issue,” he said.


  1. Kasukwere must grow up, Tsvangirai is a Zimbabwean citizen who worked for & deserves his benefits like a everyone else. Such inexplicable cruelty & intolerance to a fellow black countryman as oneself is why we will never catch up with the rest of the civilised world

  2. Yes he is correct Mr Tsvangison was suppose to buy his own property during the good old pays when he paid 300k to some lady. People are now entitled to say what they want because he misused his opportuntiies and has no one to blame.

    • Uri duzviwo saKasukuwere wako. Whats your problem with Tsvangirai? Ari pamudyandigere wake. Talk of someone who has stayed in the hotel for 2 years.

      • When you are still making money invest and boost your property profile like us and not let other man toss you around like a yoyo. Thats the point like it or hate it when you are making money invest so that when you leave employment vanu havakuite bhora netuvana tudiki tusina nema turo ese. He failed to invest in state of the art houses beta than the one he is staying and we cant shed a tear for that politics aside. I invested in properties and i am having the last laugh.

        • Maybe he didnt steal state money like the ZanuPF guys. Coz honestly i dont expect someone to be rich out of being President or PM coz the salary is not extraordinarily high. I remember Mitchelle Obama not being happy about Barrack taking a second term simply coz hazvina mari.

          • This guy at some stage made good monies from the people in the know and that is what we are talking about. When i was getting promoted at work i neva forgot the basics thus to prepare a good landing ground after employment. Everyone knows the MDC guys got nothing out of the inclusive gvt whilst the Zanu crowd was milking the system.It is too late now as he is in this unfortunate situation where little boys in the name of Sukazi are making fun of this unfortunate situation and it is very Sad to be mocked by kids in our society whilst you may be holding on in the name of fighting for your rights. We need to be sober on this one.

  3. He has a house in Strathaven so your comments are misplaced. He is enjoying his benefits ko venyu vana Mboko vorovera muhotel munotii navo. Iyi imboko sezita rayo kkkk.

    • i know all those properties and and i stay a stone throw away from his current one and at his level he deserved something beta and spectacular in life do not survive on peoples benevolance if you are well organised.

  4. Kasukuwere your time will come, you will explain to Zimbabweans how you acquired all your wealth. Kubva zvandakaziva kuti Tanza centre ndeyako yandichanwirapo. Mbavha yemunhu.

  5. At least Tsvangirai did not steal public funds to build an extravagant 50-bedroom house. This shit Kasukuwere should tellZimbabweans where he got that money from. Hertz yakavara! Magdale yakabroker! Comoil yaka broker! Your government salary cannot sustain that lap of luxury mbava yemakoko. Nehuroja wavo pamberi navoSave!

  6. Is different from you a thief who is building a mansion using the tax payers money. Why are you disrupting the gatherings for local government beating people to reject suggestions. Simply because you want to do what you did during the constitutional gatherings. Look now everything is in shamble because you are crooks.


  8. Katsukuwere its better to be a lodger when one knows that his/her hands are clean, unlike you cows of bashan whose hands drip innocent blood.

  9. same village stories from a Minister. kana motaura dzekuti nhingi iroja,ko kurokesheni kwotaurwa dzipi?kkkkkkkkk

  10. Tsvangirai tried to build an economy that zanu pf destroyed,so now u continue to destroy our country because u know u r poweeful n barbaric,just wait God will judge u.

  11. At least he is not Corrupt. Iwe une mashares emacompany mangani awakatora. Nyararayi apa tozvitaura, itoti zii sebete rawira mumukaka

  12. Asi kune munhu mukuru chaiye angageza wozora mafuta obva apfeka underwear nehembe oenda onomira paruzhinji obva ataura marara akadai iyo nyika iine zvinonetsa zvakawanda kudai?

  13. kasukuwere ini pachangu ndinokunyarira nemashoko ako ndimi munokanganisa musangano vanhu vozowona sekut vamugabe ndivo varikuwuraya nyika nyambisirwa ndimi imi muripasi pavo urimwana mudoko pakufunga iwe dai president vachiwone zvose izvi vaikudzingirai kure

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  14. Come and witness for yourself the confusion being created by your “kith and kin” who are busy going the nhanho way by allocating themselves ‘residential stands’ in Seke’s Unit N suburb.

  15. hahahahahahahahahaha this is just cheap politics by kasukuwere and zanu what concern is it for us that tsvangirai is a lodger?? even if he is lodging at least he is not part of a kleptocratic government which is undermining it’s people shame on you

  16. Kusadzidza kunotokunda kufa. Tsvangirai is enjoying his benefits semunhu akambomira mira pakanga paurawa nyika nakasukuwere nevamwe vake. Nhai iwe chana chekuguruve, handiti isu vanobatirwa tax tingadai tirisu vanogunun’una. Ko, imi mari dzamurikuba muchivakisa dzimba nematanga emombe. Varume mwari ariko musatambe muchidaro. Kubva patakawana kuzvitonga kuzere maisaziva kuti mayouths anodawo mastands. Makukambena nemari dzedu muchiti ndedzemusangano, manje isu tinotora mastands iwayo, ndeedu asi vhoti yedu kanganwai.

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